1. Jerome says

    Satan is the father of lies. Jim Swilley just couldn’t associate himself with God and still lie about himself anymore. Why not come out now? Better late than never. His love for God and his family hasn’t changed. Only his relationship with his former wife, and a few from his congregation has. The media and a few others are responsible for the controversy here. Why are so many shocked by this story? We’ve all known about gays in the clergy for decades now, maybe always.

  2. Chuck Mielke says

    Kudos to Jim Swilley. His situation shows many, many things, among them: how a marriage might not be the way common stereotypes would have us guess; that gay men don’t, necessarily, hate women; that gay men can, indeed, reproduce; that pastors can be honest about the teachings of the bible; that people we trust are probably more than we guess them to be, without being scary…

    Mr. Swilley’s coming out will be, I think, such a powerful elixir for our society that I hope he has the foresight to be very cautious. I worry, for him, about the extremists’ potential reaction.

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