Tom Emmer to Request Recount in MN Gov Race; Dayton Has Edge


Democrat Mark Dayton is holding off for now on declaring victory in the Minnesota governor race against anti-gay Republican Tom Emmer, who, as you know, made headlines earlier this year as a recipient of funds from MN Forward, a conservative PAC partly funded by Target and Best Buy corporations.

Emmer Dayton has the edge, but most everyone is preparing for a recount.

The Star-Tribune reports:

"DFLer Mark Dayton unofficially leads Republican Tom Emmer by 8,856 votes — a margin so slight that it could trigger a hand-ballot recount for the second election cycle in a row. Officials began the tedious, nerve-wracking task of locking up ballots, which both parties may guard around the clock. The day's events placed the state, yet again, in political suspended animation, awaiting the prospect of another recount brawl that could take months to resolve and get tangled in the courts…Dayton expressed cool confidence about the complex process that will decide his political fate. "It's about something far more priceless. It's about the integrity of an election in a democracy," Dayton told a packed Capitol news conference. Dayton and Emmer kept low profiles Wednesday after the roller-coaster ride of an election night drama that started with jubilation in the Dayton camp as he jumped out to an early lead before Emmer clawed his way back into contention."

But this is the REAL bad news — it could give them time to push through a gay marriage ban:

A potential recount in Minnesota's race for governor might eventually crown Democrat Mark Dayton the winner but drag on so long that the Legislature convenes in January with retiring GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty staying in office.

Democrats fear that Republicans newly in charge of both chambers will combine with Pawlenty to push through massive spending cuts and pursue long-held goals on things like banning gay marriage, enacting photo ID for voters and expanded gambling.

It's a scenario that could also benefit Pawlenty, who had planned to spend January rolling out his memoir and deciding whether to run for president.


  1. CKNJ says

    It will be great when Dayton prevails! Emmer should just go away in style instead of eventually being thrown out of the door by the election-result bouncers when the final tallies come in and he is shown to be simply a sore loser.

    Of course, then Target and Best Buy will also have to come to terms with the realization that along with the many gay shoppers that no longer frequent their stores, they STILL do not have a little corporate butt-buddy as governor!

    Can we say they were ‘off-Target’ for the ‘worst buy’?

  2. Karl says

    Gay marriage is already illegal in Minnesota and has been since 1971. They banned it again in the 90s. Now they want to ban it a third time. People here are going to view that as a big waste of the legislature’s time.

  3. Keith says

    “All those corporate dollars flushed down the toilet. All Target and Best Buy got out of the deal was a ton of bad press.”

    The very reason that Republicans will fight tooth and nail to keep donors to their PACs anonymous. The corporations don’t won’t you to know who is working against our interest and risk alienating their customers. I think corporate tax returns for 2010 will be very telling.

  4. Chris in MN says

    I live in Minnesota and voted for Dayton, the Democrat.

    The headline of this post is a bit misleading. At this point, the recount that is being discussed would be automatically triggered, based on the razor-thin margin of votes. Whether or not a candidate requests it, it would happen.

    However, a candidate has a right to waive the re-count. Neither Dayton nor Emmer are likely to exercise that option.

    In the event that they margin of votes is greater than what would trigger a mandatory recount, then any candidate in the race may request a whole or partial recount at the expense of their campaign.

  5. says

    The whole nasty recount situation here in MN is made even worse by the fact that the Republican’s high pitched squealing is being led by their state Chairman… who looks, acts and sounds EXACTLY like “South Park’s” Eric Cartman. For the love of God, make it stop!!!

  6. Chris in MN says

    Disgusted American is obviously poorly informed about Minnesota’s history as a progressive state, and early adopter of civil rights legislation to protect LGBT (including T!) people.

    @Mike, yes that state GOP guy is profoundly annoying.


  7. mike says

    @CHRIS IN MN Minnesota has a long, liberal, progressive history. One of the great Liberals of American politics, Hubert H. Humphrey hailed from Minnesota. It’s a beautiful state with some very nice and hospitable people. I am always amazed that it has such a reactionary element there.

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