News: Pink, Samuel Alito, Gay Pride Flag, Space Shuttle, Cher

Road Gay Pride flag burning at Albion College ignored by school officials? UPDATE: College responds.

Americangothic RoadR. Tripp Evans, author of a new biography of painter Grant Wood, poses as his subject's most iconic work, with his partner Ed Cabral.

RoadBIZARRE: Canada's answer to Jersey Shore.

Road House GOP already lying about "transparency."

RoadFamily Research Council extremist wingnut Peter Sprigg is not happy that kids participated in a 'FCK H8' parody video: "Is this supposed to be funny?…It's not. It's child abuse."

RoadTom Brady modeling for Under Armour.

RoadGay student's car vandalized at U-Mass Dartmouth: "The incident happened Saturday at U-Mass Dartmouth, police said. A male student parked his car on campus in the afternoon and hours later found it vandalized, emblazoned with a homophobic slur. The school chancellor sent out an e-mail notification about the incidents to students, telling them there is help available to anyone who feels bullied, threatened or harassed."

RoadSue Sylvester is getting married on Glee.

Alito RoadSupreme Court Justice Samuel Alito dismisses right-wing fundraising as "not important."

RoadBush says he would have endorsed Obama if he'd have asked.

RoadChristopher Ciccone launches reality show in Miami Beach: "The program will be called “The Ciccone Factory.” No word yet on where the show is being shopped, but look for it early next year. In the proposed series, Ciccone will give the up-and-coming performers a makeover and line them up with entertainment resources. The upscale lounge-club-bar one block off of Lincoln Road in Miami Beach will be the site for the showcase of new bands and performances every Wednesday night."

RoadHellcats actor Matt Barr working out shirtless.

RoadLISTEN: New clips of Cher singing in Burlesque.

RoadMexican transgender woman granted asylum in U.S.: "Last week, an immigration judge granted Reyes a form of asylum that allows her to stay in the U.S. based on the persecution she suffered as a transgender woman in Mexico. The Board of Immigration Appeals withheld her removal from the U.S. after determining the Mexican government would not protect her from abuse if she was deported."

Fueltank RoadPhoto: Fissure in fuel tank delays Space Shuttle Discovery launch.

Road Pink is pregnant.

RoadTV star giraffe killed by lightning.

RoadPhotos: Backstage at GMHC's Fashion Forward charity event. WSJ report.

RoadBachelor Jake Pavelka back working as a pilot for Delta: "The flight attendant asked us not to tell anyone because he didn't want it to be known. When they announced our captain they just said, 'Your captain today is Jake'."

RoadTom Ford is hush hush about new film.

RoadLake Michigan under threat from quagga mussels.

RoadLesbian student at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater attacked: "Two white males approached the female at 6:45 p.m. One of the males is described as 6 feet tall, and the other is described as around 5' 6". The taller male allegedly pushed the female up against the fence on the south side of the Calvary Cemetery and made remarks to her about her presumed sexual orientation. No physical harm was done to the victim."


  1. patrick nyc says

    Ciccone is just angry he was not chosen to be on The A-List, not sure why, he fits in so well with those vapid queens.

    Bush endorsing Obama over McCain, I bet Cindy will be loading up on the painkillers tonight.

  2. says

    I could give a fuck if you throw the fuck word my way until your face turns fucking blue.

    I just saw the PSA and thought “Having ‘fuck’ associated with children is going to be the ONLY thing that the conservative right latches on to from this ad.”

    And I was fucking right.

  3. Paul R says

    No way would Bush have endorsed Obama. Not a chance, no matter how much he hates McCain.

    I’d sooner have a root canal than watch a reality show involving Ciccone.

  4. says

    Wow, that surprises me about the car being vandalized at UMASS Dartmouth. That’s where I went to school. The region’s certainly had its number of anti-gay bigots — if people will remember, that’s right next door to the New Bedford gay bar that had the man who went in and attacked the patrons with a hatchet, then fled and later killed himself (or was he shot) in his car after a car chase in some state that I think was in the South.

    UMASS Dartmouth was pretty gay friendly IMO, and there’s lots of GLBT people in the area, but there’s also a lot of poor, working class in nearby New Bedford and Fall River who aren’t so gay friendly…

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