President Obama Had a Gay Nanny Who Joined a Drag Troupe

From a NYT article on Obama's visit Tuesday to Jakarta, Indonesia, where he lived as a boy from 1967 to 1971:

Obama Mr. Obama’s family rented the guest house inside a compound belonging to a prominent physician. There, according to the neighborhood’s longtime residents, the young Obama, who had already experienced differences in class and religion in his short stay in Indonesia, was exposed to another aspect of Jakarta’s diversity.

His nanny was an openly gay man who, in keeping with Indonesia’s relaxed attitudes toward homosexuality, carried on an affair with a local butcher, longtime residents said. The nanny later joined a group of transvestites called Fantastic Dolls, who, like the many transvestites who remain fixtures of Jakarta’s streetscape, entertained people by dancing and playing volleyball.

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  1. Fenrox says

    I really like saying Tranny Nanny.

    KC, there is never anything for you. You should just stop reading all together, you know everything and new information might add depth to your decisions and knowledge. So just continue to stay away and keep that mind closed!

  2. Ty says

    This story sounds like it’s totally made-up. As I was reading this, I kept thinking – Seriously? Really? And if this story was true, I don’t see what’s the big deal.

  3. Jubal Harshaw says

    Is this supposed to make me feel better about my partner of five years having to return to his homeland after his Master’s degree is completed because my relationship with him is not recognized by the Federal Government?

    Is this supposed to make me feel better that faggots are irrelevant in a society where I am paying higher taxes and have to spend more for a level of equality that I am still not to be afforded?

  4. TANK says

    fenrox, you are a blood clot in the brain. Dismissed.

    Intentionally introduced to somehow make lesbians and gays anything more than a dim abstraction to obama. Fail.

  5. Fenrox says

    @Jubal, YES.

    And honestly do you even understand what “better” means? You guys are jaded against a guy, The story and context are irrelevant to all of you because you are set in your hate.

    You don’t need to give him a medal for living life, but it’s up to you to remain a horrible bigot. Learning more about people helps you understand them, its a slow but rewarding process.

    And yeah anything could make you feel better, and hindsight is a double edged sword.

    Jubal, you need to live your life, do whatever the fuck you want buddy, If you are paying any attention, that is the same motivation that put you into your situation, so embrace it and make it work!

  6. Jubal Harshaw says

    FENROX The only response that you are worthy of getting from me is, FUCK OFF cocksucker.

    When you’re ready to get your ass kicked, feel free to get in touch with me. Other than that, go back to your cocktail party and your bathhouse spineless cur.

  7. TANK says

    LOL! You’re an obamazombie, fenrox. YOu have absolutely nothing to say about either the democrats or obama that it’s so partisan and charged with vacuous rhetoric that it can be dismissed immediately. Facts don’t matter, and neither do people…your ideological narrative is the only thing that you are aware of in that tiny little mind of yours. Yes, “teapartiers” do exist on the left, too.

  8. KC says

    Why is this news? I don’t really get what bearing it has on anything.

    I’m not trying to say that in an accusatory or snide way. Between the ages of 6 & 10 this 49-yr-old man had a gay male nanny. OK…?

  9. Jerome says

    Okay, so Obama had a “tranny nanny”,(it IS fun to say). That’s supposed to mean what to me? I bet he was a little shit then, cause he’s a shit now. @JUBAL:I know this is going to sound contrite but, why don’t you go live with your partner in his homeland? Or even another country that’s not his homeland? You don’t have to stay here. If I were in your position, I’d be gone, you could always come back to visit. I’m 53 years old, I get tired of America sometimes.

  10. Fenrox says

    Jubal, I live in Brooklyn, come on down.

    Tank, Not an Obama zombie, I can see how you might think that, I defend him ALL THE TIME.

    But here it is, I hate on Obama for REAL THINGS. Not bullshit disappointment talking points from Fox news.

    You want a REAL reason to hate on Obama? He has ordered the death, without trial of an American citizen. He has NUMEROUS non-transparent dealings with Blackwater. He shows signs of increasing our wars and has pulled transparency out of the gitmo “closure”.

    Things like Net Neutrality mean things to me. For instance, the gay votes that went to help the red tide also helped get rid of all 95 elected officials who supported Net Neutrality. One of Obama’s first acts was to give immunity to the telecoms for their GROSS TREASON.

    There are just so many VALID AND REASONABLE reasons for not liking Obama. I want all you assholes to pick one that isn’t: Racist, misguided, parroted fox talking points or just plain SELFISH.

    And to Jubal again, you are such an asshole, you are being discriminated against by the government and you really think its wise to prioritize being closed minded and full of hate? You have a war in front of you and you are shooting yourself in the foot. It’s impossible to fight for right causes if you are as wrong as the people you seek to change. There are more important things happening to you that you need to address, being an asshole isn’t one of them.

  11. TANK says

    But you are an OBOT. I mean a seriously deranged obot, and total partisan hack. You are trash, fenrox. Civil equality isn’t a real thing to you. Fuck off and die, trash.

  12. candide says

    Could arrange a cage match between fenrox and jubal and post the video? It would be more interesting than and as pertinent as this article.

  13. TANK says

    That’s right, fenrox…civil rights are for “whiney complainers” and “little chidren stomping their feet”…after all, gay rights are human rights, and human rights don’t matter to you…because you’re all grown up, and grown up don’t care about human rights.

  14. Paul R says

    So to get back to the actual subject of this post (it’s sad to see grade school pissing fights among grown men, as with most of the above), I too find it odd that Indonesia is painted as a beacon of tolerance for gays. Certain parts are more tolerant (say, Bali), and it’s better than many of its neighbors (say, Malaysia). But it’s not some bedrock of LGBT acceptance, and it’s the world’s fourth most populous country—so, as in the US, sweeping generalizations just don’t work.

    Instead it’s one of those cultures where transsexuals and transvestites are seen as an “other”—a source of amusement who may or may not face discrimination and abuse, and who are simply oddities and entertainment. That doesn’t mean in any way that gay men or lesbians are welcomed with open arms.

  15. GregV says

    “This story sounds like it’s totally made-up.”

    I agree, Ty. And if it had come from FauxNews instead of NYT, it would have been a good bet that it was made-up.

    “Indonesia’s relaxed attitudes toward homosexuality??” That’s like talking about Alaska’s warm winters. “Relaxed” compared to what?

    And stories that come from undeveloped countries always seem to talk about transvestites and gay men as if they were interchangeable, even though in real life most transvestites are not gay and few gay men are transvestites.
    And granted, I’ve never been to Jakarta, but I just don’t find it easy to believe that a typical true transvestite there “dances and plays volleyball” to entertain people.

  16. TANK says

    so I will assume that you’ve acquired this knowledge of indonesian society not through google, but instead, through the sex tours you’ve taken. Yes, I will.

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