Towleroad Interview: GOProud’s Christopher Barron

SP: GOProud would even be willing to work with The Tea Party even though the vast majority do not support same-sex marriage? GOProud claims to oppose anti-gay federal marriage amendment. Isn't marriage equality something that, even if you don't intend to fight for today, might in the very near future? 

We don't claim to oppose a federal marriage amendment – we oppose a federal marriage amendment.  Opposing any anti-gay federal marriage amendment has been a part of our legislative agenda since day one.  For 225 years marriage and family laws have been the province of the states – not the federal government.  We believe that marriage should be decided by the states, which is why we support the repeal of DOMA.  As a federal organization that only works on federal issues, we do not work on marriage since – as I have stated – its an issue that is and should be decided at the state level.

SP: What do you think of the crop of conservative candidates for the presidential election in 2012? Would you be receptive to Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, or Mitt Romney as nominees for the Republican ticket?
I think there will be a lot of good conservative candidates running for the GOP nomination in 2012.  We look forward to talking with all of the leading candidates in the coming weeks and months.

SP: You refer to GOProud as the "only national organization representing gay conservatives." Why do you feel that the Log Cabin Republicans are not a gay conservative organization?
Log Cabin holds itself out as a Republican organization and indeed their Executive Director says they are a “Republican auxiliary organization.”  We are not a Republican organization; indeed we have prominent independents in our leadership team.  We are a conservative organization and the only national gay organization that holds itself out as such.

SP: What do you have to say to the many gays and lesbians who believe that you and your organization are aligning yourself with a political party that does not fully support their rights? 

We aren't aligning ourselves with one party we are aligning ourselves with one ideology.  We are not a partisan organization.  We do not consider ourselves an auxiliary of the Republican Party.  We are a non-partisan conservative organization.  Indeed, we would be open to endorsing non-Republican candidates if they supported our legislative agenda.  GOProud believes strongly that it is principles – not partisanship – that matter.

Homocon SP: Why did GOProud choose Ann Coulter to speak at Homocon this year?
We chose Ann because we wanted someone who would be smart, funny, provocative and yes controversial; and there is no conservative who fits that bill better than Ann Coulter.  Homocon was intended to be a great party, which it was, and an opportunity to make people think outside the box, which it definitely did.

SP: How do you think she made people think outside of the box? 

Ann's participation challenged the conventional wisdom.  It was the first time Ann had ever spoken before a gay group.  A number of anti-gay groups called on Ann to rescind her agreement to speak at Homocon and one group dropped their invitation to have her speak at their convention.  Despite the calls from anti-gay groups, Ann spoke at Homocon and helped us raise a great deal of money to allow us to fulfill our organization's mission.

SP: Did you choose to have someone controversial like Ann Coulter speak simply to help give GOProud national attention? 


SP: So will Homocon be an annual event?
Absolutely, wait until you see what we have in store for Homocon 2011.

SP: I'm curious about your own coming out experience. Can you describe what it was like for you?
I came out when I was the President of my fraternity in college.  I went to college in eastern North Carolina in the 90s, not exactly a hot bed of tolerance for gay folks at the time.  There weren’t many out people where I went to college at the time and my coming out experience was messy and painful for me and for lots of people around me.  When I first came out I thought I had to kill my former life – quit my fraternity, drop out of the college Republicans, give up my circle of friends, etc.  I assumed that everyone would react negatively to my being gay.  I was wrong, way wrong.  Over the years I realized that I needed to be my true self – not the closeted Chris who struggled for years with my own sexuality and not the Chris who first came out and tried to be the gay stereotype that he wasn’t.  At the end of the day being gay is a part of who I am and an important part – but it doesn’t define me.  I refuse to pretend to be someone I am not just to fit in. 

SP: Have you ever experienced any homophobia while living as a gay man in DC?
Living in DC?  Not sure.  But I haven’t lived in DC all my life.  I was born in rural Maine and grew up in rural eastern North Carolina.  I lived in small cities and towns for most of my life.  Places where being out certainly wasn’t the norm – hell I was the only openly gay person at my law school in NC.
Living in NC I did lose some friends over being gay, I lost job opportunities as a result of being out, and I have certainly seen the scorn and disapproval up close and personal.  I have also seen amazing transformations in people – I have seen people who I never dreamed would accept me, welcome me with open arms.  I have seen people who aren’t gay stick their neck out for me and for other gay people.  I have seen real courage – the courage of those in our community who haven’t abandoned the small towns and cities for the gay ghettos, who fight quiet fights every day just by living their lives openly and honestly. 

SP: Has there ever been a time in your adult life when you did not consider yourself a conservative? 

Yes, absolutely.  As I said earlier, when I first came out I rejected a lot of my former life.  Additionally, like many folks my beliefs have evolved over the years.  Experience has shown me first hand that conservative policies are the policies that are in the best interest of all Americans – especially LGBT Americans.


  1. Will says

    his answers lacked substance, but what he did manage to say about policy was boilerplate tea party nonsense.

    equal rights cannot be a backseat issue.

  2. Bobby says

    A republican tool hired to do exactly what he’s doing, make gays think we don’t really need those pesky old equal rights when there’s bills to be paid and wars to be fought. Fuck him and fuck any homosexual that calls themselves republican or conservative because both of those terms identify people who want to destroy homosexuals and destroy everything that makes anyone an individual.

  3. Chitown Kev says

    LOL at towleroad for this bullshit.

    Kinda did feel him a bit when he talked about his coming out process but other than that…just bullshit.

  4. Patric says

    Agreed, Kevin. Complete bullshit that towleroad would give a forum to a man and a group who are doing so much harm to our community. What’s next? Interviews with gay white supremacists?

  5. Brenda says

    Interviewing a turn-coat, bullshitting conservative who *welcomes* injustice for gays? I could see interviewing someone from the Log Cabin Republicans but *this*?

    Has Towleroad jumped the shark with all this Republican butt-licking without EVER really launching a sustained attack and investigation with posts about the LEGION of anti-gay Republicans?

    Why aren’t there FAR, FAR MORE posts about the OVERWHELMING NUMBER of Republicans in Congress who actively support and fight for anti-gay legislation?

    You guys really are the limit.

  6. Jubal Harshaw says

    And Andy Towle officially becomes a loser P.O.S. with this interview and loses me as a reader.

    Go fuck yourself Andy. You’re a hack and should not be presenting GOProud as an organization of any substance and you know it.

  7. Robert says

    Interviews like these are for the people who said “Well, the democrats haven’t done anything for me — I’ll vote republican this time!” My god, no wonder we gays can’t get anything done anymore.

  8. androjai says

    Why do I really feel like they are Uncle Tom traitors to our community? I too am a fiscal conservative but I would NEVER EVER vote for someone who wants to keep me away from my rights.

  9. Tom says

    The problem is that the vast majority of the Conservative political leaders DON” WANT US TO HAVE ANY MARRIAGE RIGHT! Why are they choosing to ally themselves with people that don’t like us?

  10. says

    Since GOProud has no interest in gay rights and gay issues, what difference does it make that they are gay? I guess the fact that they’re gay gives them pick-up opps at their masturbatory conferences, and shows that some gay people aren’t really concerned about their own human dignity, but, otherwise, Chris Barron’s sexuality is irrelevant to his politics and irrelevant to most of us.

    P.S. He is also incredibly boring. His answers could have been delivered by a teabagging robot.

  11. Soro says

    If you want to be seen as a non-partisan group, naming yourself after a partisan political party isn’t really the way to go…

  12. Max says

    The liberal reaction to a gay conservative:

    “mindless KAPO”
    “boilerplate tea party nonsense”
    “republican tool”
    “Complete bullshit”
    “turn-coat, bullshitting conservative”
    “Uncle Tom traitors”

    Bonus! The liberal reaction to someone who interviews a gay conservative:

    “jumped the shark”
    “loser P.O.S.”
    “loses me as a reader”
    “Go fuck yourself Andy”
    “You’re a hack”

    Liberals are such lovely people.

  13. johnosahon says

    who cares about the interview, i am strictly here for the comments, and they are NOT disappointing.

  14. MJ says

    I love how this guy boasts about believing in only ONE ideology. As if being uneducated, closed-minded and one-sided was something to be proud of. The interview really could have stopped there. That statement tells us all we need to know about this man: He’s an idiot, enjoys being an idiot ad fully intends on remaining an idiot.

  15. Matt26 says

    I think it is important to read and hear what the other side is thinking. We cannot escape from this planet and start all over again. This man and I share very little in our opinions yet I really want to understand why someone like him thinks the way he does and this group is founded. I still don’t get it, and it is confusing, but it is important to have posts like this here. So well done Andy. Keep up the good work.

  16. Chitown Kev says


    I know, right?

    Sure as shit fire, guaranteed minimum of 50 of some of the most wonderfully rip roaring funny bitchiest comments that you’ve ever seen.

    I do love my peeps! *sits down and grabs my knitting needles*

  17. BoxerDad says

    “free market healthcare reforms that will expand domestic partner benefits”

    ROFL… What does that even MEAN? It’s the kind of oxymoronic stupidity you always get from these folks.

    Oh, and by the way, dufus, if you’re going to claim to be “non-partisan” you might want to take GOP out of your name. Duh.

  18. John says

    Thanks Andy….I’ve been trying to understand this group since I became aware of them. Your interview is helpful.

  19. androjai says

    Awwww @Max…. did we hurt your poor little conservative feelings??? GROW THE FUCK UP BABY! You are voting for people who’s policis are discriminatory and unhealthy. Deal with a few “liberal” comments and get over yourself.

  20. Jim Stone says

    Could someone please tell me how fiscally responsible the Bush administration was? People in this country have short memories. Wasn’t the economy booming under the Clinton administration…and didn’t it all collapse in eight years after “somebody” started 2 wars and gave huge tax breaks to the wealthiest of wealthy? Yea..let’s bring it all back to the Bush years…and I’m rights under the Republicsns? They would be much happier making sodomy illegal again…just ask the good Christian Repubs in Texas and Montana.

  21. John says

    “What’s next? Interviews with gay white supremacists?”

    Looks like he already had an interview with a gay white supremacist. Even if we accept the premise that not all tea baggers are racist, they certainly have enough of them to hold all-white rallies with racist paraphernalia in places where white people aren’t even 30% of the population.

  22. excy says

    To Barron and many other gay conservatives it is ALL about “bread and butter issues”.

    I am so sick and tired of greedy bastards looking after their own interests. It would be lovely if someday they wake up and realize the money does not by happiness and serenity. It would be lovely if someday they wake up and realize that contributing to society would improve the lives of countless “less-fortunate”. And it would be lovely if they realized that self-respect and human rights trump everything else on the table.

    But I am not holding my breath. Money talks.

  23. jbos says

    >> “We are not a Republican organization; ”

    It would be a lot easier to read this and keep a straight face if their name were something other than “GOProud.”

  24. mikr says

    GOProud. GOP = Grand Old Party = The Republican Party. Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room!

    “We are not a Republican organization; indeed we have prominent independents in our leadership team. We are a conservative organization and the only national gay organization that holds itself out as such.”

    Like any Republican, he’s mostly concerned with maintaining his white male privilege. End of story.

  25. Dana Chilton says

    Thank you for posting this interview. I grew up both a conservative and a Republican. I no longer share Chris’ political views, but I empathize with Chris. No matter how out I was, how matter how strongly I felt about equal rights under the law, I was hated for being registered as a Republican or for going to church..etc… Many of our LGBT brothers, sisters, and friends will demonize anyone (including gays) for simply holding a different philosophy on something as banal as taxes. Large LGBT advocacy organizations like the HRC and Equality California actively take on issues that have nothing to do with LGBT rights then brand dissenters as anti-gay when it often isn’t the case..and it’s frustrating. I strongly dislike Tammy Bruce, even on a personal level, but I understand that her pro-life views are actually formed from her genuine belief that having that view is actually pro-gay. I’m glad that Chris is out there talking to those who hate us and I hope that he succeeds in making at least a few conservatives in power see being gay as a non-threat and that’s a good thing for all of us- conservatives and progressives alike.

  26. tranquilo says

    How can anyone take seriously a guy that says GOProud is nonpartisan when “GOP” is in their name? What a joke. This is just a ruse to get short-sightedly selfish gays to sublimate their own interests (both as LGBT voters and likely non-millionaires) to that of the Republicans. Anyone who buys this tripe is a moron.

  27. says

    “free market healthcare reforms…”

    reality = the USA ranks below all the socialist democratic european countries that deliver 100% national healthcare

    usa ranks lower life expectancy, lower standard of living, etc

    reality has a liberal bias

  28. ggreen says

    The GOP only has room for two types of voters the country club types and the stooges that vote against their own self interests based on GOP nincompoopery about social issues. You can only buy justice and equality in America today thanks to 30 years of Republican political dominance. Working class Americans have no rights or freedoms that they can not buy on the open market from corporations or the wealthy. The Democrats are fast becoming an analog of the Republicans, they do how ever every once in a while vote for the working class, but the take over of America by corporations and the wealthy elite is nearly complete, they own the GOP and the Supreme court and many state governments (like Texas).

  29. patrick nyc says

    ‘We are not a Republican organization; indeed we have prominent independents in our leadership team.’

    Perhaps he thought Grand Old Party was a rave or orgy?

  30. psgoodguy says

    the tea party is not a party, it’s a grassroots organization????? tell that to dick army or the Koch brothers. what an idiot.

    next thing he’ll be telling us is that the republicans party is fiscally conservative.

  31. says

    What gets me is that Mr. Barron says his party is not aligned with the Republican party, even though his group has the acronym GOP in it. Last time I check the Repugnicans were the Grand Old Party.

    Why avoid the obvious connection, unless you think the GOP is nuts (which they are).

  32. Den says

    There is nothing wrong with having political opinions based on free market small government libertarian principles regardless of your sexuality but unless organisations like GOProud actively fight to reverse the deep cultural anti-homosexual ethos within Right wing politics in the US they yes, they will deserve to be called stooges.

  33. Tom says

    To the post asserting that Barron is a KAPO, or to the more general thread that he is a puppet, or merely a sensational attention grabber, he more than any of us is walking up face to face with the shitheads and saying “here I am.” In doing so, he challenges their bigotry more head on than many of would choose to. Do you think the religious right are happy to see this guy on the conservative party bus? I say anything that makes them unhappy should make all LGBT people very happy indeed.

    More than anything, I believe this man favors a return to Barry Goldwater style Republicanism, and a depolarization of the Federal government from the politick of social affairs. Recall that Hillary too was a Goldwater Republican, a fact many of you would do well to remember having abandoned her to to the formerly unproven – and now bitterly disappointing – Obama. Why not read up a little on Goldwater, boys? You may find some things you like, just as Barron plainly does.

    Were Barron’s decidedly un-“delusional” agenda to succeed – even if only by increments – the religious bigots would be by and large neutered, enabling a rational awakening as to what LGBT rights really are; namely, inalienable and de facto codified in the U.S. Constitution.

    The KAPO moniker is misplaced; were I to choose another label to apply to Barron from Nazi Germany, it would be “fifth columnist.”

    Can you hear Lou Engle shrieking like a banshee? I can.

  34. Justin N says

    Andy, I thank you for all you do, so I won’t call for your head. But, granting this guy space on your blog is very like Homocon granting Ann Coulter space at their little party. It just grants credibility.

    This guy is as irrelevant as his views make him. Let him carve out (or pay for) his own soapbox.

    Or, maybe you were giving him a soapbox to give him enough rope to hang himself? Hmmmm….

  35. josh says

    Lovely comments by fellow gays for someone who believes in things a little off the one track political mindset we are all supposed to have. Ultimately he believes in marriage equality and against DADT, he just comes at it from a different angle. Yet he is shown no tolerance at all by some of the individuals commenting on this board. We all demand that rest of society show tolerance and respect for gays, and yet can’t show some base level of respect for people who differ within the community. Must we all be 100% in agreement with all leftist and progressive causes to participate in the political arena?

  36. niles says

    Here are a few questions you might have thought to throw out: where are you getting your funding? do have any ties to Karl Rove and his organizations? are you a front for the Republican party? was your real purpose in the last elections to splinter off a percentage of gays in the urban areas in order to put Republican candidates in tight races over the top? what promises were you given, if any, to align your self with known homophobes and hate groups? Instead, we got ridiculous softballs. FAIL.

  37. Rowan says

    Niles I agree but to be honest, Andy or the weekend guy are not journalists and will NEVER rock the boat. It’s not investigative, challenging or factual. It”s like he has answered a questionnaire.

  38. Den says

    I am annoyed that the 2 really important questions weren’t asked. “Are you a top or a bottom ?”, and “What size are you packing ?” :)

  39. Ben M says

    I suppose I will be attacked for this, but I do have one interesting observation. When GOProud sacrifices the issue of gay rights at the alter of politics, at least they do so for political ideology they (I assume) believe in. I wish we could say the same for our (allegedly) left leaning gay rights groups like the HRC, which sacrifice gay rights in order to get invited to White House parties.

  40. Jubal Harshaw says


    To be fair, I stopped reading PHB for much the same reason. We’ve become a pathetic, self hating, insignificant minority. We celebrate our ability to quaff a six-pack of Cosmos, think that we’re attaining freedon because we can spray our “poisoned seed” at the bathhouse and greedily pen columns online in an effort to hoover money into our own greedy pocket. We deserve nothing because the “Right” is correct, we’ve lost our morality. While that may not be true for all LGBTQ citizens, it is more than enough to shoot ourselves in the foot every time. Ask Andy, he’ll tell you.

    Ooops! No he won’t because he is just another cog in the machine.

  41. Tom says

    And one more thing: Let us not forget that it was and is GOProud’s elder (Daddy?) comrade in arms that has done more to repeal DADT than Obama, the entire Democratic power structure, and any of you silly knee jerk ninny wenches. DADT would NEVER have made it into the lame duck session were it not for Obama’s and the Dems’ fear they would be flanked and upstaged by the judiciary. But it seems too many of you are so wound up in the team rivalries of Washington that you can’t so much as recognize when the GAY TEAM is on the verge of a touchdown.

    I am liberal. I am gay. And I see that the Log Cabin Republicans are actually accomplishing more than any of my so-called Dem representatives even had the nuts to consider.

  42. Bobo says

    Free Market Health Care?
    Perhaps people like Baron should look at the two recent cases in Arizona, where two men in need of organ transplants were approved to be on the recipient list, the organs were available to them and they were told they had several hours to come up with the $10,000 in order to have the transplant. Neither one could come up with the money and the organs were given to someone else…someone who had $10,000. That’s Free Market Health Care. Maybe that’s the kind of country CB wants to live in, but not me. And that’s the real problem with conservative politics. As for the anti-gay policies of the conservative, tea party, and republicans, Chris Baron, and GOPround=Sonderkommandos!

  43. Jonathan says

    @Jubal Harshaw – You are one pathetic piece of work. “poisoned seed”? You utilize every stereotype and sneer at those who worked to give you a modicum of rights and act as if “they”, other gay people, are beneath you. If you ever need the help of any LGBT organization, just don’t ask. You deserve nothing. Fuck you.

  44. MrRoboto says

    GOProud? They might as well change their name to GO$$$.

    Every time I speak to a Republican, or “Conservative,” such as this, it all comes down to money. They remind me of the Daffy Duck cartoon, where he shrinks down to mini-size and hugs that diamond, screaming, “It’s mine! Mine, mine, mine, ALL MINE!!!”

    What no one seems to have mentioned, and I’m sorry if they didn’t, is that dimwit at the head of GOProud is as dumb as a box of rocks. He keeps brushing off gay civil rights, and particularly gay marriage, as states rights issues, and then keeps harping on jobs, taxes, healthcare, the economy, retirement security, etc. Guess what, dumbass. EVERY ONE of your pet “federal” issues are inextricably linked with marriage and each citizen’s basic civil rights, no matter how much you try to brush it off, ignore it, pretend that it doesn’t exist, etc. This “conservative” meme that you can extract your pile of money from every other aspect of your life, hoard it and “protect” it, is completely retarded. It emphatically demonstrates how greedy and selfish they are, and that they can’t think beyond: “ME, ME, ME!!!”

  45. Rowan says

    Tom, that is because YOU care about DADT and so does the log cabins, why? Follow the money you stupid f*ck. The head of the logs is an ex vet, coincidence eh?

    So tell me Einstien what other cause the logs are fighting for? Gay marriage? Visiting rights for all partners? Have they fought for gays being bullied? Have they fought for HIV vaccines? Have they fought for ENDA?

    I don’t care about DADT. I hate war. It’s your fault you want to be a machine killing human being and have blood on your hands.

    Do you see it? Do you see this? Yes, it’s called self interest.

    Personally I love what the Obama admins has done for gay rights-Matthew Shepard act, visitation, pride month, the highest number of gay staff in Washington, more gay friend,y judges in the supreme court….

    That’s what I care about,not the stupid DADT.

    Just being honest and you pushed me to this because you know what? I have the brain cells and long term thinking capabilities to empathise that DADT is important to a small, very small percentage of gays who seem to want to continue waging illegal wars in the name of Amerikka.

    It’s a free world but don’t say Obama has done nothing, just say he has done nothing about anything you care about.

  46. says

    I have yet to meet one of these KAPOS who didn’t try and deflect the attention away from LGBT issues by talking about jobs.

    Here’s the issue; my state is a “Right to Work” state. I can be fired for being ,or, looking GAY.

    So, what good are tax breaks for the wealthy and all the other crap they blather about if I can’t have any protections from bigotry?

  47. says

    I think Towleroad has done us all a service by putting it right out front what a vapid, mindless, empty, self-absorbed bunch of jerks GOProud is.

    What I’m hearing from Chris Barron is “I’ve got mine and to hell with the rest of you.”

    Nothing like getting it right from the horse’s mouth.

    As for inviting Ann Coulter: she’s not controversial, just rude. And thinking outside the box? You have to be able to think, first.

  48. Mikey says

    Virtually no policy arguments on the thread. He feels marriage is strickly a “states rights” issue. Does he believe states should be able to say blacks and whites should not marry? Also, the comment about private social security accounts. How can anyone still promote this idea considering what would have happened to the lives of so many people had this gone through when Bush was pushing it. Oh, thats right. Who cares about the elderly if we can enrich the stock barons a bit more? Truly a lack of intellectual honesty in defense of orthodoxy.

  49. New Jersey Boi says

    Fucking delusional. But anyone who’d listen to Anne Cuntler and take anything robobitch says seriously HAS to be delusional.

    (removes car keys and jingles them…)

    Hey, Chris- Look – Something Shiny to play with…

  50. New Jersey Boi says

    Here’s MAX once again proving what an utter Moron he is…Hey Max: Freepers is calling, they miss your terminal idiocy on their boards!

    Git along little child.

  51. Screaming Queen says

    It’s sad, it’s depressing, and it’s making question the whole “It’s gets better” propaganda we’ve been circulating. Looks to me like we just get bitchy and bitter amongst ourselves instead of fighting the real enemy of bigotry…..but that’s a hard one to win when so many of us have our own bigotry to overcome.

    The cantankerous queens still on the democratic plantation need to take a long hard look in the mirror and start prioritizing, are you fighting for gay rights or promoting the democratic slave masters? You know the democrats that have spent way more time in the last ten years trying to pass The DREAM ACT than they have promoting equal rights in the work place. Too bad they didn’t care about us gay CITIZENS as much as they do ILLEGALS. Democrats are not our friends!

  52. tom says

    @Rowan – There is and are stupid fucks on this board. I’m not one of them. Have YOU followed the money you loathsome prick? Of course you haven’t – go pour yourself another cocktail. I have, so allow me to provide your short attention span with the Cliff version: a few unsavories, a few anons, EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME AS THE DEMOCRATS. But then you’re so smart, you don’t care about DADT. You don’t make the association that whether for or against military service, DADT is about equal rights. You’re too busy being the case study for myopic, unproductive, and utterly useless hysteria. That and pretending to be a communist or a “radical” (SO sexy and romantic) or whatever the fuck you’re pretending without so much as a smidgeon of insight into what anything actually amounts to. You are a pathetic, sideline goat. Had you been born straight, you would be a Westboro Baptist sycophant.

  53. TANK says

    free market health care amounts to not getting sick.

    if you get sick under free market health care, die quickly.

    The free market tolerates all of the bigotries and inequities that individuals do. Child labor and slavery are both very cost effective means of production. One could argue that prevention of either is inconsistent with the notion of the free market. If one asserts the myth of the inviolability of the “individual” as their arbitrary stop measure against free market forces, why aren’t they, too, socialist? Because they justify it with religion? So socialists never do? LOL! It’s a game. Just like “fiscal conservative” means nothing…nothing other than things you like the government to fund and things you don’t like the government to fund.

    This man’s a moronic bore. I don’t like shills of either persuasion. Those that defend the democrats tooth and nail also place “ideology” and party above principle. I don’t understand people who identify as republican or democrat…especially in light of the absence of results.

  54. TANK says

    and even conservative or liberal, to be clear. And GOProud backs antigay republican politicians, and support antigay pundits…they’ve never endorsed a democrat…so yes, they are a republican organization, and it’s pointless to make the distinction that they’re homosexual, for that has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the group. And to a lesser extent, you can say that about lgbt democrats…a much lesser extent, actually…you lose individuality when you belong…to get nice and continental fuzzy.

  55. anthony says

    i’m surprised this group has bothered to exist. They are no different from any other right-wing group that claims to be fiscally conservative. If that’s all this is then maybe it’s time to simply join one of the existing fiscally conservative groups and shut this one down. Or am i missing something about being gay that makes them more fiscally focused?

  56. BartB says

    I appreciate the interview. Better to know who the enemy is than to not.

    I’d like to believe that this guy is smarter than he appears in this interview because he seems intellectually short sighted. He cites all these “federal” issues but calls marriage rights a “state” issue. That would be true if most if not all of the federal rights he named weren’t affected by marriage status. And let’s not forget DOMA which is a federal law. Maybe he’s intellectually dishonest, maybe if he thinks he talks fast enough, long enough, no one will notice. I just think he’s lying. Just like he’s lying about the correlation between the Republican Party and gay rights. No one has to be even modestly aware to know there is none, so that the bottom line for gay men and women who suck on the tit of modern Republican ideology is money. Barry Goldwater is dead and with his death went any relationship to personal freedom and the Republican party which is now a proxyed religious party.

    No one ever said that gay people all had to be the same. It’s our sexuality, all of our lifestyles are very different. But when people talk about their political/social beliefs in correlation to their sexuality and are as uncongruous as this Chris Barron person, you have to wornder if he’s sweatily trying to fool himself or does he actually think people buy his insanity? Very tellingly, he states he hired Anne Coulter as a speaker at his cocktail party because she is “smart, funny, provocative and controversial.” Two out of four ain’t bad. He should have said “trivial, whiny, snide and self-absorbed.” It would have been more honest.

  57. bobbyjoe says

    BARRON: “Absolutely, wait until you see what we have in store for Homocon 2011.”

    Let me guess… key party with Maggie Gallagher?

  58. Frederick says


    Tom, dear….I’m sorry that I have to be the one to disabuse you of the notion that the Republican Party of Barry Goldwater can ever be revived. For the truth of the matter is that that genus of Republicanism was invited over to the White House one night in 1980 by Ronald Reagan, Lee Atwater, and Jerry Falwell… was summarily hit over the head, tied up, dragged down the cellar stairs, shot in the head, and buried in a shallow grave…where it remains rotting to this day.

    And yes… I can hear Lou Engle shrieking…shrieking with joy at the recent triumph of his Republican brethren in regaining control of the House and thereby ensuring the blockage of any forward movement on DOMA and DADT.

  59. TGC says

    “We are indeed, Max. We value self-respect. ‘

    And yet gay liberals keep biting on the pillow for the party who actually DOES harm to the “community” and rabidly fights in court while smearing gays to defend it.

    Pay no attention to the liberal bigot homophobes in DC. Channel all your hatred onto Republicans because brain dead liberal bloggers say so. If this is liberal compassion™, I’ll have none of it, thank you.

  60. TGC says


    “Just a mindless KAPO.”

    But if he was an unrepentant Judenrat dumping millions of dollars(made by destroying economies) on liberals, that would be totally cool, right?

  61. tom says

    Frederick my sweet, I do not dispute that Goldwater is about as far removed from Washington as Rowan’s brain is from his mouth, but this is not to infer that people might not still hold it aloft as a philosophy worth pursuing.

    Because Goldwater’s ideals are absent from the GOP platform, I do not vote GOP. I will never vote GOP until such tempered rationale returns. Frankly, I think Goldwater is far closer to present day Dems than to present day Repubs. I also suspect that this Barron guy knows this, but purposefully chose to pursue his agenda so to better square off against the bigots who affect us all. To suggest that GOProud does not support gay rights in frankly baffling if not downright ridiculous. That they seek a different approach to tear this discrimination down, and that some (many) among us do not agree with that approach, is the only legitimate argument here.

    I realize that – on the surface at least – GOProud appears asinine for aligning with the GOP. And perhaps they really are that stupid. Still, whether intentional or not, they are taking some wind out of the sails of the religious right that seems otherwise unchallenged in the GOP rank and file. I defy anyone to explain to me why that is a bad thing?

  62. says

    “I am liberal. I am gay. And I see that the Log Cabin Republicans are actually accomplishing more than any of my so-called Dem representatives even had the nuts to consider.”

    If you’re liberal and gay (unless you meant liar and gay), why on earth are you standing up for someone who is working against liberal ideas and gay rights? Because GOProud’s only function–since they haven’t the slightest interest in gay rights and their sexuality is meaningless to their politics–is to support conservative candidates who want to prevent us from having equality.

    At least the LCR’s deserve respect for tackling DADT and for including gay rights in their mission–even if they continue to support anti-gay over pro-gay candidates–but GOProud’s mission is no different than that of any right-wing Republican group, except that they’re loathed by those they help elect. They avoid social issues because they know their only hope of getting a share of the rich pie (or as much a share as a homo deserves in the US) from their right-wing comrades is to remain invisible Uncle Toms salivating over Ann Coulter’s every hateful word while she whinnies all the way to the bank.

  63. TGC says

    “Could someone please tell me how fiscally responsible the Bush administration was? People in this country have short memories. Wasn’t the economy booming under the Clinton administration.”

    Incredibly short (or dishonest) memories. You forget that under BJ, there was a Republican House holding the purse strings. You also forgot that the last budget Bush signed had a deficit of about $162 billion, DOWN from $400 billion in 2004 (this is the “exploding deficits” and “record deficits” the liberals keep talking about). At that time, the CBO had predicted that the deficits would be eliminated by 2012. They obviously didn’t factor in liberals taking over and giving us a 1.3 TRILLION deficit while adding $3 trillion in debt in just two years. You also forget that we don’t even have a budget this year. Wonder why.

  64. RandyN says

    …so there are gay people in US that support the Nazis, ’cause that’s what the Tea Party effectively is.

    Well, I guess gay people are allowed to be stupid too, still I had hoped in smaller numbers.

  65. Tom says

    Ernie, calm down, Tiger. Where did I say I support GOProud? I merely state that, whether you like them or not, they are an unwelcome nettle in the side of the right wing religious fascists who seek an all out takeover of one of our country’s major political parties.

    Ever heard “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?” Yes to all the apparent incongruencies so aptly (and not so aptly) underscored herein; but do you REALLY believe that GOProud wants discrimination against LGBT? Really? Really really?

  66. Larry says

    I can’t believe the GOProud guy was asked total softballs with absolutely no follow-up. The interview is an insult to the glbt community. Chris Barron says that GOProud is not a Republican organization and is not partisan. Those two statements there are so blatantly ridiculous that I couldn’t take anything else seriously. Why wasn’t he challenged on those absurd assertions? Is the group they are named after, the GOP, an elitist liberal front group? Give me an f’ing break!

  67. TANK says

    “But if he was an unrepentant Judenrat dumping millions of dollars(made by destroying economies) on liberals, that would be totally cool, right?”

    So who does that refer to, slob? Methinks your mind belongs to glenn beck…but as jon stewart said, a better record against communism than ronald reagan.

  68. Jubal Harshaw says


    My apologies, I guess once again I hit too close to home. Fuck you and your bullshit sensibilities. I’ll wager that I was in the trenches when you were pissing your pants in the fifth grade. Don’t even presume to talk to me about the hypocrisy within the LGBTQ community. I’ve seen it, and lived to tell about it.

  69. says

    Trust me, Tom, I’m a calm tiger. I live in one of the few states where wingnuts have NO power. I’m sure GOProud hates my representatives, all of whom support my full equality. (They also happen to be liberal Democrats, go figure.) GOProud is like Christine O’Donnell to me: a ludicrous curiosity, ultimately harmless and delusional. They’d be interesting if Chris’s talking points weren’t so stupendously dull.

    But why do you think anyone in the Republican party would be truly disturbed by GOProud? They support the same conservative candidates the religious zealots support, except, unlike the religious zealots, GOProud has zero clout within the GOP. The GOP loves obedient lapdogs like Chris Barron; why wouldn’t they? Unlike the LCR’s, who at least challenge the Republican status quo, GOProud is thrilled just to be asked to sit at the kid’s table next to their heroes, who already have their rights and have no intention of sharing them. Chris Barron himself says that “our legislative agenda looks like something that you would find on the website of any conservative organization in this country.” He says he understands and respects that conservatives disagree with him on gay issues. The GOP hopes he’ll convince gullible gay people to vote Republican; it’s win-win for them, lose-lose for GOProud.

  70. LOL says

    Thanks for posting this interview Andy, it is always interesting to read a variety of perspectives. I think some people should be mature/secure enough with their liberalism to not get so freaked out reading this interview. Aren’t we all adults? I saw a lot of raving high school here. Oh well, GOProud sucks. Move along. Don’t be what we loathe?

    That said, I am interested in an interview with the LCR? They are challenging the status quo, and I’m interested to hear what they have to say. Thanks Andy :)

  71. tom says

    Well, Ernie, I don’t know about your supposition that no one in the Republican Party would be disturbed by pervert deviant homosexuals prowling the ranks of the Grand Ole Party, converting their children, subverting their agenda, etc., but I guess I’ll take your word for it.

    I’ll also have to take your word for it that GOProud has zero clout. If that’s true, at least I would hope they might be working to gain some, as I believe they are. They seem to be getting a lot of money from somewhere, and as we all know, George Washington is the only voter who enjoys true emancipation. So, once more, I would assert that any move to neuter the religious right is a move – in my albeit naive eyes – in the right direction.

    Unlike you, I am in a more complex state which requires some back room maneuvering to gain access to wrongfully denied rights. You see in my state, not all Republicans hate gay people, and not all Democrats like them. Accordingly, some come to think there may be more than one road that leads to Rome. I guess we’re all just a bunch of desperate buffoons, not as sophisticated as our more enlightened brethren of the Village, the Castro, and WEHO.

    I do not support GOProud, I do not give them money, I do not vote for their candidates, but I do not – for sake of polarity – hate them outright. That is a privilege I reserve for fuckwad bigots.

    Either that or I just think this Barron guy is cute and I wanna bend him over pretty bad. Hey, it’s Saturday night, right?

  72. says

    Is there not a single substantial argument here that doesn’t include the words “bullshit”, “traitor”, “my rights” and “loser”? Nearly everyone here is proving just how sophomoric gay liberals are by doing nothing more than hurling personal insults at a person they don’t know at all.

    I’m a lesbian. I’m conservative. I don’t insult those I disagree with no matter how much emotional stock I have in an issue; I use logic and I actually listen to what the other side has to say, even if I think I already know what’s coming.

    That is, unless it’s nothing more than the drivel posted so far in these comments. The instant someone starts insulting me I stop listening, as would any of you. Don’t preach about tolerance when you’re unwilling to be tolerant yourself.

  73. says

    Just for the record, Tom, I don’t hate GOProud. If they actually accomplish something for gay rights, as the LCR’s have (the organization that’s now way too liberal for them), I’ll be the first to salute them, even if I’d never in a million years support a candidate they support for reasons that go way beyond gay rights. I just think they’re kidding themselves to think they have any power among conservatives. BTW, I’m as far from “the Village, the Castro, and WEHO” as one can get. I’m a hick who lives in a town of 8000 people. I wish GOProud the best, and I hope their candidates lose.

    Have a good Saturday night!

  74. niles says

    Seriously, how can a gay person even say that they are conservative? Conservative in this country mean anti-gay. So, you are against your self? Bizarre. As for tolerance, I draw the line at being tolerant for those who wish to kill or enslave me, and that is the real wish of these “conservatives” in america.

  75. TANK says

    “I don’t know about your supposition that no one in the Republican Party would be disturbed by pervert deviant homosexuals prowling the ranks”

    You, for example. You too are becoming an object of laughter and ridicule.

  76. Frank says

    Let me start off by saying I don’t want to call gay conservatives names. I don’t believe in belittling anyone for their beliefs. I respect that you can be gay and believe in small government, lower taxes, free market economics, and other conservative principles. But as much as I want to believe this, it’s very hard for me to support groups like GOProud. I would like to get married someday, before I’m on my deathbed. I’d like the freedom to serve my country openly. I’d like to be able work at a job protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation. But, because GOProud chooses to let their sexuality take a back seat to their conservative values and often support candidates who are not gay friendly, I can’t help but think that they are content to wait several lifetimes for equal rights and some of us don’t have that long to wait. If I’m wrong please explain it to me, because I’m having a really difficult time understanding their position. I mean I could not see a black person supporting a segregationist candidate during the Civil Rights movement because their belief in states rights trumped their own belief in equal protection under the law. So why do some gay people support candidates who publicly denounce their existence? If GOProud really believes they have good ideas that can win the hearts and minds of the public, why not run their own gay friendly conservative candidates. Maybe start at the local level and work their way up, or if they really want to go balls out run candidates at all levels. I’d be much happier with that than throwing their support behind candidate after candidate that works actively to obstruct any progress on the rights of gay people.

  77. Tom says

    @Tank Nice non sequitur. Don’t bother explaining. Your genius is so lofty that the base act of describing would forever blemish your intellectual beauty. Now go float ye, O Cherub of Truth, amongst the clouds that we may all bask in your eternal radiance.

  78. Tyler says

    You can tell by Chris Barron’s comments that he’s not going to do anything to open up conservatives’ minds about the LGBT community. Andy, you should’ve pressed further with equality issues. The whole interview (even his coming out story) was incredibly stoic.

  79. TANK says

    Cherub? That’s vaguely insulting. Tom, as has been carefully explained with small words and, perhaps, enjoyable noises to facilitate comprehension…GOproud has no power within the republican party. They support antigay politicians with money and endorsements, and haven’t the slightest interest in advancing gay civil equality. They aren’t a thorn in the side of the establishment so much as a tree falling that no one hears or is even slightly aware. It is your rather masochistic fantasy, aided by colorful description, that they somehow invoke the ire of social conservatives.

  80. Donald says

    Don’t start an interview by stating how your own beliefs differ from the person you are interviewing. You’re not the person being interviewed and your reader doesn’t care.

  81. TruthSeeker_Too says

    Hi Chris: Could you please talk with Mark Kirk and ask him to vote for cloture on DAA so that we can have an “up or down” vote on our rights to serve openly and equally in the military–alongside our strait counterparts. This is a federal issue where GOProud could actually be constructive.
    Sorry to read about your torturous coming out process. Hope your life is getting better.
    PS: You might want to ignore Ann Coulter a bit more and focus instead on Ayn Rand.

  82. paul says

    you know the problem with people like this is the reason we are in the mess we are IN. FUCKING GREED!! This economy didn’t get shitty because there was a natural disaster or because another country was in financial turbulance…it was a simple case of greed.
    Regulations were dropped or overlooked, and wall street was trading and selling on promises that they couldn’t back up…it was disaster waiting to happen!!!
    I like nice things…but money is evil and people with money tend to somehow think they know everything.
    The problem was equal rights and social issues is when equal the playing field you cut into their piece of the pie…tough fucking shit!! its not like you can buy your health and you sure as hell can’t take it with you.

  83. Nick says

    Andy, in case you’re keeping score. I for one am happy to see this interview. I think in order for us to effect change, we need to understand the opposition. I am glad you allowed him to speak his mind without interruption. As I get older, I find I allow people to speak longer as I listen more. It gives one greater insight. And many times allows the opponent to dig a deeper grave. Good idea this interview!

  84. Cannape says

    I would believe that he is not a paid tool of the GOP if his group were actually taking any steps to further a conservative gay agenda. E.g., supporting non-antigay, fiscally conservative candidates. But, instead, he is just trying to get gay votes for the same old antigay “conservative” candidates! Who does he think he’s fooling? I’d love to see where he gets his funding– I’ll bet it’s a Karl Rove Astroturfing organization with no other purpose than to help splinter the gay vote. It’s a baldfaced attempt to get fiscal gay conservatives (nothing wrong with that) to vote antigay by getting them to “not care” about social issues. It’s one thing to vote for reasons other than social issues: why not? But do you really expect people to vote for candidates who openly hate their supporters?

  85. DH says

    I don’t understand all the vitriol aimed at Andy. I’m glad that he exposed Barron for the moron that he is, and I want to know everything I can about my enemies.

    Anybody who has read this blog for any length of time knows that Andy does not lick Republican ass.

  86. says

    “But if he was an unrepentant Judenrat dumping millions of dollars(made by destroying economies) on liberals, that would be totally cool, right?”

    Oh noezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz George Sorros



    as Tank said , Sorros has a better record against communism than ronnie ray-gun

  87. miami says

    Ask him about trans people… Ask GOPoud if they consider trans rights part of lesbian/gay rights on their agenda.
    Ask him about acceptance of fem gays and butch gays.
    This all about the rich white passers v.s. the poorer, people of color non-passers. Its the 1950s all over again and they just want to squeaze in the acceptable ruling elite and leave the undersriable gays, the ones who stood up to opression in 1968 behind. Its just the same old story.

  88. Fenrox says

    Haha, I would have thought 90% of towleroad readers were Tea Party people.

    Andy, How do you put up with this shit?

    Also, with time will come loss of perspective. It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember the Tea Party as what it is, a group of gullible racists being controlled by corporate interests. They are simply political terrorists, but if we let people cover that up with words like “grassroots” eventually that is what history will see them as.

  89. Cannape says

    I’d say there’s a 90% chance that the GOProud movement isn’t grassroots; it’s Astroturfing.

    Astroturfing: corporate-funded entities set up to look like grasroots organizations.

  90. Caesar says

    The saying that there is a snake in every jungle is not even appropriate here. I think the snake would be insulted if anybody compared him to a snake. He is immoral, greedy and a traitor. He is willing to sell himself for money. On top of that, he will work with any group whose goal is to kill LGBT and other minority rights for more money. In other words, he will give up his rights and that of the LGBT Community for money. This reminds me of Adolph Hitler. Hitler promised the Germans more bread and butter in exchange for surrendering a teeny weenie bit of their rights. We all know what happened after the majority of the German people gave Hitler their support. Hitler became a ruthless dictator who plunged Germany into war that killed millions of people. He also gassed millions of homosexuals, Jews, gypsies and catholics.