1. says

    I’d love to see the video of Ellen but unfortunately there’s this other video ad that is playing and drowning her out. Something about Conan… whatever. Why is Towleroad always adding video ads that automatically play? You know some of us are stuck with older OS’s and browsers and slow connections. Auto-play ads are a nuisance as now i have to wait ten minutes for it to finish loading and playing just so I can see what I clicked thru to see.

  2. Niko says

    I don’t think that the people at Towleroad control what ads specifically come up? I myself haven’t had any audio playing ads on this website, but on those that DO have them the editors usually request people to report the specific ad causing trouble and they can try to get it removed from the lineup of random ads that pop up. I don’t know if that is the case here, but I am willing to bet that the ads are NOT chosen by the content providers here.

  3. mad1026 says

    And why should a wellspoken young man like Graeme not be allowed to marry the person he loves, whatever their gender? We need more brave souls like him – unafraid and unapologetic!

  4. Jorge says

    We are living in a time of real transition. Here you have this wonderful kid living his life, enjoying acceptance from his friends. But at the very same time, you have kids like Asher Brown and Billy Lucas being hounded to their graves at 13 by their own peers. Best of times, worst of times.

  5. yonkersconquers says

    This is terrific.

    Meanwhile, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please get rid of those instant on commercials on the site. I know that a fella has to make a living but there’s gotta be a less teeth clenching way?

  6. Mike in the Tundra says

    The kid is an articulate superstar, but I cannot imagine what it must be like to come out at 13 and fourteen. I only came out because I refused to call the man I lived with my roommate.

  7. mike2lane says

    Time to add an adblocker to my Internet browser. Thanks Towleroad for making your site almost unbearable.

  8. Moo says


    Yeah, it’s annoying, but they mentioned once recently that they are working on it. Hopefully they manage to get rid of them soon..

    On topic – amazing kid, good for him. Hopefully we see plenty more follow in his footsteps.

  9. mcNnyc says

    Towleroad audio ads are destroying my visiting the site.
    Naselex is one but they also have been about movie ads as well. this started last week…


  10. Matt26 says

    This kid is simply wonderful. So smart, funny and nice. All the best for him in the future.

    No audio ad when I come here, not once.

  11. Dave from Chicago says

    People who are having trouble with ads: if you use Firefox, just install the add-on “AdBlocker Pro”. It’s free and blocks 99.9% of all ads on the web.

  12. mike says

    What I wouldn’t have given to have the courage and self-confidence this young man has when I was 14. I pray that his life is full of joy and happiness and love. He’s a gutsy kid. The scholarship at the end made my eyes well up with tears.

  13. Drew says

    Wow, what a wonderful and brave young man. I wish I was half as articulate as him!

    PS. No ad problems with Firefox or Chrome, both run ad blocker.

  14. Fred says

    I had previously seen a story about him defending the teacher, but the story did not say he is gay. So now he’s out to the world via The Ellen Show. This young man is amazing! Kudos!

  15. ratbastard says

    This kid is very mature for his age. He speaks and communicates like a much older, more worldly and experienced adult. I wonder if he relates well to those his own age and generation?

    Cute kid, and I don’t mean that in a pervy way.

  16. melvin says

    I give up on towleroad. These obnoxious audio ads are too much.

    Good luck with whatever visitors you have left.

  17. ratbastard says


    Use an AD BLOCKER.

    Although presumably Mr. Towler desires ad revenue, so….whatever.

  18. Bobo says

    What an amazing person!!!
    As for the audio ads…all you have to do is pause the video, scroll down find the ad and hit the little speaker thing…it mutes the ad. Geesh! The blog doesn’t pay for itself!!

  19. captain underpants says

    Smart, well spoken and self possessed.
    Hats off to his parents
    I love the faggy way he crosses his legs
    Love it
    Kid is fabulous
    So sure of himself

  20. hinbww says

    I don’t have any ads oh I also have firefox. I started having gay sex when I was 9 and a lot of my friends knew I was gay.

  21. GaryJ says

    My God, what brave and brilliant young man.
    We will be seeing him in the future on the national stage.
    Bless his family and friends for being there for him.

  22. Sqqueak says

    If you click on “Watch on You Tube” you can avoid the advertisements. Not that this particularly clichè-ridden episode is worth watching !

  23. joe c says

    Wow. That young man is certainly more mature and articulate than the majority of kids his age. He’s going to go far in life, that’s for sure.

  24. Regan DuCasse says

    What a beautiful,courageous, amazing, intelligent kid! He’s like THIS at such a young age?!

    Even as there are some families, that are burying their suicidal children, just as beautiful as Graeme is, here HE is being supported and protected as he should be.

    If anything, it behooves the parents of gay kids to come out swinging, fighting…and doing EVERYTHING they can to protect their children like this.
    Everyone, will be the better for it.
    And kudos to Ellen, for having these kids come on her show, and show the world how amazing they are and their worth to a society that otherwise would like to think and behave as if they had none.