Towleroad Guide to the Tube #768

FREEDOMS: Hi, I’m a Tea Partier.

ZACH GALIFIANAKIS lights up a doobie on Real Time in support of Prop 19.

FIGHTING DOMA: Joshua Vandiver GS and his husband Henry Velandia talk about their fight against the Defense of Marriage Act.

CARDINAL-DESIGNATE RAYMOND BURKE: Discriminating against gays is righteous and good.

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  1. Chris K says

    Wow, I love how that asshole is trying to justify discrimination on ground of RELIGION by saying it’s “based on REASON”. Those two words shouldn’t be used in the same sentence.

  2. says

    Hey Raymond Burke,

    Your ignorant and hateful rhetoric seeps into the collective minds of Catholics everywhere, who then bully their own children who are gay, and then some of those gay kids feel that they have zero worth and contemplate suicide.

    You, Mr. Burke, are an indirect murderer.

  3. Mark says

    OK, any gay catholics out there that continue to attend catholic services and give FINANCIAL suppport to these idiots need to seek help immediately. The Catholic church is EVIL. Hell ANY RELIGION THAT promotes discrimination is EVIL. How can you not see that people? I WAS Catholic and I can’t believe I bought that fucktard crap for so long.

  4. IAN F says

    I grew up Catholic and went to a Catholic grade school back in the early 80s. I know they weren’t pro gay rights but I don’t remember them ever talking about gay issues or even getting in peoples business about sex in general.

    Catholics back then seamed more liberal politically and socially. I guess there was always a divide between the Kennedy-like Catholics and the conservatives. Are there any liberals left in the church?

    I wish they would get back in the business of helping the needy and get out of the business of judging people and fucking up Africa.

  5. Bobo says

    We should have compassionfor and treat with dignity people who I just labeled as intrinsically evil…what a hypocrite and douchebag!

  6. Zlick says

    Now we return to your regularly scheduled rants about Burke: Mine? That’s some of the sickest shit I have ever heard. And I’ve heard a lot.

  7. nic says

    look at how joshua looks at his husband. it is as if he could jump out of his skin; he clearly loves him so much. and henry’s accent makes my heart melt. you guys are beautiful.

  8. patrick nyc says

    The Tea Partier was so on the mark, truly frightening people.

    As for that scum Burke, perhaps we can get William Lynch, the man who gave his abuser priest a beating, to pay the cardinal a visit.

  9. jaragon says

    Now you really expected this cardinal to be creep no to spout the usual Catholic church hypocritical hate mongering?! I wonder how many gay youths they have driven to suicide.

  10. Tim says

    My heart broke watching Joshua and Henry talking about the evils of DOMA. It put my issues with DOMA on the back burner. To not be able to have your legally wed spouse with you is pure hate on the part of anti-gay forces in Washington and 40+ state capitals, Albany included. What human being can’t feel compassion for two people in love? I already know the answer — Republicans and right-wing Democrats.

    My partner and I have been together for 30 years. He lost his job in January. We’ve been living on one income and unemployment. I’m fortunate that my employer offers domestic partner benefits. However, because of DOMA, the employer portion of his benefits get added onto my salary, even though I do not see one extra penny in my pay. That means I will pay up to $4,000 a year in extra NYS and federal income tax. For a party (Republican) that wants to cut taxes for the wealthiest Americans, how can they chuckle with glee about long-term committed couples, or any couple, paying a discriminatory tax to ensure their partner has health care? Of course, there are more than 1,000 other laws that discriminate against gay and lesbian couples, too.

    To me, DOMA is even more heinous that DADT because of the MILLIONS of people impacted. Both should be repealed immediately (I served my country in the Air Force 25 years ago, btw), but I fear that neither repeal will happen in my lifetime.

    We’ve been sold down the river by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, a minority of Democrats and nearly all Republicans. Happy Election Day to all!

  11. says

    a guy who sounds like floyd the barber is telling people that gays (though he’d never use that word) are intrinsically disordered? no wonder your church is dying, you pathetic, irrelevant douche.

    — another former catholic

  12. TANK says

    What’s most disturbing about the priest’s supernatural law arguments is that they’re appealing to a lot of people. It’s because outmoded and antiscientifice (essentially, antirealist) arguments like that enable people to craft reality according to their biases and beliefs (make sense of the familiar, and love of narrative to do so)…and most people can’t help but do that (on any side of the ideological spectrum, actually. Proving that it’s not whether or not the narrative is predictive, or good…just that it’s there–and people want to believe more than they want to know)…having an unguarded conversation with most people is literally an exercise is confirmation bias, and lots of other flawed reasoning patterns. It’s not a very pleasant or promising picture of “human nature”.

    Joshua and Henry’s story, and stories like theirs need to get more coverage. Very well done. Clap clap. That campus is lovely in autumn.

    WHOA! You can’t like to laugh and not like galifianakis…sure, he’s had his bad days, but so did ted kaczynski. Guy’s the funny.

  13. says

    The DOMA story crystallizes our political state: a Republican Party defined by hate and bigotry and a Democratic Party of cowards.

  14. says

    another reason to remove the tax exempt status of religious institutions and the catholic church in particular. if they want to be involved in public policy and act as a lobbing group, let them pay taxes. let someone who knows how to do this take up the fight against that institution.

  15. Pajma77 says

    How is it “natural” to take a vow of celibacy and not pre-create? Catholics use nature when it is convenient for them.