Sportrait: Antonio Cromartie for the NoH8 Campaign


Antonio Cromartie, cornerback for the New York Jets, is the first NFL player to take part in the NoH8 campaign.

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  1. Paul R says

    @MDTERP01: that’s pretty much the definition of sarcasm around here. Maybe you’re new to this site, because every time an issue comes up involving American-Americans and gays, racists come out of the woodwork and (under their pathetic guise of anonymity) spout that BS. MBOAZ is sarcastically mocking their backward views.

    Bravo to MBOAZ and Cromartie.

  2. ted says

    yeah. What’s with the duct tape? Is he not speaking hate? Is he a hater oppressed? Should we not speak out against hate? Obviously he is not a hater, so I am seeing a mixed message here. Or do I not get it at all. As a gay activist over the last 35 years, i often think I get most of what we are up to, but this eludes me…

  3. gb says

    Very handsome guy. I think the duct tape on the football is representative of the sport itself. It would be like Kobe Bryant supporting NOH8 with a duct taped basketball, and Lincecum with a baseball or Beckham with a soccer ball.That way if people don’t recognize the person they recognize the sport.Just imho.

  4. miguel says

    mboaz, the No on 8 campaign never claimed that “ALL” blacks are homophobic, nor do I know any individual, gay or straight, who believes such a thing. This is a common strawman used to cover up the more important discussion: Whether mitigating issues by proxy (religiosity, income, education, etc) contribute to *statistically* disproportionate levels of homophobia among various ethnic groups. Whether or not the stigma has merit, Cromartie is a hero for bucking the trend!

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