Pentagon Releases Angry Statement: No Information to Be Released on ‘DADT’ Report Until They’re Ready

Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell released the following statement late today regarding leaking of information related to its report on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' which appeared in a report earlier this week, as well as demands from activist groups to release the study early.

Gates "Secretary Gates is very concerned and extremely disappointed that unnamed sources within the Department of Defense have selectively revealed aspects of the draft findings of the Comprehensive Review Working Group, presumably to shape perceptions of the report prior to its release. 

"The Secretary launched this review in March to objectively ascertain the impact of potential repeal of the ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell’ law on military readiness, effectiveness, recruiting, retention, unit cohesion and families. He made it clear then and throughout this process that it was ‘critical that this effort be carried out in a professional, thorough and dispassionate manner.’ He has also stated clearly that ‘given the political dimension of this issue, it is equally critical that…every effort be made to shield our men and women in uniform and their families from those aspects of this debate.’ 

"For nearly nine months the Working Group has operated in strict accordance to that mandate.  Anonymous sources now risk undermining the integrity of this process.   

"The Secretary strongly condemns the unauthorized release of information related to this report and has directed an investigation to establish who communicated with the Washington Post or any other news organization without authorization and in violation of Department policy and his specific instruction. 

"The full report will be made public for all to review early next month. Until then, no one at the Pentagon will comment on its contents.”

They certainly wouldn't want it to have any impact on DADT repeal passing in the lame duck Senate.


  1. james Brown says

    Yea, the Pentagon is squirming in their fatigues because the report does not say what they hoped it would say! And now that it has been “leaked”, they can’t create some lie and say that 70% of the military personnel interviewed said something different. DADT is going down!

  2. wtf says

    Whatever bitch, ya work for ME since my tax dollars are paying for part of your ridiculousness. Oh and BTW: we all know that there have been 22 different studies on this topic and they ALL have come to the same conclusion: negligible or NO effect on unit cohesion etc., etc., blah blah blah. These fucking douchebags can’t die off soon enough.

  3. MrRoboto says

    Stall, stall, stall. It’s all designed to push this back until it’s too goddamn late for anything to be done.

  4. BartB says

    DADT is here to stay. Live with it. This will never get the through the lame duck congress and Obama already got on his knees and unzipped the pants of the rich, giving them their tax cuts so they can hire another maid, you think he’s not going to walk on our skulls under the guise of “compromise.”

    Time to stop counting on our “friends” and start digging ourselves out of our own ditch.

  5. Name: says

    I can’t believe how much Obama and the rest of the government are in the Dark Ages on this issue. Grow a pair. WTF.

  6. says

    we could give up and stop fighting and telling these senators that we expect them to vote for equality – or we could do just that from here where you can tell them on Facebook Twitter email phone & fax – which will it be – let the theocRATS decide or take responsibility for our own equality – here’s an option

  7. Jon B says

    Does anyone really think this report will help anything? Like 30% of the armed forces isn’t a big enough number for the Republicans to vote against the repeal. “Why inconvenience 30% for at most 10%?” they’ll ask. No matter what the report says they’ll spin it, and actually manage to sell it to the American public. So, really there’s not much that can be done legislatively right now.

  8. New Jersey girl says

    Thank GOD we have closeted Brothers and Sisters high enough up in the military command structure to be able to release this info. If the fucking bigoted homophobic and ignorant Christian generals and commanders had it their way, this report would have eventually been scubbed of the truth and released in exactly the opposite of what they actually found!

  9. Paul R says

    Wow, I’m a frigging genius. Who ever would have guessed this? Two posts down, I predicted that “the Pentagon is going to be in overdrive redacting, rewording, and other manipulating the survey results until the last possible second.”

    As though it would ever have been otherwise. Oooh, the HRC demanding the release of the report/survey must really have scared the Pentagon! Like they give a shit about some gay group’s “demands.”

  10. Esurb says

    Gates wanted to end DADT until the gutless homophobes in the White House ordered him to back off and structure their delay tactics.

  11. candideinnc says

    The stall routine is the same thing the Obama mal-administration used to eviscerate the public option in health care. I can’t help but believe Obama was a Rethug plant that operates under the order of the RNC.

  12. Tigerama says

    They’re going to fight our every civil right to the last atom – they have to, their entire idiology is keeping people “safe” from the “bad people” out there, which used to be blacks, immigrants, gays, and terrorists. Now the only ones left safe to hate are terrorists, so they’re not letting go of the scary gay meme any time soon because it still in 2010 equals votes.

  13. Tim NC says

    gee, they didn’t get this upset about 3 weeks ago when an “unnamed source” leaked some info about the study. I guess because that “leak” wasn’t as pro-repeal as this latest leak.

    The first leak said that some areas of the military had major problems with open service while other areas didn’t. blah, blah, blah.

    That was the leak that caused everyone to speculate they would be recommending that gays could serve in some areas but not others and they would be creating a segregated military with separate facilities and limited career options.

  14. patrick nyc says

    Michael Moore was on HBO’s Bill Maher last night and he brought up a good point. Obama is still trying to kiss the ass of the GOP, as if they are going to work with him, let alone anyone who disagrees with them.

    In 2010 the only age group of whites that Obama won was 18-29, all other age groups voted for McCain. He put it bluntly what I have said for over a year, “America does not like having a black President”. We still live in a very racist, homophobic country and it is not going to change anytime soon, not as long as the tired old white bigots are in power.

  15. justiceontherocks says

    Obama will spend the next 23 months running for re-election, which he is the odds on favorite to win assuming the economy doesn’t get worse. Part of running for re-election is being non-controversial. Translation: the fierce advocate has left the building. Surprise, surprise.

  16. Alpha says

    It doesn’t matter what the data say, the report will say what the military wants it to say. Without an independent auditor the leadership will sculpt the report and statistics to support whatever message they want to send. I’ve seen this before in the military, they do surveys all the time, and everything seems to magically support what the leadership wants, or the results just aren’t released and they hope people forget about it.

    They should be releasing the raw data for an independent review, but don’t hold your breath.

  17. New Jersey Boi says

    Patric writes: “In 2010 the only age group of whites that Obama won was 18-29, all other age groups voted for McCain”

    This statement is insane. My Husband and I are 50 years old and as lily white as can be. We live in Palm Springs with nearly 56,00 Gay men, mostly white, mostly 45+, and we overwhelmingly voted for OBAMA.

    I’d rather have bamboo shoots stuck up my Lee Press-on Nails than vote for McCain or any other Older White Male Homophobic Moron.