1. Austin says

    Yea, I agree. Tech rehearsals are hell. But at the same time, this seems like it has a good chance at being a complete disaster. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. =)

  2. GothProf says

    This is a typical Tech rehearsal- not news. Many shows begin previews with tech issues (Jane Eyre had 1/4 of the lighting complete went we saw it in previews; Titanic didn’t even have the ending written and orchestrations were still being composed for new music; Into The Woods had to stop the show several times due to set pieces gone wrong- and a few weak songs that were eventual cut. “Boom Crunch” anyone?). Unfortunately, there is a hyper cynical air among theater goers looking for a disaster. (Hey- I saw CARRIE the musical in the 1980’s. THAT was a disaster). Now- the question is- WHY pay full price for a preview??? Previews used to be a lot less expensive. If anything, Spiderman will give audiences some incredible eye candy. If you’re not into commercial Musicals, go to BAM.

  3. Ronny says

    “Told your little lies, did you?
    Naughty naughty–now, boom, crunch!
    Time we have so often flies
    Don’t you think? Pretty soon Boom, crunch!
    Bid too high a price, did you?
    But you got your wish.
    Shouldn’t happen if you’re nice,
    should it?
    Now boom crunch squish!”

    Maybe Steve was prophetic and writing about Spider-Man?

  4. Ryan says

    A few things pop out at me:

    1) They’re purposely lowering expectations because things *won’t* be near perfect when it opens. It just won’t.

    2) It won’t be anywhere near as bad as the NYT writer put it, as the people above are right… it’s a tech rehearsal. Not that glitches (even bad ones) can’t happen when the show starts… but the cast will keep on trucking if and when it does. Many may not even notice (I once sat through a musical where the lead passed out in the first scene and the cast seamlessly dragged the girl out and her stand in went in, while almost no one in the audience even noticed — though it did happen before the lead had to sing anything).

    3) And, finally, YES, this will be terrible and an epic financial disaster. It’s pretty clear to me that Taymore has really done her own thing with Spiderman here and it won’t be like the comics… so ‘the fans’ are going to hate it…. the music is going to be terrible and not the type of music that traditional theater goers will like… so they’re not going to see it. Women aren’t going to see it. If it’s really bad, gay men aren’t going to see it. Other than young boys with parents who have $$$ to spare in this recession… I’m not sure who’s going to see this, other than those who just want to see how terrible it *really* is.

    I do hope I’m wrong, though.