1. George F says

    I LOOOOOOVE George Takei!

    Especially when he visits the Howard Stern Show and dishes about his sex life with Brad… What beautiful man this George!

  2. TANK says

    How am I a racist, you stupid fucking idiots? OH..ha ha… There’s a waste of life once again using my name to post racist bullshit in a pathetic, childish attempt to make me look bad. So fuck you all! However, dude is creepy…

  3. Rocky says

    Tank is an ASS.Thats obvious.If he faded into oblivion,nobody would notice and those that would notice,wouldnt care.

    On that note,Takei sounds alot like a superhero.Its that stern voice.But he is right on the money about McCance.The son of a bitch is a first class DOUCHE BAG!

  4. JOEBLOE says

    Everybody, y’all need to stop bein’ haters and stop pickin’ on Tank……let me do it. (just kidding Tank)MIKE was right, second comment was funny….always leave ’em laughin’.

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