Gay Politics: Election Results 2010


  1. John Normile says

    So much for “working with congress to get DADT repealed ” or any other Queer cause I’d imagine……….

  2. yaaah69 says

    We have been euchred again my friends . We need to become more militant . We can not rely on anyone but ourselves. And someone please get rid of mccain. Another 6 years of agony for Arizonans and yeh the world.

  3. yaaah69 says

    Would like to congratulate the San Francisco Giants for their win. And wish I could be there for the ticker-tape-parade!! I was there in 1964 when they won the Pennant. Worked on Market Street and the confetti was 5 inches deep. I have rooted for them for 50 years. What a character-team they have.

  4. JIM says

    Didn’t see it in your list. John Brady(D) Sussex County, Delaware, Recorder of Deeds. John is an OUT gay attorney that,s been in politics for a number of years now. He was an axctive Republican until the homophobia took over a few years back. He changed to Democratic and has won every election since. YOU GO ! JOHN!

  5. Jerry6 says

    It’s too bad. And here I thought that I would live to see the day that we Gay people would finally be able to live our lives openly and freely in the USA, as has been done for many years in European countries, without the torments inflicted on us by the religious right bigots. Alas, it is not going to happen. But, at least, at 83, I only have a few years, at best, to live with their continued hatred.

    I really believed that the day was near when the religious right Christian bigots would have to pick on someone else to hate; After all, they have lost the Jews, and the Blacks, to beat up on, so I really felt that our day was now at hand. Se la vie.