1. E. says

    For me the highlight of the show was Anne Hathaway’s unexpected, brilliantly spot-on Katie Holmes impersonation. No clue why it made me laugh so hard, but it did!

  2. silverskreen says

    Spot on? Seriously? It was as if they’d never watched Rachel’s show. The only funny line was the one about Pelosi and the coaster thing.
    It was terrible at best.

  3. patrick nyc says

    The writing was much better than the mess last week. Elliot is good but her Maddow sucked. Wiig was as always great, and Hathaway as Katie Holmes was too funny. I guess she can write off working with her or Cruise.

  4. says

    I have to say… aside from a few funny lines, I think the Maddow skit was mostly a swing and a miss. Wiig was hysterical, but the show wasn’t really very much like the Rachel Maddow show… so it wasn’t a very good spoof to me.

  5. New Jersey Boi says

    The Boner says: “American People Have Spoken Load and Clear” then seconds later a cue card reads “American People Vague on Details”

    Now People…that IS funny.

  6. christopher says

    If someone watched the Rachel Maddow show once, then died, then was reborn with a past life memory of Rachel Maddow, it would be more true to life than that portrayal.

  7. mike says

    SNL continues its sclerotic attempts at comedy and satire. The Maddow segment? Dreadful. The amateurism is nauseating. The TSA segment? Almost, kind of, not quite there kind of amusing.

  8. rascal says

    Have the SNL writers ever WATCHED the Rachel Maddow show? She has a number of quirks and patterns that are easily spoofed and this sketch caught none of them.

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