1. VitaminKorg says

    These videos make me want nothing more than a well mixed drink and and a conversation with Ms. Maddow herself. I didn’t think my opinion on her could get any higher.

  2. David B. 2 says

    I am with David Letterman — how did MSNBC let a 12-year old boy mix drinks on-air? After all that pot smoking on-air!

    @JOE B — I am holding a seat for you in my 12-step program!

  3. ScottyN says

    Joe B – Both of those sound disgusting. I think I’d rather drink piss. I’ll take a Sailor Jerry and Coke and a Anchor Steam.

  4. TANK says

    These drinks are for people who don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol. Ya know, people who drink to get drunk. That’s the whole purpose of mixed drinks–disguise the flavor of the alcohol. Bourbon and scotch, neat.

  5. TANK says

    and honestly, what kinda fucking hipster orders a sidecar or an old fashioned? What about a rusty nail, gin rickey, or a harvey wallbanger? LMAO! Douchey hipster bar power: ACTIVATE! You’ll have a miller lite and like it, ironic t-shirt elvis costello glasses wearing sumbitch!

  6. thisisdumb says

    Yeah! @TANK – keep going with this logic!! ’cause when you really think about it, that oaky flavor in Scotch and Bourbon is just there to cover up the sweet, delicious taste of pure alcohol. Mmmm.

    And don’t get me started on Gin. I mean, JUNIPER BERRIES, wtf?!

    100% grain alcohol all the way. Anything else is inauthentic.

  7. SeriouslySick says

    Single malt, one nice big ice cube. Cigar, that’s the thing. Maybe a little good bar-food beforehand.

  8. TANK says

    No one asked ya! Mixed drinks like those featured involving spirits came about to entice those who wouldn’t normally drink to do so (increase saturation via inebriation), by hiding the flavor of, say, bathtub gin (during prohibition when alcohol was foul tasting due to its slipshod, shady, and fast production)…and move cheap nasty tasting booze… There’s a significant difference between hooch that gets its flavor through its manufacture and substrate (scotch, bourbon, beer, wine) and mixed drinks which don’t. But hey, if everclear is your poison, you have more problems than being obtuse with which to contend.

  9. Coco Vonloco says

    “…one champagne cocktail, I thought only hookers drank those?”
    “Well, I know mom sure likes ’em.”

  10. Zlick says

    I appreciate a good side car. But yeah, I hate the taste of booze. Too bad all the yummy stuff they put in to make drinks palatable is what makes cocktails so fattening. Guess I should just stick to cocks. Fat ones at that.