1. ChicagoMike says

    Thank openly gay State Rep Greg Harris for his tireless efforts on this bill he introduced. While it certainly does not extend full equal rights to the gay citizens of Illinois, it chips away at the Defense of Marriage bill passed years ago. The Illinois Senate is expected to quickly concur with this bill and the newly re-elected Gov Quinn is expected to sign it into law in short order. A little does of equality every now and then does the body good…onward and upward. Thanks Greg..

  2. filgee2 says

    I am happy as a resident of IL for this. The Democrats actually have a larger majority in the State Senate than in the House.

    I have my fingers crossed (and dialing the senators) for this one!

  3. yay illinois says

    Uh oh, this is going to threaten Peter LaBarbera’s heterosexual marriage even more than his pornography collection and bizarre obsession with homosexuality.

  4. Damen says

    It is expected to pass the Senate easily. The House vote was always the hurdle.

    Wish I was out celebrating in Boystown tonight with you Illinoisans :)

  5. GregV says

    ” “We have a chance today to make Illinois a more fair state, a more just state, and a state which treats all of its citizens equally under the law,” Harris said. ”

    No, actually, you don’t have a chance today to do that last part (about treating citizens equally). You have a chance to take a step in the direction toward lessening the still unequal treatment.
    It’s as if they’re voting on whether blacks should be allowed to go to medical school: “Well, how about we just let them be hospital orderlies for a lesser salary than doctors and not the same responsibilities?”
    That’s not “equal,” but it’s movement.

    But I don’t want to pick too much on the semantics of the positive spin when it is definitely a positive step.

    Looking at the numbers in the vote, my first thought was: “Without looking, let me guess: Nearly all Democrats in favor and nearly are Repugs against?”

  6. Damen says

    Actually, six republicans crossed over and voted yes. They basically all represent moderate suburban areas.

    There were some Democratic defections, coming from Southern Illinois and some blue collar areas around Chicago.

  7. LincolnLounger says

    Excellent point, Damen. Democrats have had commanding majorities in the IL General Assembly forever and a lock on the Governor’s office. It took moderate Republicans to get this done.

    Not all Democrats are our friends. Not all Republicans are evil — particularly here in IL.