1. joe says

    But this is a gay site, and gay men are easily distracted by another man with no shirt on. That’s all we care about in the world, right? Shirtless man is far more newsworthy than say, and election or something, right? Like, totally.

  2. hightemp says

    I keep seeing people post to this guy. He’s cute but I really don’t get it. I don’t get it at all.

  3. sparks says

    Sure, he’s adorable… but he’s also openly gay and loves to make people laugh. That merits a little support from a blog with “homosexual tendencies.”

    Really, is he such a bad way to start the day, is he? I mean, you certainly don’t have to watch more than a few seconds to know whether you like him. If he gets on your nerves, by all means turn it off and go back to your high fiber muffin and obituary column. Geez.

  4. KristenWiigFan says

    Penelope is my favorite!!!!! Craigery Morgan makes me feel so good to be gay. It’s so much fun to watch someone defy stereotypes. Looks like a man, moves like a fem. I think we get offended at first because he won’t fit neatly into the labelled boxes we’ve created for ourselves. Brilliant!

  5. Rob says

    This new Craigery Morgan video is “stupid”, “dumb”, not “post worthy”? Well, I GET IT (I mean, him) and I love it. It’s a great way to start my day! What, you think I’d rather do so by watching a video of Tony Perkins or Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke or ANYONE from GOProud? HA!!!

  6. says

    Mary, please… there’s plenty on here about the election. A frivolous, silly post once in a while isn’t such a bad thing. Just because I’m pissed off at Obama and concerned about the election doesn’t mean I can’t also enjoy looking at a cute boy with a nice smile who has his shirt off and is doing silly stuff on his webcam.

  7. DRoseDARs says

    Seems a few of you have NEVER been on this site before this post. This isn’t the Wall Street Journal Online, get over yourselves…

  8. tyn says

    The next time I see this kid, it should be full penetration porn. Would you guys really care about these videos if he wasn’t attractive and shirtless?

  9. Tonic says

    He should shut up and do porn. Otherwise, I’m not watching. I can watch bad SNL skits done by….well, SNL.

  10. Mike says

    “but he’s also openly gay”

    He. Is. Not.

    The gay blog commenters need to get over this. Craigery is not openly gay.

  11. patrick nyc says

    Was it sidesplitting? No. But it was cute if you like Wiig’s skit, which I do. And do I like looking at hot shirtless men? No, I’d rather Andy post nude shots of Karl Rove or Rush Windbag. I follow Andy’s posts on politics, but I get most of that info from news sites, not gay blogs.

  12. JOEBLOE says

    Ok, all you bitches and haters, there’s plenty of political posts on this site. It’s Andy’s post, it’s Andy’s blog. Deal & chillax.

  13. PG says

    Well, Queerty has the monopoly on pointless posts about Davey Wavey. I guess Andy wants to corner the market on “Craigery.”

  14. Derek says

    It really annoys me that blogs such as this one don’t try to help struggling gay artists who really need the publicity, such as comedians, singers, musicians, etc – unless they’re hot. I know this because friends of mine have tried to get coverage on the gay blogs to no avail, and the only one who does is a young handsome hunk.

    This Craigery kid is on this site for one reason only – he’s really cute. Hard to tell, but we may have seen the beginning and end of his talents with these lipsynching videos. This is not an up and coming talent to watch, it’s a cute college kid with his shirt off.

    I love cute boys as much as anyone else and please keep posting them, but helping some gay artists who really need it would be appreciated.

  15. jeremy says

    i knew how the comments on this would flow before i even read them. the reactions to any post involving anyone remotely hot are so predictable it’s a little depressing.

    hate – defense – hate – shirtlessness clause invoked – demand that blog be taken seriously – defense of shirtlessness – haters told to chill – object of shirtlessness told to do porn or suck commenter’s dick – moralist plea to avoid the fact that gay men like to see hot gay men – someone asks if anyone would care if object weren’t shirtless and/or cute – hate – defense – hate…

  16. Edd says

    Why don’t all of you Negative Nancy’s, go take your negativity someplace else. Huff Post could use some more negativity.

  17. Tonic says


    Too true and well-observed. I’m not in the least against anyone being hot. I love it and consider myself hot as well. If he were funny and talented, I’d be all for him whether he was hot or not.

    As was mentioned, there are SO many talented, funny performers out there who don’t simply lip-sync another comedian’s schtick. But it doesn’t bother me at all if anyone enjoys this guy all you want!

    And I don’t consider that being negative. I consider it a recognition of reality.

  18. mad1026 says

    Lordy, queens, get ovah youselves! Cute boy, not gay, had me laughing hysterically over my coffee. What’s so wrong with that? Y’all are acting like everything in your life has to have a gay slant; sometimes things are just fun!

  19. Peter says

    Right – he’s obviously gay, but NOT openly so. He did an interview with and didn’t discuss his sexuality when given many chances to do so, always deflecting… AND QUIT TOUCHING YOUR EARS.

  20. Bryan says

    Gay men are the ultimate target market. We’re predictable and manipulatable to a degree Pavlov and his dogs never imagined was possible.

    At moments like this, I believe we’re nothing more than a race of testosterone-fueled robots whose functional intelligence decreases by 80% the moment any underwear model clone takes his shirt off.

  21. Liam says

    Sure he’s cute and all, but honestly if he wasn’t doing these shirtless, NO ONE would have taken notice of him. He is mimicking a wonderful comedian yet he aspires to be an actor/comedian in his own right?? So he’s going to have to do something besides parrot Wiig’s routines to break out into a real acting job. And just being shirtless ain’t gonna get him that.

  22. jexer says

    Ignore the haters. I’d rather have cute shirtless guys on the blog than yet another tired Fred Felch and the Westboro Buttists update.

  23. peterparker says

    He seems absolutely enthralled with himself. And that is not an attractive characteristic.

  24. John says

    He is so adorable. Love his comic timing. And he’s beautiful. We want to see more of him on this site!

  25. says

    kay. i’d like to see him to a stand up comedy or something

    BUT that being said

    HE IS GORGEOUS- i would marry him in a heartbeat!!


  26. georgemac says

    You don’t see commenters on going, “This is dumb, I wish they would stop showing Megan Fox’s cleavage.”

  27. MT says

    Aw, that’s dude’s adorable. Why can’t people cut him some slack. It may be inane, but how can you not get a chuckle out of that.