1. EO says

    “I voted straight Republican TO SEND A MESSAGE.”

    “So you voted for Rand Paul?”


    “Do you think that Rand Paul will do anything to help gays?”

    “I don’t know if he will.”

    “Do you like Rand Paul?”


    So in other words, your message is: You’re a fucking idiot.

  2. Derek Pearce says

    I’m glad I live in a country where there is a choice of more than two parties for whom to vote. If I were American, I’d go insane having to pick either a party who hates me or a party too fraidy-cat to stick up for me. What a shame.

  3. says

    Does anyone have any of the actual numbers for ‘gays who voted’? We’re told the percentage voting for Republicans increased, but what are the actual numbers? If gay Democrats stayed home and gay Republicans stayed the same, that would still appear as an increase in the percentage of Republican votes from gay voters.

  4. Alpha says

    Well considering that Republicans lawyers are the only ones that have done anything about DADT, they could make a point that socially liberal and fiscally conservative Republicans might be better for the gay lobby.

    I’m angry with them all, but Democrats across the board might not be the best thing. Log Cabin Republicans might be the future, as twisted as that is.

  5. nyrkr says

    Wow talk about uninformed, short-sighted and just plain stupid electorate. Whoever said you get the governement you deserve hit the nail on the head with those guys.

  6. KevinSF says

    The first two callers come from the stooge branch of GOP enablers that don’t know any better, so you can sort of see where they are coming from. The guy from Maine of course is from the Thurston Howell III country club branch. He wants tax money spent on him and his comforts not those “other” people. Unfortunately the second group is the one that is totally unreasonable and can’t be reached with any amount of logic. Its about money and race always has been always will be. I got mine now fuck everyone else. I vote my checkbook.

  7. Q says

    Isn’t it interesting that the do-nothing-but-bitch commenters who place total blame on Obama, are now completely silent on this one.

  8. justiceontherocks says

    No one is putting total blame on Obama. We just give him the share of it he deserves.

    Our community comes in all shapes and sizes and intelligence levels. That’s what these calls prove.

  9. Vince says

    I was completely dumbfounded by the last caller…he voted for an anti-gay Republican because of his “check book”…I don’t even know what to say to that.

  10. CKNJ says

    When the hens invite the fox back into the henhouse, the celebratory meal is always chicken… these fools are the ones who will be served up first, they just don’t realize it!

  11. Q says

    Justiceontherocks, that is bullshit and you know it. Have you even READ the comments of the past few months? Go back TWO posts and read those comments. Puh-leeze. Gays want to blame everyone and anyone but themselves and Obama is the biggest, easiest target. They never want to address THEIR lack of action, THEIR lack of organization or THEIR lack of commitment. They feel entitled to rights without having to get bloody on the frontlines. “Let someone else carry a sign or get arrested, I’ll just bitch about Obama.” I think that last caller summed it up perfectly. Basically he said “I got my money, my man and my child. Fuck everyone else.” I applaud Signorile for shining the light back in the faces of the “gay community”[barf].

  12. Island Girly says

    Okay. That is totally fucked up. Voting for someone that is anti gay and against civil rights will make things better? Or to send a MESSAGE? Cheesus Keeerissst!

  13. says

    the 30% poll is completly FLAWED

    – 110 people /sample size at 1 voting site out of millions across the nation

    – self selecting of being asked ones sexual orientation at spot

    the 30% BS is only partially accurate for that 1 voting site area and not reflective of gays nationally

    Now, that does not mean 30% of registered gay voters didn’t vote repub. Heck 90% could have (though highly improbable) Just that this particular study/poll is completely FLAWED for taking a look at how gays voted on Nov 2

  14. mnrocko says

    I understand his frustration, perhaps he should not have voted at all..(first guy)I have always voted democrat or independent and considered myself democrat..but that being said, I fiscally believe in the republican party..I think the democrats are pussies and have absolutely no balls..there are a lot of promises made but no follow through, and they are horrible with money.
    That being said, Obama should have focused more on jobs and economy when he got in office, but even if he had, 2 years is not enough time for anyone to bring this country out of the toilet that Bush put it.
    The democrats do need to get the message, but if they ever do they need to grow a pair to follow through.

  15. John says

    At least one third of openly gay and lesbian voters – more than 40% in conservative states like Kentucky – voted Republican this year. And that’s just the people who bothered to show up.

    Many more simply refused to donate money to the DNC, HRC, etc. and stayed home or went on vacation on election day. That’s the demographic the Democrats should be really concerned about. Because, in all likelihood, they are gone for the foreseeable future too.

    This is a significant realignment of a small portion the electorate. It isn’t a game changer for 2012 yet. But it is a sign that the Democrats, due largely to their own incompetence, are having problems with their base. And if this mood spreads to other key constituencies, then Barack Obama is a one-term president.

  16. says


    neoliberalism is bad with $ due its embrace of “free market” solutions

    FDR proved that liberalism/democrats now how to build /rebuild an economy

    Heck Eisenhower (R) had like 90% income tax on everything over 1 million dollars and was able to put people to work and build the national road system

    the rise of neoliberalism with clinton’s embrace of the repub BS of “free markets” and obama’s total embrace of bankers vs unions is what has caused the modern democratic party to mess up on $. In other words being repub lite fiscally

    The answer is to ditch neoliberalism and return to old time liberalism fiscally

  17. Ken says

    My opinion is clearly in the minority here, but isn’t it more stupid to continue to support a party that breaks it’s promises to you? The Democrats did need to be sent a message and I’m glad gays are getting some of the credit for it. Because of this, maybe the next time the Democrats are in power someone in the leadership may say, “we better keep our promises on gay rights because we can’t take their votes for granted, they are willing to vote the other way if we lie to them.”
    A Republican controlled House will do exactly the same thing for gays as the last Democratic controlled House, nothing. But in the long term, what happened on Tuesday will be for the best.

  18. says

    Gay couples who aren’t legally married pay higher taxes than straight married couples. So even if it is all about money, you still come out on the bottom.

    I really want to bitch-slap these people.

  19. Jason2 says

    I have been voting Republican since 2006 after analyzing my political stance and what is truly important to me. I have never experienced prejudice that can be fixed by laws and as the third caller on this recording stated there are so many other aspects of our lives that have nothing to do with our sexuality. As I look at those aspects of my life I am generally conservative and more of my issues are supported by the Republican party than the Progressives(Socialists).

    I want to see illegal immigration brought to a close and all illegals sent packing, I want to see a military that carries a big stick and won’t hesitate to decimate terror supporting countries, I want to see our withdrawl from the UN, Stop all monetary support of foreign countries, make the U.S. attractive to do business by getting rid of Unions, ridiculous regulation and a better corporate income tax structure. Pass a balanced budget Amendment. Gay marriage and DADT are not on my radar as high level issues; they just won’t have any impact on my life. Having a high paying job is my number one issue; and if our economy suffers that seems to negatively impact my life at an exponentially higher level than DADT, DOMA or Gay Marriage.

    Would it be helpful if these were passed;sure as we won’t have to hear about it any more and its the right thing to do.

  20. DSCinSEA says

    Disclaimer: Everyone is entitled to their opinion and thoughts, for sure and I appreciate and get that. But come on…these people that called in were very frustrating to listen to – you don’t vote for a party that is clearly not in favor of looking out for our (GLBT) best interests…and really, what kind of a message are you sending Democrats by voting Republican – that you really don’t care about civil and equal rights, etc…does that help us for the next round of voting that may take place. Nicely done!

    Second comment was around working hard for your money vs having civil rights – that’s just f’ed up! Most of us do work hard for our money – and the people ‘sitting at home not working’ most of them want to work, but there are not enough jobs at the moment! However, what’s also f’ed up with that line of thinking is that you lose or don’t gain any new civil rights, how good is that quality of life no matter how much money you have sitting in your checking account? And, your comment that you can’t believe the open checkbook the Democrats had and how much they spent – you do realize the large chunk of the deficit Obama and the government inherited was from the Bush era…the additional money – stimulus money, while sizable in its own right, did make a positive difference (instead of a boatload of money going to fight a war that GW Bush has now admitted in his new book that ‘mistakes were made’). The adage you have to spend money to make money is logical here – we needed to stimulate our economy to get businesses to want to spend money, hire people again, etc.

    We are a ‘sound bite nation’ and to reasonably expect that the wrongs of the previous 8 years could be all righted in under 2 years is ridiculous – and never would happen in an actual business without real drastic cuts (and no Republican or Democrat in office will vote for that)…if the USA was a company, we’d have folded and probably been bailed out ourselves already!

    But to actually know that things were not good fiscally or socially during the Bush era, and to STILL vote Republican out of spite or to “send a message” is illogical – all your vote did was send us back two steps…I hope I am proven wrong over the next two years and the Republicans actually work with the Democrats to repeal DADT, vote pro-gay marriage, and vote to spend money to improve our infrastructure and get people working again…but if not – I hope all of you who decided to ‘send a message’ can live with that voting decision and you come back to reality in 2012.

  21. excy says

    The elephant in the room here is greed….and it may well be the downfall of the non-regulated capitalist system. When the pocketbook trumps equality and self-respect we have a huge problem.

  22. Drew says

    Honestly, the Log Cabin Republicans have done more for the gay community lately- employing their talent and resources to at least go to the courts and attempt to have a judge bar DADT from being enforced. Some gay Republicans have stood up to at least fight for it. It is also Republican lawyers fighting for “personal liberty” and trying to get Prop. 8 revoked in California. Education is everything, but not all Republicans are bad (case in point, John Dennis would have made a better candidate than Nancy Pelosi). Honestly, I tend to vote fiscally conservative (or fiscally responsible), socially progressive (or socially modern) on the ballot. That’s just me. Heeey!

  23. allan says

    I’m appalled by Obama’s lack of leadership on a number of issues. But don’t you want to cry at the idiocy of these radio callers to Signorile who say they voted their pocketbooks and against runaway federal spending? In addition to the fact that Obama’s stimulus bill gave them a tax cut, the chief economic measure of the Republicans these idiots voted for last week, extending Bush tax cuts for the rich, will INCREASE the federal deficit. That’s according to all non-partisan analyses, not the Republican estimates that say, unconvincingly, tax breaks for the rich will create jobs. So the Signorile callers voted for people who not only think they don’t deserve civil rights but whose economic program will very likely make things even worse on the economic front.

  24. vegetablelollipop says

    Thousands of gay Democratic lawyers in Lambda Legal and beyond have done YEARS more work than the Login Cabin Republicans and the recent Republican attorneys. Please get the facts in order.

  25. says

    jason2 , u are a sheep that is happily led to the slaughter by your corporate masters

    a fairer corporate tax? LOL

    The USA on paper has a high corporate tax rate but reality = the loop holes make what is actually paid the lowest tax rate in the world

    bank of america paid 2%

    2% in taxes last year with the majority of US corporations paying 0%

    Wake up

  26. says

    Idiots. None of them can justify why they voted Republican. They are, like many American voters, short-sighted and ignorant. Voting for Rand Paul does not send a message to the Democrats to be more progressive, quite the opposite. It sends the message that they should be more like teabaggers. And a partnered man who wants to adopt voting for Republicans in a state (ME) where Democrats supported their right to marry and have family protections is simply evil. He ties it to his pocketbook, but unless he’s extremely rich, the Republicans aren’t going to gain him much $ in exchange for sacrificing his civil rights.

    The only justifiable reason for voting Republican is if you believe in the Republican platform across the board and are willing to make that the priority and put your human dignity second. And if that’s why you’re voting Republican, why not own up to it? Or at least be able to have some rational explanation for your vote, whatever it is.

  27. TANK says

    But what does it do to vote against republican and for democrats? Apparently nothing except pretty words. The deal is simple…you vote for anyone who will advance equal rights (it’s good to evade the gay party line voters who vote either side, who say “it’s bigger than that”) whether that is democrat or republican…but you can’t go on words alone, as the democrats on the federal level have proven.

    But the reality is that there isn’t any way in hell that jews would turn out by 1/3 to vote for an antisemite…and that is why jews aren’t discriminated against legally. 😉

  28. Name: says

    Mike wants the the Maine caller to worry about a Senator from NH when the caller is voting on a Governor from his state of Maine. The NH U.S. Senartor has no influence with the state government of Maine and no influence with taking the adoption rights of gays away.
    I also didn’t hear anything in the campaigns of Republicans in Maine speaking about how they need to gay rights away from from Maine citizens. Democrats on the other hand put there hands out for gays to donate, yet instead of passing legislation, during 6 years of control in Congress they did nothing. Except Obama who had the DOJ appeal the repeal of DADT. I also haven’t heard Mike talk about how the HRC has done NOTHING to help repeal DADT and the Log Cabin Republicans have taken the reigns.
    One last note, I’m sick of radio commentators and TV commentators who tell me who to vote for. ALL gay equality issues will happen through the court system, NONE will happen through legislation and because of that reason individuals should vote for who represents them financially.

  29. Rowan says

    Andy et al, you guys are being really irresponsible as bloggers-why are gay people like Ken the commenter think that the dems have done nothing for gays and so it I’ll be no diffence with the republicans??


    Did the matt hews shepard act pass or what????? And what about pride month??? What about the numbers of gays who work at the white house??

    Jesus f christ! No wonder so many many rational non American gay readers don’t even bother commenting on your blogs anymore.

    Absolutely insane.

    And FYI, the only reason the log cabins are going so HARD for this is because the head was in the army. Let’s see what they will do for ENDA or gay bullying, or any of the humongous amount of stuff happening to poor gays. Especially when they voted against the guy who flipping bought DADT to the floor!

    God you’re all so mad.

  30. TANK says

    “Did the matt hews shepard act pass or what????? And what about pride month??? What about the numbers of gays who work at the white house??”

    Are you that out of touch? The hate crimes amendment is good, about time…late, actually…but you’ll excuse rational people if they don’t feel loved by the dems for a law that only goes into effect (discrectionary, at that) after victimization. Empty victory. As to the other things you mention, meaningless in terms of gay rights–meaningless.

    Once again, anyone who is a party line voter with regard to gay rights is a schmuck…of course, anyone who voted for rand paul or paul lepage (or libby mitchell) and is gay is a schmuck, too.

  31. BartB says

    When you’re in a fight (and I’ve been in a few) you may not like the guy who is standing by doing nothing, but you hate the guy coming at you with a pick ax trying to kill you.

    To all people who think Repubicans are going to suddenly, some how, start supporting gay rights: if Republicans win the Senate and the Presidency in 2012, I would suggest with all the money you’re saving from your “tax breaks” that you find a space in your home to build a large walk-in closet. Because you’ll have to live there again.

    The timing (just prior to election time) of the DADT vote and it’s inability to get repealed played out like a Republican wet dream. The Log Cabin group seem like champions, thus the Republican Party by proxy does, everyone KNEW there wasn’t enough votes to get it past a fillibuster so the Democrats and do-nothing Obama look like ineffective idiots. And the bill dies. Gay men and women are angry so some vote Republican because “it’s the Republicans are trying to help us,” or “How much worse could they be? The Democrats aren’t doing anything for us.” Or they don’t vote at all, thus, the House goes back to being Republican controlled — not with moderate Republicans but with the crazy, theocratic hate monger Republicans and the insane Tea Party people who think that while Jesus was in the manger he was wrapped in an American flag and Joseph was tanding guard with an Uzi.

    And here we are. No steps forward, three steps back.

  32. says

    I gave up long ago trying to reason with these people. It’s unsatisfying and besides the point, which is to try and persuade people who are amenable to reason. These people clearly don’t know what the fuck they think or why.

  33. mnrocko says

    I’m not greedy but I am tired of food stamps..I am tired of carrying the weight of people who know how to “work” the system so they can get by without actually working..(how many of these people have cell phones and cable?)I agree with so many things Jason2 wrote in his comment..this day and age; UNIONS! Really? I know people who are in the union and have been in the union..It is almost impossible to fire someone for poor performance..again working the system..we need to creaTE THE OLD WORK ETHIC THAT PEOPLE ONCE HAD. People who make more need to pay more, we need to give incentives for having 2 or less children not a break for multiple kids..we need common sense in government. We need to get out of those other countries and take care of ours..God I could go on but I have to work!

  34. Michael says

    There’s an IDIOT at the West Hollywood Starbucks who shows up reading the latest Sarah Palin book just to make sure everybody knows he is a REpublican. He is a real stupid moron, who also spews racist crap against blacks and Latinos. It’s really infuriating to see gays and lesbians vote for the party who NEVER has had their interest in mind and will go out of its way to sell their rights in order to stay in power and keep the rich people richer and the poor poorer. Shame on you.

  35. TANK says

    Right, rocko. We do need to bring back the old work ethic. But what’s with this communist hate speech about people making more paying more? Are you evil? Do you hate america?

    I want kiddies–your children– working for me for almost nothing…at six, seven, and nine…they’re just little adults, and have been getting free ride for far too long with faggy juicy juice and mandatory public education (liberal indoctrination camps run by inefficient unions). Let’s get rid of the department of education, income taxes, child labor laws, and this damn welfare state! We’ll make America competitive again with horrible wages, horrible conditions, and truly punishing hours (you think you work hard now? You don’t know the first thing about hard work when it’s on my dime!)…bring back all those manufacturing jobs that have been outsourced. And you know what? I want osha gone, too. I want the old ways, where workplace safety didn’t matter across the board, because if you get sick or, forbid, seriously injured on the job, you can be replaced just as easily as a tire (easier, actually)…because there will always be some desperate cog willing to take your place….no other game in town, and thereby, no incentive to do anything but maintain the status quo. But I want you to continue to dream for a role roversal, or advancement…because that’s useful. I’m sick of this nanny state keeping people like me from exploiting PEOPLE LIKE YOU to the extent that would be in my best financial interest.

    Ya see…though I dun need to give you any reason to believe it, it’s assholes like you’d be working for me in such a financial arrangement. And you want it. Good thing smarter people know better. While unions do create a lot of corruption (less now than before), keep unemployment rates higher, punish unskilled labor (the most vulnerable potential people, basically) which may be just as skilled or more skilled than union labor, and protect ineptitude from the axe, they have brought about nearly every single improvement in working conditions seen today in the u.s.

  36. John says


    Yeah, there’s at least one of those in every urban gay neighborhood.

    They go out of their way to make sure everyone knows they are right wing. They only listen to Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh on the radio (loudly of course). They have Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Sharon Angle posters in front of their window in spite of, or more likely because of, the complaints from their liberal neighbors. And were it not for the minor inconvenience of getting laid, they’d be dressed up as confederate soldiers or Nazis with the rest of their hillbilly cousins in redneck land.

    I am sure most of us have encountered this creature at some point in our lives. There is no point in arguing with them. That’s what they want.

  37. says

    “ALL gay equality issues will happen through the court system, NONE will happen through legislation and because of that reason individuals should vote for who represents them financially.”

    Hello? In Maine–where one of the idiot voters was calling from–marriage equality was passed by the legislature and signed by the governor. Maine DEMOCRATS made it happen. And this coupled guy who wants to have children voted against those who supported him and his family because he thinks Republicans might save him a few $. So to say that no equality issues happen via the legislature is a lie. I live in VT. We have marriage equality because of the Democrats in our legislature. We need the courts and we need supportive legislators. We don’t need ill-informed, greedy gay voters.

  38. says

    “Name:” says: ” … and because of that reason individuals should vote for who represents them financially.”

    So, let me get this straight. His priorities are
    1. His civil rights
    2. His money

    His money. Not unemployment, the economy, the environment, gerrymandering, politicizing the judicial system, homelessness, drug wars and gang violence, crime, education, etc.

    I’m nauseous that people like this guy read Towleroad and get nothing out of it.

  39. mnrocko says

    Sorry Tank but we are never going back..which is why the work ethic is never going to be what it was..we live in a ME society and no one cares about the other guy..Simple as matter what you say you’re # 1 priority is yourself.
    As far as unions, a VERY large % of Northwest/Delta employees are bleeding the company dry..not putting in their full work day and reaping all the benefits..however now that the flight attendants are non- union I am hoping they can get rid of the union in other areas of Delta..esp. JFK..quite a few employees there need to get the boot. At one point the union was probably important. That is no longer true. It’s a nightmare in restaurants been there done sucked..And most of the people I know are tired of paying dues every month and not getting benefits they were promised..
    I voted totally for candidates that wanted to advance the gay agenda..but heres the thing..until they separate fucking church and the government it’s going to be a long road to ho! If gays don’t like DADT then stop joining the fucking military! Seriously! I am ashamed that this country makes such a big deal out of this but the conservative boys don’t want gays sleeping next to them since they are homophobes..let them fight there own war with their str8 allies..
    I am actually surprised the military doesn’t encourage gays to join and then put them on the front lines like they did with black people way back when..and yes that is what the intent was..
    And stop fighting for marriage! Fight for civil unions! If the gay agenda would have approached this fight using this terminology we would have civil unions, but no we had to have partner and I have no interest in marriage even if it were passed tomorrow, we would only have a civil union for the benefits. Marriage is a religious act and we want no part of it..
    Unfortunately I think Obama is only a 1 term president, he only has 2 yrs left and I don’t think a lot will happen..If anything I am hoping he gets us out of Irag and Afganistan before the next republican president gets in..but maybe Hilary will run! Thats my dream. Because Hilary has the biggest balls around..imo.

  40. says

    Sigh… give a gay guy an extra $20 in his wallet, and suddenly he’s all Republican… shallow? Yes… yet another layer of shallowness for the already-shallow! There is NO JUSTIFICATION for voting Republican if you are gay. NONE.

  41. Mr. West says

    The Republican Party sells you a marketing campaign that they are conservative spenders. They are like Cigarette companies. Ronald Reagan DOUBLED that National Debt between George Washington and Jimmy Carter. 200 years of presidents and Reagan DOUBLED that. That is LIBERAL spending…. NOT conservative. George W. LIBERALLY spent US Tax Payer $$ on two dubious wars and nearly Doubled the National Debt left to him by Clinton. He also greatly increased the size of government. Repugs deregulated Wall St Banks that created this enormous financial mess we’ll be in for years to come! People who vote for Rethugs are living in a fantasy world.

  42. Hank says

    Aside from being lied to by and being disappointed by politicians, we also need to look at ourselves. Our community or movement or whatever you want to call it seems to have the wrong strategy and the wrong priorities. (Let’s throw fabulous gay pride parades and parties where we offend everyone we need to sway to our favor politically.) We’re always preaching to the choir, and do little or nothing (relatively speaking – relative to what we need to do) to convince the people against us that we’re not the bad gay cliche’s they’re convinced we are. Consequently mainstream people and politicians don’t side with us, still, and betray us aftr we vote for them. Since the gay pride marches started in the ’70’s, we still haven’t made all that much progress. Well we’ve made a lot, but there’s a lot more progress we haven’t made that we need to make. And we won’t make it until we change our strategy and priorities. (One big thing I think we should do – get rid of the word “gay”, and use something that doesn’t sound so, well, gay. We make ourselves something bad with that word right out of the gate, something many mainstream people don’t like and have an automatic aversion to – a swishy, campy, effeminate man – when most of us are not like that (some are, but most aren’t. Some straight men are effeminate too but they don’t have that word to describe them – like ALL gay men do. Let’s use “alternative” or something else, there has to be something better than “gay”. Even my mother still can’t say it and I’ve been out forever. Lots of people still can’t say it, including many gays. Get a better word and that’s a great start.

  43. says

    This proves that there are bigoted and/or greedy gay/lesbian people out there just like the regular population, and take away the gay rights aspect from the equation, and they can let their ignorant flag fly.

  44. LincolnLounger says

    I am delighted to call Mark Kirk my United States Senator-Elect for Illinois. He is a socially-moderate Republican who has a great track record on a number of issues important to us. He’s not perfect, but a reasonable guy who is terrific on fiscal issues.

    So, I am supposed to vote for his opponent, the mob banker who lost $80+ million in the state’s college savings program because he is for gay marriage? He was a walking disaster area, but a number of my gay friends voted for him because he was “cute”.

    The gay community does itself no favors by putting all our eggs in one basket. We need reasonable Republicans, and burying your heads in the sand and pretending all Democrats are our friends is idiotic.

    If the Democrats are so great, why did they accomplish next to nothing with veto-proof majorities and our “Fierce Advocate” at the helm.

    Too many of you have been listening to the professional gay lobby/HRC crowd. Hurling scorn as a reflex is childish and wrong-headed. Those who vote for the Michele Bachmanns and Sharron Angles of the world deserve most of what they get, but the Mark Kirks and Judy Biggerts of the Republican Party should be celebrated.

  45. says

    “Marriage is a religious act and we want no part of it.”

    @MNROCKO: You may want no part of marriage, but to say that it is a religious act is flat out wrong. For the religiously inclined, a marriage ceremony may be religious, and religions are free to marry–or not marry–whichever couples they see fit. The benefits, protections, and responsibilities of marriage, however, all come from the State–NOT the church.

    Religion is irrelevant to marriage equality legislation aside from how religious bigots try to use it against us. CUs are second-class citizenship. They can also be an important stepping stone to full equality, but anyone who thinks that we’d have our rights if only we asked for CUs instead of marriage has been paying no attention to the news. (Google Hawaii+civil unions, for example.)

    You may not want full equality, but others do. And it’s not all about Obama. The Maine caller was talking about voting for an anti-gay Republican gubernatorial candidate in the election cycle after Maine Democrats passed equality for his family, equality that was stripped away by an ignorant Republican-majority electorate. It’s despicable and irrational to stab supportive state candidates in the back and vote for your enemy.

  46. ChimChim says

    The Nazis trained Jews to be the foremen at their death camps, choosing who would go to the gas chambers first and who would be spared for another day. Inevitably, these Jews would become corrupt through bribes and favors, and finally the Nazis would send them to their own death and replace them with other Jews who would do their bidding. And the cycle would repeat. Until there were fewer and fewer Jews. Get the picture?

  47. Brian B. says

    If you want to vote Republican because you are ideologically right wing, fine, whatever, but if you are voting Republican to advance equality then you are either delusional or ignorant.

    Gay Republicans are traitors at worst and idiots at best. Either way, they’re hurting not only others but also themselves.

    Calling a Gay Republican a Jewish Nazi is not an overstatement, not when the Montana Republican party wants to re-criminalize homosexuality and when Republicans appoint judges like Scalia who think anti-sodomy laws should remain.

  48. Tanner says

    Interesting…fiscal policy vs civil rights. What’s most important? It’s unfortunate that they are mutually exclusive.

  49. Rob says

    When people tell me they are a gay Republican, I like to say “Really? I’m a Palestinian Jew.” Problem is, they never get the joke, because they are so concrete, self-absorbed, and, well, dull.

    I think Mr. Signorile, an icon of gay activism, is remarkably patient with these self-centered, self-important, self-ish numbskulls. They substitute political feeling for political thought, and voice their ignorance with a straight face. It is frightening to behold.

    I grew up in a very Republican, fairly religious household, and only gradually developed baloney detectors and learned to think for myself. People with the level of political awareness of these callers tend to flunk even basic tests of civic awareness. Almost never are particularly well-educated or well-read. Hard working tradespeople or self-involved party boys, without critical thinking, they are a dangerous weapon.

    Good for Signorile for doing this work, and for Andy Towle for highlighting it.

  50. John M says

    “Equal rights aren’t relevant to my life, I voted my checkbook”. Newsflash Dumbass: You’re logic is about as useful as a Jew voting for the Nazi Party. There were an awful lot of very rich Jews, Gays, and others burning in concentration camp ovens. Many in the Republican Party, not only don’t believe that you should have equal rights to ANYTHING, they BELIEVE that you should not even exist. Am I the only one who is so tired of ignorant people.

  51. SteveDenver says

    I thought drunk queens in bars were stupid, but these three callers take the cake. What incredible idiots. Voting your checkbook is one thing, voting your checkbook when the people you’re voting for want to block your civil rights as a citizen to work without threat and build a happy home is absolutely indefensible.

    I listen to that “other gay,” the loudmouth fussy old lady who thinks he is a conservative, but who is constantly slapped down by his comrades.

    THANK YOU Michael Signorile!

  52. GayLiberal says

    LESSON #1:

    The reason YOUTH are not considered in legislation is because YOUTH tend not to vote.

    Republicans pay negative attention to GLBT issues. Most Democrats support us.

    These two banjo-mouthed morons and the Mainer with his head up his wallet are stupid-stupid-stupid.

  53. SumOtherGuy says

    I am Gay, and I am a Republican and proud of it. Yes I do think that equal rights on marriage for gays is necessary, and DADT should be over turned, but honestly that is not my top priority right now. I have no job, and no health care. That is my main issues.

    As far his comments about the Civil Rights Movements from the 60’s it’s a totally different situation than what’s going on today. Gay people are not forced to eat at separate tables, use separate bathroom, ride in the back of the bus etc.

    As far as DADT, the gay people that signed up to serve under this STUPID act knew the risk going in, it’s like playing with fire. However given all the recent research that says that the families and soldiers don’t give two shits about gays in the military well that should be the big hint. I am also the child of a retired Marine.

    This guy is basically saying that screw every other think you believe in because Gay Rights are more important, so you should vote Democrat. If gay people do not support the Republican party then there will never be any change. Not all Democrats support Gay Rights. He said that gay people are hated in the country, and while yes some do hate us, if we are so hated then why was Will and Grace such a hit? Why was it even put on TV at all? We aren’t as hated buy the main stream as some want us to believe.

    Like I said I am sorry but that is just not an important issue for me at this stage in life. I support all the efforts people are making, but I want other more important issues that affect ALL Americans fixed before this. The first time I was able to vote back in 04 I voted Democrat, yet I was a HUGE supporter of the war. I then voted Republican because as I got older I grew more conservative and learned about the Log Cabin Republicans… who were the ones to get the ball rolling on the repeal of DADT.

  54. Jim in Dallas says

    Republicans are greedy, self-centered bastards and some of them are gay….but the greed and self-centeredness comes before being gay. Greed is not good and neither are Republicans.

  55. says

    SumOtherGuy says he’s a Republican and “I have no job, and no health care”.

    And he expects those situations to improve with the GOP in control? Did he sleep through most of the last two years (the crying and hysteria, the Bauchmann’s on Capital Hill praying for our country’s soul)?

    SOG, here’s how the Republicans feel about your situation:
    1. You have no job. That’s because you are lazy- and they want their tax money back (you were given unemployment).
    2. You have no health care. That’s because you are too lazy to get a job. If you get sick, don’t go to a hospital and cost taxpayers their working wages. Instead, do them a favor and stay home and die.

  56. Donald says

    To the last caller: Let’s pretend you get what you want – Money! Loads and loads of it. You work your ass to the bone – you deserve it! Yay for you – you’re rich! Let’s pretend now that the people you voted for have decided to take your rights away from you – you lose your child, even maybe your partner, it could happen. But you know what – you’ve still got your money — have a good life!