1. chasmader says

    Or, the President as Commander-in-Chief can simply order the ban lifted.

    But that would mean Obama would have grow a spine.

  2. BartB says

    DADT is here to stay. Accept it. The Democrats had their chance and again they tripped over their own shoelaces. And with a President who talks one thing and walks another, we have no support. Face it folks, when it comes to all this chatter about equality and liberty, it stops right at our sexuality. Yet the liberty to discriminate and hate is alive and well no matter how much chatter is wasted talking about it or how many anti-bullying PSAs air. Truth is, no one means what they say, because again, their actions — or LACK of action — belie their words.

    We are along in this. We have so few real friends in our elected officials, you can count them on your fingers. And there is a huge segment of gay men and women who either don’t care themselves or find parties, vacations and/or dinner banquet and self-congratulatory awards more important, in spite of all the victimizing chatter and ridiculous ‘letters to the President.’

    I’m not sure if the legislators we helped elect are our biggest problem or if we are.

  3. chuck says

    The hardest thing to accept is that America is no longer a world leader and our President reflects that. America is an oligarchy and when you have a society like that only the powerful matter. That is why HRC sucks up to them and why Obama appointed this Marine. It is irrelevant that 75% of the people favor repeal it is the top 1% of any organization that decide everything. The top military are homophobic and Christian and that is all that matters.

  4. Terry says

    @BARTB. I agree with everything you said. DADT IS here to stay. It will be locked into place.

    I think one possible lesson from this debacle is that some of our advocacy/lobbying groups…ok, the HRC…should take a long, serious look into their mission statements. Their basic reason for being.

  5. justiceontherocks says

    The best bet to get rid of DADT lies with the courts, where it’s always been. The hypocrisy of Obama, who claims he wants to do away with the law yet defends it every chance he gets, is something I hope we will all remember when he asks for money and votes.

  6. Wayne says

    Wow, many of you are so bitter and negative. It must be very lonely and sad to look at the world through shit-colored glasses. When you look at how long civil rights have taken for other parts of the population, sometimes decades and longer, I’m curious as to why you believe we should have rights in a matter of months? Yes, I want equal rights, but I have no misconceptions that it’s going to happen overnight. I’m here for the long haul, and I believe. I also know that we do have friends in government, more and more each year, and that will help us. The negativity has to stop, and it stops first with me.

  7. TANK says

    No…failure of DADT repeal in congress means more than that the HRC needs to take a long look at its strategy…it means it needs to go and be replaced by a more effective lobbying group.

    Wayne is a fatold. He can’t be here for the long haul because he’s not going to around for it.

  8. BartB says

    “I also know we do have friends in government, more and more each year, and that will help us.” Uhm, Wayne, did you miss what just happened last week? Hate to clue you in but many of our “friends” lost their jobs.

    And as far as “shit colored glasses” they pretty much happen when you have your head up someone else’s ass…I suggest you pull it out of your “friends” because they need to move on and find new jobs. The only one who seems to be “loney and sad” in this conversation is you.

  9. Donald says

    Why don’t all the gay soldiers just come out at once, overload the system, force the Pentagon’s hand?

  10. wtf says

    Hey Wayne: go fuck yourself. A few months? Some of us have been fighting for our rights our entire adult lives. Just because you’ve only been aware of the gay rights movement for the past 2 seconds doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist before you, you fucking idiot.

  11. says

    OK, anyone who believes Mullen’s shock re the comments of latest Marine Asshat Amos, follow me here.

    1. SECDEF Gates recommended to Obama that Amos be nominated as new Marine Commandant.
    2. Obama then nominated him for same.
    3.Amos is on the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    4. Mullen is Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
    5. Both men report to SECDEF Gates.
    6. Gates reports to Obama.

    One doesn’t have to have been in the military to know that there’s NO way Amos would have made such statements WITHOUT the knowledge and permission of at least Mullen and Gates.