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    Its in Bengali (the language spoken in eastern India, esp. West Bengal)

    The premise is, that this boy and his parents come to see this girl (for a marriage proposal). The girl doesn’t want to get married, so she hatches this plan to have two of her guy friends act as lovers of this boy to disrupt the marriage proposal. And those two guys agree to do it for bottles of Pepsi.

  2. jm says

    I’d hold up on that trip, Jorge. India still has a way to go, unless your interested in the country and its varied cultures and people. Otherwise, there is virtually no gay life, regardless of this landmark parade. It’s still a pretty closeted country. If you can, maybe wait a few years. If not, Delhi is an amazing experience. Nepal is awesome. North India is beautiful. Mumbai is also amazing and chaotic and overwhelming. India is an ancient country with a rich history and mostly wonderful, hospitable people. India is one of the major players, up-and-coming, for the next decades. And, I say this as one who lost his job to out-sourcing to India.

  3. Paul R says

    The month I spent in India was pretty brutal, but that was in 1998 and things are changing quickly. (Didn’t help that my boss and one of my best friends basically had a nervous breakdown due to a couple of really vile things we saw involving children in poverty.)

    Anyway, yes this is great, but JM is correct. Just look at the numbers: 2,000 people at a parade in a capital city with a population of about 18 million in a country where homosexuality is legal and violence wasn’t a threat is kind of sad.

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    Really It is good news for Gay communities in India bcoz homosexuality was illegal until 2009 in India. SO Now homosexual are free and Desi boys( launched the only online social network for gay Indian men. The website aims to connect the worldwide gay Indian community, weave social conversations and inspire action.

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