1. Steve Scarborough says

    If you’ll pretend I was the first to make some crack about how fun it would be to make Jake Gyllenhaal explode repeatedly, I’ll promise not to actually say it.

  2. gb says

    There’s also Deja Vu featuring Denzel Washington. There was also a tv series about jumping back in time 7 days. Same pretense different actor. Hollywood still rehashing old plots.Nothing new. But will watch Source Code when on Netflix.

  3. Zlick says

    Eh, there’s really only 12 stories to tell anyway, or so they say. So this concept’s been done before. The trailer looks good (no reliable indication of a good movie), and it’s got …. mmmm, Jake. Open mind going in.

    I won’t see a movie just *because* it’s got Jake (*cough*PrinceOfPersia*cough*), but it *does* get my attention. And that’s a start.

  4. TyInTenn says

    Too much hype – not enough good acting. My sister could have acted a better gay cowboy with a southern accent then he did in BBM. After “Boy in the Bubble” he has been a snoozer/loser.

  5. TANK says

    wow has this been done to death. Passable looks and acting skill…I don’t understand teh gay obsession with this actor. Welcome to averageville, where expectation meets reality, and everyone is forgettable.

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