John Travolta’s Legal Team: Gay Allegations ‘False And Outrageous

John Travolta's attorneys want Gawker to remove a post (titled "The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta") on their site that recounts, via a book by author Robert Randolph, the actor regularly engaged in sex with men at public saunas. Travolta's legal team sent a letter with the request to the website on the same day as the birth of his son. They also called allegations that he is gay “false and outrageous.”

Trav The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports:

The lawyer calls the claims "blatant defamatory lies" from a "patently unreliable source," pointing out the author previously suffered permanent brain damage, which he has acknowledged on his own website.

Singer also notes the claims "go back fifteen years, yet inexplicably, he (Randolph) has waited until now to peddle these phony tall tales."

Travolta's lawyer is demanding the immediate and permanent removal of the Randolph post and "the publication of an unequivocal and prominent retraction of the false and defamatory statements."

The full five-page letter from Travolt'as legal team is up on the Gossip Cop website.



  1. GregV says

    I was thinking the same thing, Iko, if indeed the lawyer is refering to claims that he’s gay (I can’t read the link).

    If a gossip column were to say that I am straight, or Jewish or Spanish, it would be “false” but I wouldn’t call such claims “defamatory.” In fact, to do so would be insulting to people who are in that category.

    But if the word “defamatory” is being used in reference to a false claim that he broke promises of fidelity to his partner, then yes, that could be considered defamatory.

  2. BartB says

    They should be very careful opening this can of worms. I thought they would do the smart thing and let the story die but now they are going to drudge up all sorts of people and stories. Travolta should know better. His people should know better. Scientology never seems to know better. I believe fighting this legally will come back to hurt Travolta and his family in ways they did not even expect.

  3. larson says

    uh…maybe it’s defamatory because this dude keeps accusing him of attending bath houses and sleeping around with random men while he has a wife and kids? how is that not defamatory?

  4. Gavin says

    “maybe it’s defamatory because this dude keeps accusing him of attending bath houses and sleeping around with random men while he has a wife and kids?”

    Apparently you’ve never spent any time in bathhouses or public sex areas, or on Craigslist for that matter. What kind of guys do you think are in those places? They’re not all “out and proud,” “unmarried with no kids,” “No on 8″ supporting, self-identifying gay men.

    It’s not defamatory if it’s true. Truth is a matter of fact for the jury to decide, not a closeted actor’s attorney.

  5. Max says

    “Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother, you’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive. Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’ and we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.”

    Nothing gay about disco.

  6. TANK says

    And persistent defensiveness in light of accusation reveal a hand worth dick. Honestly, what self respecting heterosexual would care one way or the other if it weren’t true?

  7. terry says

    Come on John, being gay is not defamatory. Having blue eyes, being left handed and so on are just part of who people are. To say being called gay defames a person is insulting to those who are gay. I have friends who are not gay but if you were to say they were they would just shrug.

  8. anon says

    Defamation “false light” arguments are tricky to make, and the truth to some extent is a valid defense. However, we now have to content with defamation “salacious violation of privacy”–a new route to shut people up. Hopefully this won’t get any traction in the courts. Keep this in mind when you discuss the situation at Rutgers.

  9. TANK says

    bryan, this rumors have dogged travolta for decades. Not so with obama. And those, at least, are easily done away with. However, there are very sincere people out there who insist that travolta’s gay and have seen him engaging in homosexual behavior…that sounds a bit cold…butt secks.

  10. StillMarriedinCalifornia says

    Travolta most definitely hit on one of my good friends at a Korean Spa here in L.A. He followed my friend around, stared at him while he was taking a shower and then propositioned him outright. My friend said if he still looked like Danny Zuko he might have gone for it. The descriptions from the book sound absolutely accurate. He is not gonna win that lawsuit.

  11. ratbastard says

    See we have the usual hacks and their scripted party-line posts. Some things will never change.

    Who here knows 100% for sure and can prove and back up 100% their claims about Travolta being gay, frequenting bath-houses,etc.,? As for the B.H. part, that should be particularly easy to get the goods on…there are many media outlets and others who would pay very,very well for the info and have contact with people who’re capable of getting it if it’s there. Travolta would not be able to pay them off, and neither would his ‘church’. Why hasn’t this happen? Kinda reminds me of those infomercial claims about,say, cures for male baldness…just buy their product, it works! Honest! WHY do I still see many bald and balding men for whom money for treatments is not a problem. Why aren’t they using these ‘cures’ and other products?

  12. GregV says

    “Why do I see so many bald and blading men…Why aren’t they using these ‘cures’…”

    Many want to be bald. I’m sure Vin Diesel has enough money for a toupee if he wanted one, but I’ll take his naked head any day.

  13. ratbastard says

    I agree many/most bald/balding men won’t wear a toupee regardless of cost. But no question 99% would use a medical cure or effective treatment. My original point stands.

  14. Bobo says

    @stillmarriedincalifornia…you should get your friend to come forward and tell his story!! Think of the fame and buckets of cash he could have? Oh right maybe his priciples are too high. Is Travolta gay? Maybe..but I wish I had a nickel for every queen he says they know for sure that so and so is gay because…
    I won’t be holding my breath stillmarried!!

  15. says

    The fact of the matter… who cares? However those who say this suit is hurtful to gays, because it is defamatory to gays… are more than likely heterophobes! I heard rumors about me being rich, or having a job… the main thing is always consider the source. I am disappointed that news like this winds up on Towleroad… it lowers their batting average of reliable information, by using their site to waste space. P.S. only one of those rumors about me is factual… I had a job in the mid-1960s!

  16. Jerry6 says

    Thirty years ago, I would have liked to have heard that John is Gay, but having joined Scientology, I do not want him to be one of us. Being Gay is natural; being a Scientologyst (sp) is not natural.

  17. Bear says

    Here in Florida, where he lives, he uses a different name and makes every attempt to not be recognised as “Travolta”. His camp, aka horse-farm/ranch is gated and carefully monitored. There is another entrance however that he uses when he heads off to the “party places” in Orlando and Tampa for gay sex. He does everything imaginable to cover this. His recently deceased son, also gay and an embarrassment to John was killed to protect his image. Travolta is a sick, and dangerous, man who uses his money to pay his “body-guards” handsomely to protect this image at all costs. His party partner aka pilot makes certain that the “body-guards” do their jobs and stay silent. Thus he is not liked but feared here in Ocala, the closest city to his property.

  18. Paul says

    I met Travolta years ago when he was filming “Saturday Night Fever” at that time he was known mostly from playing “Vinnie Barbarino” and that’s about it…I didn’t have a crush on him, didn’t “want” him to be gay, didn’t really care one way or the other but my gaydar was pinging off the hook! I know that is not the proof that some would demand, but my gaydar has rarely been wrong and it was enough to convince me

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