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    Hillary’s take is no different from Obama’s or Gates’s—let’s do it legislatively. So don’t tell me she’d be way better than Obama on gay issues. (Maybe so, maybe not; in this case, not.)

    Regardless, it’s good that both are saying, “Let’s do this!”

    Obama (recently reiterated), Clinton, Gates…come the fuck on, this has to be done during the lame duck! At this point, while I’ll be just as happy to have it struck down forever in court, it would be better for all involved if our government could make this happen on its own.

  2. Q says

    HAHAHA! I cannot WAIT to watch the backflips that the “Hillary-heads” are gonna do on this thread to justify their bullshit belief that Hillary is different from Obama. Let the gymnastics begin!

  3. justiceontherocks says

    I don’t understand why they get so bent out of shape about the possibility of an “adverse” court ruling. It will not happen tomorrow. They have plenty of time to plan. The courts aren’t going to micromanage what the military does.

    This is just bullshit to try to lobby the courts. They know the legislative repeal isn’t happening so the fierce advocate wants to build up the “well, see, we tried…” case.

    Couldn’t be more transparent or insulting.

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    “I cannot WAIT to watch the backflips that the “Hillary-heads” are gonna do on this thread to justify their bullshit belief that Hillary is different from Obama. Let the gymnastics begin!”

    Nice to see what REALLY motivates you. It’s not about YOU being right asshole, it’s about our civil rights being used as a political football You obots have always looked at this as some kind of sporting event, rallying around your hero no matter what. Selfish bastard. And just to point out the obvious, Hillary IS different from Obama. He’s the president (her boss), and she’s the sec of State. She can either support his agenda or quit. I would have a lot more respect for her if she did the latter. Regardless, she, like her boss is wrong. Your blind loyalty to a lying, cowardly politician is revolting. Stop projecting your vain, childish game playing on those of us who really care about equality and justice. You make me sick.

  5. Christopher says

    What’s with the generational issue bullshit? That’s like saying, well, you know the old folks, they likes them a good lynching picnic, but young folks today don’t care so much…

  6. ichabod says

    Blather, blather, blather. So much bullshit politics on all sides. When this is all said and done and DADT is no more (and it will be), history will wonder what all the flipping fuss was about.

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    Blind loyalty is always a mistake, whether it’s to the actual president or to a failed presidential candidate. Those who think Obama can do no wrong and is adequately fulfilling his promises (is there really anyone left who fits into this category?) are fooling themselves, and those who think that DADT would be repealed, DOMA would be gone, and ENDA would be in place under Hillary are also fooling themselves. This interview shines a little reality on baseless speculations by devoted Hillaryphiles that she would have been the true fierce advocate. Who knows? It’s all silly wishful thinking. She lost; we will never know. The only thing that’s important is how she fulfills her real role, as Secretary of State.

    What does matter is getting rid of DADT. I’m not sure why Gates thinks it’s so very complicated. The chaos they’re imagining–or pretending to imagine–is as delusional as us putting all our faith in one person, whether it’s Obama or Hillary. I hope court decisions continue to pressure the administration to do the right thing; it’s unfortunate they aren’t more anxious to beat the courts at being on the right side of history. Doing the right thing “carefully” adds up to nothing if it doesn’t get done at all.

  8. crispy says

    @Q: You hollered, Gaylib came running! Like a well-trained golden retriever. See if you can get him to roll over and play dead.

    Who’s a good boy?

  9. Q says

    Oh please, Gaylib, that was a great speech but you can shove that shit right up your self-righteous ass. If she is willing to keep her mouth shut for a job, then that seems to say alot about what she deems more important than her principles, huh?

    And fuck you, you don’t know me. I don’t have “blind loyalty” to Obama. But I don’t instantly bash him about everything either or delude myself into thinking that Hillary is somehow “different” (ie. better) than Obama, as most on here are wont to do. And it is to those people (like you, maybe?) that I was referring.

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    Aren’t we one of the very few countries whose military does not allow gays to openly serve? What a pathetic waste …

  11. TampaZeke says

    How interesting, and INFURIATING, that Obama and Gates and Clinton are pushing NOW in a way that they NEVER pushed BEFORE the election.

    I think they’re ALL shameless, disgusting power-player politicians without an ounce of honor, integrity or honesty between them.

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    Q, save it for someone who gives a rat ass about your ignorant, illiterate, jackass self. and Crispy, what part of “she was wrong” don’t you get? You might be worth trying to reason with if you weren’t such a pitifully stupid ass kisser. And I mean STUPID.

  13. Chitown Kev says

    But why do you diva-Hillary worshippers base your belief that Hillary would be better than Obama on, is the question.

    (and FTR, I like Hillary Clinton and I can dig the diva worship to an extent but she’s not my earth mother anymore than Obama is my trade…or something…)

  14. crispy says

    Oh, honey, I’ve visited your WordPress blog (2003 emailed btw, they want their template back). Stupid doesn’t even begin to describe the constant piddle you pass off as outrage. I can actually hear you huffing as you punch the keys on your keyboard like a scene from a bad Nora Ephron movie.

    And also, you don’t post a picture, but I can tell you’re fat.

  15. Joel V says

    “We have the least opportunity to do this intelligently and carefully and with the kind of preparation that is necessary..”

    Are we disabling a nuclear warhead or something? Ridiculous.

  16. jeff in la says

    Is everyone on here just chomping at the bit to enlist in the armed services, or what? Sorry, but what they are saying makes sense to me.

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    It’s a FACT that the Obama Mafia and their Bots keep trying to paste over, but passing the current amendment would NOT necessarily be a “permanent” solution to the ban. Due to Gates’ amazing, Obama-backed political coup in May, it wouldn’t even REQUIRE ending the ban; and, pay attention, under the limited language he demanded in the current amendment, the law could be repealed yet NOTHING requires DISCHARGES to EVER actually end.

    Just like a repealed tax law, an identical tax law could be passed in the future. BUT if the courts declare such a law, such a practice…a specific tax, DADT, etc.,…unconstitutional, that’s the END of it unless they’re convinced years later to reverse themselves.

    THAT’S what Little Caesar er Gates fears …that the court might take away HIS power after he masterfully forced our allies in Congress to GUT the nondiscrimination mandate. WHY would he want no legisltative ban on gay discrimination in the military if he had no INTENTION of further discrimination? Why would a serial killer say he’s reformed but insist on keeping his gun?

    More on Gates’ documented history of duplicity at:

  18. JoeInSF says

    Grow up people…no need for the extra drama. Obama must find a way to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell or our community will add Don’t Vote to the phrase and sit out the 2012 election. It is as simple as that.