1. Billy says

    WHY DID YOU SHAVE HIM, DETAILS?! Is it really that impossible for a man to have chest hair anymore?

  2. Jonathan says

    I’ve enjoyed him the few times I’ve seen him on Broadway but he’s unbearable on Glee. That Make ‘Em Laugh thing was putrid and stupid. One thing I really preferred about being in an actual chorus was that the teachers didn’t perform, the students did. And amazingly the only true choral performance is the show’s most successful single ever from last week. Choruses aren’t solo showcases. It’s amazing how much the quality of the show and the writing dropped from last week to this week.

  3. True Words says

    WOW, he looks like every other guy I have ever seen celebrated by the gay press….damn shame he shaved it was the one thing that set him apart…oh well now he is on a hit TV show so it is time to make him into a clone…

  4. steve says

    I am a huge fan of shaving in some cases. But this is a CRIME! Why would he allow that beautiful body to be shaved! NO!

  5. says

    Here’s what’s great–no one’s said a word about all the airbrushing his face got b/c we’re all so focused on those abs.

  6. PD says

    Agree with all the previous comments so far… why in the world would they shave him? He was much sexier as-is.

  7. niles says

    Straight guy shows his depilated body to gay guys and makes a point of crowing about his heterosexual conquests while in a gay-dominated environment. Exciting.

  8. Keith says

    Me thinks he doth protest too much…besides, I’ve heard some stories from some people in the Broadway community that says otherwise.

  9. jon.luddite says

    Settle down boys. Its just hair….it grows back Maybe he did it for another role. Who knows? None of us do, so let it go.

  10. Jack says

    I noticed that last night on Glee. A few weeks ago he still had hair, last night, no hair.
    It probably was for this cover shot.

  11. Nick says

    Agreed, Peterh. The hair nazi’s always come out when pictures like this are posted. I always found his chest hair to be in a weird pattern… so shave it of. 😉

  12. Hollywood, CA says

    LAST NIGHT’S SHOW WAS A CRAPFEST OF GINORMOUS PROPORTIONS!!! And, I have to say, shaving your chest is laaaaaaame! What is the deal? And we know you’re straight, lady, we don’t need the details. Did Kristin Chenowith talk about the guys she had sex with on Broadway? Rotted.

  13. my2cents says

    they could have put 2 covers on the newsstand (one w/ hair, one shaved) leading to a spike in circulation.

  14. neverstops says

    something creepy/smarmy about this dude I can’t quite put my finger on

    sorta along the lines of “I only got into theater to see how much pussy I could get”

    any straight male in musical theater is unsettling/sinister by default – like you just *know* he’s up to no good

  15. tim says

    Oh yes, he’s gay! He does protest much too much. Hey, Matthew, there’s no doubt in my mind…….however, you’re one hellava talented gay boy!!!

  16. Frank says

    Matt…Next time, leave the chest hair alone. God put it there for a reason; not everyone is blessed to have a natural pelt – you happen to be one of those who are and you wear it well. If you have to trim it a little I guess that’s O.K., but don’t get carried away. For those who don’t approve, they’re only jealous of what they ain’t got (too f_ _ _ in’ bad!)