1. John B. says

    Is this really news? Posts like this that focus on something out of peoples control that they might feel embarrassed about are unnecessary. Are you a tabloid now? Andy: You are better than this.

  2. Caleb says

    Yeah I’m actually more fascinated by how amazing her mother looks. Her mother is, according to Wikipedia almost 84 years old and I’d say she looks damn near younger than Cher at 64. Wow.

  3. MarkDC says

    Almost broke a hip.

    Joined by Mr. Lady Chaz.

    You damaged Kool Aid drinking faggots are massive douchetards on the whole “transgender” thing. Tripping over yourselves to be oh so correct.

    Differences in brain structure, brain chemicals, hormones, body mass all result in biologically determined physical and mental differences between males and females. However, are we all so insecure we cannot abide a female who is born a “man” without compelling her conformity with surgery?

    Seriously. A flaccid prosthetic phallus and a lifetime of hormone injections will make Chaz no more of a man than an appendectomy. But nevermind. Instead of fixing a bigoted society let’s just cut up those who don’t fit in.

    Show me Chaz’s bottom surgery and I’ll show you Cher’s face. Money and surgery can’t buy “youth” and can’t make you a “man”.

    Its embarrassing no one gets that.

  4. TANK says

    As to cher…okay…moonstruck had its moments…when I saw it much, much later than ’87. Definitely a “diva” of a different generation for the gays that are into diva worship…because they’re just “fabulous”–ghettoization encoded in their DNA…like madge and liza…older gay stuff, like drag, circuit parties, and aids.

  5. MarkDC says

    @ ESHTO

    Suck my (biological) dick.

    You completely ignore the fact that being “male” or “female” is not an act of surgery and never can be. While someone can think they are the opposite sex they can never be given a body that actually works. So how “real” is that?

    How much of a “man” will Chaz be or feel like at age 87 with non-functioning constructed genitalia and constant hormone injections?

    What did people do before surgery was invented and touted as an option? People have lived secretly as the opposite gender throughout history. Why not simply do that openly now?

    The brain is driving it NOT the body. So…why change the body with surgery and medication? A transgender perception of oneself is not a fatal illness, just a different state of being.

    Imagine transgender people in a world where they did not grow up being inculcated with hegemonic, heteronormative gender conformity. People would just be themselves naturally…REGARDLESS of the body they have.

    Oh…and suck my (naturally occuring) dick.

  6. MarkDC says

    I’d think “Chaz” would be more concerned about diabetes and heart disease than gender reassignment. Doesn’t anyone think the “doctors” who created and perpetuate the Transgender Industrial complex should have been more concerned about that?

    Guess she/he/it is content to die early as a (constructed) “man”.

    Yo SASQUATCH: get a treadmill.

  7. Tagg2 says

    Silly me, I thought Towleroad had intelligent gay men on here and not snippy queens. Cher looks amazing and so does Georgia and it is not due to “excessive plastic surgery”. You’d think Cher was Roseane Barr at one point. She has always had an amazing body and looks way before she ever started tinkering with her face. Its no one’s business what she does with her life. If your not a fan than why did you click on this link?

  8. MarkDC says

    If Transgender individuals are, as they say, born in the wrong body it only serves to reason they ALREADY ARE the opposite sex REGARDLESS of the body they have. A fake body will do nothing to make that more or less “real”. It only serves to ameliorate the bigotry of a society that demands conformity: that biological sex matches one’s gender.

    Who do you think invented the Transgender Industrial Complex in the first place? Bigoted heterosexual doctors who believe Transgender is “wrong”, a “condition” that must be “corrected”.

    Has it ever occurred to you to ask why Transgender was at all perceived, examined and eventually marketed as an “illness” that needs to be “cured” in the first place? Talk about blaming the victim. Unlike you I do not see anything about Transgender people that must be changed.

    As I’ve stated before: what did people do before surgery was invented and touted as an option? They lived as themselves in the bodies they had. People have lived secretly as the opposite gender throughout history. Why is it not possible to do that now but openly?

    If a person felt they were born the “wrong” race. would you argue that a bigoted society had NOTHING to do with it?

  9. TS says

    Hey Markdc!!!! And how much of a man are you with your steroid injected shrunken nuts so far contracted into your scrotum that you can’t even ejaculate? Really man, what’s the fuckin difference between the hormonal manipulation you’re condemning Chaz for doing and what you’re doing yourself! FUCKIN FRAUD!!!! ASSHOLE!!!

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