News: Janet Jackson, Pink Locker Room, Space, Mark Twain

 road Former GLAAD president Neil Giuliano will now head the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Jg  road Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Kimmel have fun belting out “Gonna Eat That Talkin’ Sandwich: The Sarah Palin Song.”

 road Sarah Palin's book publisher is suing Gawker because it claims that "the reprinting of pages from Governor Palin's book without permission constitutes a blatant infringement of copyright."

 road More hate: Anti-gay message spray-painted on Illinois school involved in "Straight Pride" T-shirts controversy.

 road Is decking out the opponent's locker room at Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium entirely in pink a homophic act? The school's former coach who initially chose the color says: “Frankly, the only color paint we could find at the stadium was pink."

 road Thousands march for marriage equality in Melbourne.

 road Wesley Snipes won't be starring in any movies over the next three years.

Moon  road New cool pictures from space released tis week, thanks to NASA.

 road Daniel Day-Lewis to portray Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg film written by Tony Kushner.

 road More excerpts have been released from a new book that claims John Travolta has frequented gay saunas for decades.

 road The bad news for Lindsay Lohan just keeps coming: she's been canned from another job.

 road Control: Janet Jackson wants you to help pick the 35 cities she'll hit on her next world tour.

 road A 500,000 word autobiography about Mark Twain seems to be the book to get this season. If you can find it.



  1. Paul R says

    Has Palin’s publisher ever heard of Amazon, which shows fairly extensive excerpts from almost every book it sells?

    OH WAIT. Maybe there’s a *slim* chance this is just an effort to get publicity.

  2. Chris says

    Goodbye, Towleroad. I can’t handle these automatic advertisements that can’t be stopped from playing. They are annoying and offensive. I don’t mind clicking on ads to help your revenue stream but I draw the line at being forced to listen to this crap every time I open this page.

  3. HadrianVII says

    As a gay man who did his undergraduate studies at the University of Iowa, is immensely proud of his alma mater, its (and my) home state, and its football team, let me be the, oh, four millionth person to say, definitively, no. No, the pink locker room is not homophobic. Don’t be ridiculous. Coach Fry graduated with a psychology degree, and he read in a textbook (this was a long time ago, you’ll remember) that pink had a soothing, calming effect. So he painted the opponent locker room pink. Makes perfect sense, no?

    The same logic has been used in fast food restaurant chains. Notably Hardee’s which used to (I haven’t been in one in probably a decade, so I’m not sure these days) be painted in a particularly garish brown, orange, and yellow colour scheme. These colours, evidently, made people vaguely uncomfortable, thus getting them in and out the door more quickly, ideally leading to a high turnaround volume. Marketing. It works.

    Anyway, there’s plenty of homophobia already in this world, so it frustrates me when people manufacture homophobia where there isn’t any. Apart from that, while I know this story appeared on on Friday, I’m a bit curious to see how a locker room painted 32 years ago exactly qualifies as news. Slow news day indeed.

  4. MJ says

    It’s a common misconception that the color pink has a soothing, calming effect. What it actually does is very similar to sugar – overstimulates and, by effect, wears out. Painting the opposing team’s locker room pink, despite being quite common, is generally discouraged for this reason.

  5. HadrianVII says

    Note that I didn’t say that the colour pink actually DOES have that effect, only that Coach Fry read in a textbook. At Baylor. in the late 40s. Entirely possible, even likely, that Psychology textbooks of the era would have said such a thing, since they were generally filled with nonsense.

    At this point, the colour of the locker room has much less to do with its actual effect (what effect there might be is almost certainly mitigated by its fame) and more to do with tradition. We love Coach Fry, and that’s how he painted the room, so we’re keeping it. Everyone knows (as that article suggested) that the Iowa opponents’ locker room is painted pink. Whatever the original motivation might have been, 32 years later it’s a part of our tradition.

  6. says

    “I’m sure I should be more upset about the pink decor in the visitors’ dressing room at Iowa. But as it happens, my violent knee-jerk reaction is that it’s merely funny. If the armies of feminism want to change my thinking on that, they’re going to have to slap electrodes to my pretty little forehead and zap me until I stop giggling.

    An Iowa law professor has deconstructed those pink walls in Kinnick Stadium, and, instead of seeing them as a joke, has found semiotic messages of misogyny and homophobia there. “”The pink locker room is a subtle way of painting the words ‘sissy,’ ‘girlie man’ . . . on the walls,”” Erin Buzuvis charges. She is suggesting that the locker room be redone, presumably in a more serious-minded and gender-neutral taupe, gunmetal or ochre.

    Until this very moment, you probably thought pink was a fairly harmless and ornamental if insipid color. Didn’t you? Didn’t you?

    That pink has such grim cultural connotations is going to come as a heck of a surprise to the makers of Pepto-Bismol. Also, to several million women who, unbeknownst to them, are walking around with hate speech painted on their toenails. The consequences of the discovery are potentially far-reaching. Death to polo shirts.”