1. Dback says

    Hillary has always supposedly had a great, even slightly wacky, sense of humor; she just mostly exercised it behind closed doors with family, friends, and staff. Considering the constant analysis/badgering/shellacking she’s gotten over the past 20 years from the press, it’s unsurprising that she’s a little gun-shy. Clearly, these guys were “on her wavelength” and she was relaxed, warm, and fabulously funny. (Side note: other Scorpio women, like Clinton, who tend towards the intense and whom you don’t usually think of as humorous: Sally Field, Jodie Foster, Demi Moore, Marie Curie, Grace Kelly,Marie Antoinette, k.d. lang–and even the humorous ones, like Roseanne, aren’t without intensity.)

  2. Matt26 says

    What a wonderful president she would have been! How did Obama win the nomination?
    She is so relaxed and funny here. I would say she perhaps feel better travelling and meeting interesting people than sitting in WH solving endless problems. I don’t think she looks back instead she enjoys life.

  3. patrick nyc says

    With the constant beating Obama takes from all sides, not to mention the mess he inherited from Bush, I’ll bet Hillary is happy that she has the gig she does now.

    I am still not sure she will not run with him as his VP, no matter how much they all deny it, Biden is going to be too old, he’ll never run for president. Obama would be foolish not to have a VP who would take on the top spot when he’s done in 2016.

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