Surprise! Sarah Palin Raised Homophobic Haters


16-year-old Willow Palin unleashed on Facebook after a boy in their town criticized the family's reality show, saying "Sarah Palin's Alaska, is failing so hard right now," TMZ reports:

The comment sparked an intense response from Willow — who replied on the boy's wall, "Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are, But what I've seen pictures of, your disgusting … My sister had a kid and is still hot."

Willow followed up that comment with another that read, "Tre stfu. Your such a f**got."

Bristol Palin also got in on the smacktalk — writing a message to Tre saying, "You're running your mouth just to talk sh*t."

Eventually, a message board war erupted — and Bristol took aim at another person named Jon — saying, "You'll be as successful as my baby daddy, And actually I do work my ass off. I've been a single mom for the last two years."

Read the lengthy thread here.


  1. BLPowell says

    How old is this girl? Do we expect young kids to censor their language at all times, especially in a forum they feel is personal? Is it fair to call her or anyone that age out for using such language and to presume she’s a homophobe? Probably nothing more than ignorance. To whomever scoured Facebook to find her profile and pored through posts to find this: get a life.

  2. Matt S. says

    I’ll give her a pass on “you’re so gay,” but no child with any class should be saying faggot. Or the n-word for that matter, though she wasn’t the one who said it.

    And btw, does Bristol honestly believe she’s successful because she’s a “hard ass worker”? Seriously? Is this how repubs think? Does the fact that her mother’s fame is the major factor in all of her success completely escape her?

  3. Joe says

    You’re more offended by the bad English than the hate? Are you such a language purist that you would quibble about syntax in a report of rape or murder? Get your priorities in order, friend.

  4. Danny says

    nobody said these comments amount to bullying, BLPowell. But they’re trashy just like the girl’s mother. Where do YOU think she learned such rubbish is acceptable?

  5. Steven says

    The Palins prove themselves to be classless and backwards time and time again. I don’t care how old Willow is. If she’s writing disparaging remarks on facebook, she’s saying them at school. It’s not okay. Especially from anyone in the public eye.

  6. esssexlad says

    the rest of the world is trying to deal with being fckd up without an american… shouting off at the mouth that, mother & daughter that have evidently sucked a guy off & didn’t have the knowledge to then take the pill or remotely use any protection that prevented pregnancy, despite ‘ralf’ then the father doing playgirl, in a society that doesn’t allow gay marriage, is kinda fckd.

    please sort yourselves out.

    best wishes
    the UK

  7. David says

    I hate to take to his place but Bristol Palin is not working her ass off. Kelli Osbourne went on that hot mess show and is like a size 2. Bristol meanwhile is just getting bigger and bigger. How do you spend all that time dancing and yet get bigger and bigger, bitch needs to lay off the moose fritters.

  8. Jigae says


    The grammar erors show the sad educational state of our potential future first family. This is terrifying because it proves once again that America is headed towards a terrifying anti-intellectual future.

  9. gman says

    I want an “ignore” button on my computer for when I see “news” about Palin and her progeny. Can you please install one?? This posting is really beneath Towleroad.

    We all know how Palin is raising her children; exactly the opposite of how we would raise ours.

  10. tacotaco says

    not excusing the bad parenting or the behavior, but this is a kid who has probably had the weirdest 2 years ever–i’m not going to even try to understand what her teenage brain must have running through it right now. but that’s on her parents, not just on her.

    i certainly made mistakes online (being a big jerk) that caught up with me in the past. i wouldn’t want those indiscretions to be analyzed and dissected in a media microscope.

    also, for all the AWFUL people who constantly post about grammar and spelling mistakes on this blog and on any other blog as though it’s a representation of someone’s intelligence or the quality of their thoughts or who they are as a person–GET OVER IT. Go to your local university, take an introductory linguistics class, learn about descriptive grammar, you would probably learn that it’s not that big of a deal, and not worth wasting your time on. yeah, i just finished that sentence with a preposition–sue me, or better yet, revile me :)

  11. ratbastard says

    They talk like typical teenagers. That’s the truth.

    Who cares about Palin? She’s not going to be elected or appointed to a national office. I’m tired of hearing about her.

  12. Lee DiMarco says

    The article that Huffington Post has posted has a screenshot that is VERY LONG and has most of the conversion.
    It’s worth taking a look at it over there. There’s a bunch more stuff there in their screenshot than what I’ve seen on any other site so far.

  13. Liam says

    @TACOTACO: But bad grammar IS representative of the intelligence and thought process behind it. Plain and simple. Not knowing how to write your, you’re, their, there, etc is BASIC English skills, not Collage level. If you are older than 12 and don’t know how to write, make no mistake YOU ARE A DUMB ASS. No exceptions.

  14. Natalie says

    Ahhh!! You just shot yourself in the foot there Liam…its COLLEGE, not “Collage”…College is an institute of higher learning, while a collage is what you make when you cut sh*t out of magazines and paste it all together.


  15. Charles says

    Towleroad is grasping at straws and demonstrating their own hate from the other side by calling a couple of teenagers “homophobic”. I’m hardly a supporter of the former Alaskan governor, but her teenager’s personal comments should not be in the cross hairs of this news blog or any other. For christsake, don’t get your skirt in a ruffle because some backwater hick family still uses the word “gay” in a pejorative way. We’re talking about Alaska here – hardly a bastion of political correctness. There’s no chance this family will ever be in the White House – that’s all media hype. Towleroad would do better to report on topics that really affect the gay community rather than get caught up in Paris Hilton level topics.

  16. says

    It must be really hard being a single Mum when you have no support from a family that used to include the Governor of your home state, Veep candidate and multi-million dollar earning* reality TV star… oh wait….

    (*earning in the most tenuous sense)

  17. txstevo says

    This is yet another example of why Sarah Palin is a not-ready-for-primetime hack. I mean, really…has she not discussed with her children what is acceptable to print/publish/say in a public forum? 16 is old enough to know better.

    I would wish cancer on these frostbitten hillbillies, but that would just garner them sympathy. I’m hoping this ignorant little slut gets knocked up just like her big sister. Maybe that will expose their fake “family values” once and for all.

  18. candideinncc says

    Gman said it best. These writings are emblematic of low class, bigoted, red neck behavior. I have grown children. By ten or twelve, they knew what they should be embarassed about. This all is a very poor reflection on upbringing.

  19. james Brown says

    Unacceptable! Once again Sarah Palin is out marketing herself to America instead of being a responsible parent to her children! I hope the “liberal, mainstream media” blows the top off of this one! And in response to a statement above… calling someone a “faggot” IS bullying… can you honestly question that after the past weeks of coverage of bullying and suicides? Wake up!

  20. BartB says

    Like it’s a surprise that Sarah Palin would have kids that write crap like this? Seriously, is anyone really surprised at all?

    From now on, whenever we’re confronted by the ignorant, the phobic, or the ridiculous, we need to respond, “God, you’re such a Palin!” or “You’re such a Palin.”

    It’ll end up in the Oxford Dictonary: PALIN (n.) A person with limited or no intelligence that manifests itself in acting out in either a hateful, disgusting manner or in ridiculous, petulant behavior. A liar without merit.

  21. CoMo'mo says

    When will we hear that the ex-Guv keeps a stillborn fetus in the laundry room and trots it out to edify the kids time to time? Sarah P, Babs Bush–MOTHERS!!

  22. says

    “From now on, whenever we’re confronted by the ignorant, the phobic, or the ridiculous, we need to respond, “God, you’re such a Palin!” or “You’re such a Palin.”

    Better yet, how about “you’re so palin” or “you’re so SP.”

  23. JM says

    Actually, events like this WILL come up if & when the half govener makes “ANY” run in the political areana.Should this NUT-CRAZED family (that’s a joke “Palin’s” family) do anything, all this WILL come up.

    Lets remember one thing; we all have John McCain to thank for this nut. No one knew her until McCain tapped a MORON !

    Palin in 2012…NO WAY !!

    I hope this so called family continues all this crap because it WILL come back to “hopefully” RUIN her.

    Oh, one last this; look at Todd Palin. He’s totally pussy wiped but more to the point, he’s a red neck, someone you’d see in a truck stop.

  24. patrick nyc says

    Palin will never run in 2012, first she would have to give up all the cash she’s raking in, you can’t do that while you are running, or are in office. Which is why she resigned the governors office. Second is that while she has a large base of the core conservative GOP, 80% by most polls, she is hated by Rove and the other party leaders.

    Which is why they will stop her before she even starts. She is only doing the tease because she wants to sell her new book, and get more paid speaking fees. If she runs they say they will take her down, and we all know how dirty Rove plays.

    I’m sure he can get her medical records leaked, which she would have to release if she runs anyway. It will show the last child is Bristol’s and they have been lying all along.

  25. mike says

    @ESSEXLAD Honey, you don’t get pregnant by sucking someone off. But then, since you’re in the UK and y’all drive on the wrong side of the road, maybe y’all can get pregnant that way. Also, considering that y’all over there are supposed to speak REAL English, ya sure do botch it up.

    BTW, last time I checked, Britain doesn’t allow gay marriage either.

  26. IonMusic says

    These homophobic terms should NOT be acceptable in our society when we’re combating all these horrific gay suicides. Do not brush it off, because there is a huge correlation between this HATE speech and gays being treated like second class citizens.

    The Palins are bigoted trash, we knew that, but it’s alarming how proud they are of their bigotry.

    I hope the media latches on to this until we get a response from Palin herself, because speech like this should not be tolerated in 2011.

  27. Lev-Aryeh says

    Any teenager of 16 is old enough to understand the following things:

    1) Nothing posted on Facebook is private. It can and often does go around the entire world like lightning. Witness the case of the Arkansas school board bully-bigot.

    2) Faggot is a disgusting, hateful word. Being 16 does not excuse its use. Take it from me, a high school teacher.

    3) Your mother is an ex-Vice Presidential candidate and a probable future candidate for President. Anything you post on a public forum will come back to bite her in the ass. You’ve already had two years to absorb this fact. How slow a learner are you?

    4) Discourse like this does indeed reflect upon your whole family and the values with which you were raised.

  28. John in Iowa says

    The Palin family is living proof that you don’t have to live in a trailer to be trash. (I exempt the older son because he has the good sense to stay out of the spotlight.)

  29. John says

    When are the Palin’s going back to AK and catch salmon/ shoot some lost bear’s? SHUT UP, already! No one cares what they say. The mother, Sarah has nothing to say but complain about America! What are her plan’s/ idea’s for change? When will she be resigning her US citizenship and moving on? This family is TRULY disfunctional. Sarah is only looking for publicity and dragging her family into the mess SHE has created. GOD help the US of A if she is ever elected President. Give us more of Levi naked. Now, that is what the country needs. LOL This family is a total joke and a waste of my time.

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