1. Brad says

    Two of THE WORST ACTORS EVER! I just don’t get the fascination with The Situation. He comes across as air headed and his presentation is forced. I don’t think he’s all that, six-pack abs or no. Two air-heads doing a PSA about something neither one has practiced! Brilliant campaign.

  2. Nick says

    And people still think there is hope for this country?
    really- don’t lose that optimism -you crazy kids- one of these days -intelligence, dignity, and discretion is gonna make a comeback. Half past-never.

  3. patrick nyc says

    I thought people lost weight being on Dancing? She looked like her cheeks were full of food. Is she knocked up again? That would be three kids before hitting twenty, and yes I’m counting the one that was born when she took four months off high school with mono and her little ‘brother’ was born.

    Anyone giving money to the idiots who made this PSA are as stupid as the two of them.

  4. says

    One can only hope the next step is for the them to perform a duet where they light an M-80 in each others asses (because, after all, those pesky Germans should not have all the attention)…

  5. daveny says

    Yes Bristol its very hard being a single mom when you don’t have to work because your mother takes care of you. Now try being a single mom without the monetary help from Mother.

  6. Kevin says

    This could have been a respectable message, even though I do not agree with it. But Jesus H Christ… could “the situation” been any cheesier. His abs arent even perfect, or the greatest. I can’t believe he prides himself on it. And on top of it? Magnums? Bullshit. You know he’s trying so hard with that shit. He’s got a tiny dick.

    What an asshole I hate people from jersey

  7. JT says

    Yeah, but PatrickNYC, you’re the idiot who was calling Kentucky a state full of inbred hilbillies and insulted me when I defended Lexington. Well, Lexington just elected a gay mayor. Sounds cooler than NYC.

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