1. Steve says

    Aaron, I disagree. while both are great, We R is much tighter in the editing, the choreography/edits are much more seamless creating a fluid picture. Also, just the sheer amount of people in the video We R make it a much more difficult shoot and, for me, much more impressive.

    I think Ryan Yezak’s work is getting better and better and will not be surprised when we hear about him working with Lady Gaga, Beyonce’, and the other divas of the pop world.

    Good job!

  2. arch says

    the fall of western civilization must be around the corner…and it will die not with a bang but a whimper from some gay hipsters dressed in American Apparel clothing made by the children of political prisoners in China – annoyingly I quite liked it.

  3. Kerry says

    I wouldn’t really consider these hipsters…just people who thought “We have no body fat…lets make a video”

    The day he works with lady gag or beyonce will be the day MTV plays music again(not happening).

  4. Mark says

    Dance has been with humankind since we came out of the trees, hell we may have even danced in the trees. What these men are doing is art, a beautiful provocative expression of who they are. While my personal expressions take different forms, I really appreciate this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Rich B says

    That’s not well-choreographed; it’s just spastic editing of a gaggle of expressionless twinks. It’s a shame, because I enjoy good choreography of sexy men. Sadly, none of that here.

  6. CJ says

    Yeah…. I don’t know about ‘twinks’. Buddy in the foreground of the still shot above looks like he’s coming up on 30 real soon. Nothing like watching a bunch of grown men prancing around. Bravo.

  7. Kevin says

    Like all things, quantity destroys quality.

    These are cute, talented guys…but sometimes you just need to understand when you are just another internet fad and need to let yourselves go.

    I still love, and adore the guys from Fire Island Pines who did Party in the USA…because they were original, only did one video, and had fun with it. These boys are trying to make a career and fame for themselves out of overproduced homevideos. Get real. Typical gay quest for celebrity status.

  8. says

    I usually do find these videos gratingly self-indulgent, with little spark, wit or imagination, which of course can only be spun as ‘rage’ or ‘bitterness’ when I just call it ‘having standards’. But this one was OK.

  9. Daya says

    Our diversity is reflected in our comments!
    Gandhi said, “…there’s room for us all.” Yes, as long as we don’t start punching and scratching :-)

  10. Beef and Fur says

    Well if the passive aggressive caveat from the owner of one of the most influential gay blogs to “those” venerated readers who could be so silly to be upset at the very things that marginalize us and are used against us enraged you, please find solace that at least it wasn’t a bunch of straight guys dancing around in stereotypical behavior disguised as mock acceptance.

  11. says

    I love the fact that we are creative. BUT… gay kids are killing themselves and not a single dude in that video had equal rights.

    In 50 years when queer kids ask how we fought for our rights, some folks will say “I didn’t. I was making videos of boys in costumes dancing and lip synching. I let other people fight my battles.”

    How about some art that is relevant instead of art that keeps us from being relevant?

  12. Kenny says

    In response to LONNIE, I was a part of this video. But I also worked with Equality California all summer to help legalize gay marriage. I talked to people with very different viewpoints and let them know that what we are after is to have equal rights and the opportunity to make our own decisions.

    So these people are not just queens fluttering around, we also do our part in fighting for equal rights.

  13. ratbastard says

    Oh, for the love of the Supreme Architect of the Universe. I keep on telling non-gays that gays aren’t all into campy shit, being fem, idolizing crappy pop musicians and music, adoring Broadway musicals and campy old movies, dressing in leather chaps,jocks, peeing on one another, … y’all get the picture? Please don’t stereotype gays. Stuff like this vid and 75% of pride events are embarrassing enough.

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