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Watch: Gay Vet Eric Alva, Who Lost Leg in Iraq, Rips Gen. Amos for 'DADT' Remarks; Maddow Calls Out Log Cabin Republicans


You may recall Marine Commandant General James Amos' remarks the other day about repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

Said Amos: “I don’t want to lose any Marines to the distraction. I don’t want to have any Marines that I’m visiting at Bethesda [National Naval Medical Center, in Maryland] with no legs be the result of any type of distraction."

Murphy Gay retired Staff Sgt. Eric Alva, the first Marine wounded in combat in Iraq, lost his leg there. He tells Rachel Maddow how he feels about Amos' remarks. "He took my Purple Heart and threw it in my face."

Maddow also talks to outgoing Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA) about his advocacy for the repeal of 'DADT', and later called out the Log Cabin Republicans for endorsing his opponent.

Watch both clips, AFTER THE JUMP....

Marine Commandant James Amos Suggests 'Distracted' Troops Could Lose Legs in Combat if 'DADT' is Repealed [tr]

Here Rachel calls out the Log Cabin Republicans:

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  1. Thank you Rachel for holding the Log Cabin Republicans accountable. This is a group that puts politics above the ideals of equality and fairness. They put selfishness above common sense.

    Posted by: Kelly in Atlantic City | Dec 16, 2010 8:32:26 AM

  2. I absolutely love Patrick Murphy. He'd make a GREAT Governor of PA or Senator. I'd support him any day of the week.

    Posted by: George | Dec 16, 2010 8:52:03 AM

  3. Self Hate much Log Cabin Traitors? Repugnant really is a good term for you....

    Posted by: John Normile | Dec 16, 2010 9:06:42 AM

  4. Log Cabins are self loathers who are assholes

    Posted by: Chris | Dec 16, 2010 9:08:20 AM

  5. I think Patrick Murphy has a bright future ahead of him. We ain't seen nothin' yet.

    Posted by: Charles | Dec 16, 2010 9:49:37 AM

  6. The contrast of a President with guts such as Truman and Obama just keeps growing. Not only did Truman ignore much GREATER racism in the military, Congress, and society than the level of homophobia today, and order the forces racially integrated, but when the most popular General in the country, Douglas MacArthur, head of allied forces in Korea, publicly disagreed with Truman over his "limited-war strategy," Truman FIRED HIM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WAR!

    Obama has not only refused to use his unequivocal legal powers under federal law 10 USC 12305 to freeze discharges in the name of national security—thus rendering DADT moot—but he's let two Marine Commasshats in a row get away with publicly saying HE's hurting the Corps, and, thus, national security, by at least verbally supporting ending the ban.

    Can someone PLEASE write Santa and ask him to leave some political Viagra under the White House Christmas tree?

    Posted by: | Dec 16, 2010 11:11:48 AM

  7. RE LC Repugs helping kick Patrick Murphy to the curb, here's what I told their pompous Reichs Marshall Clarke Cooper when he defended it by saying that the guy they supported is a "pro-equality" Repug:

    I'll take the certainty of an ally like Murphy over the Pie in the Sky promise of Mike Fitzgerald being "pro-equality" SOMEDAY.

    "Fitzpatrick opposes Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal at this time, according to the Bucks County Courier Times. In response to an inquiry about the Senate’s recent failure to move forward with legislation that would end the law, Darren Smith, a Fitzpatrick spokesperson, was quoted as saying Democrats were forcing the issue too soon by not waiting for the completion of a Pentagon study due Dec. 1. 'What Congress has essentially done here is prejudged the outcome of that study', Smith reportedly said. 'If we ask the military to figure something out, why are [Senate Democrats and the White House] taking action now'?” - Washington Blade, 11-2-10.

    Does THAT sound like someone we could count on to go against his homohating Repug caucus Masters? Even Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe wouldn't do that last week and in September.

    Your endorsement of him was all the more indefensible given that the Repugs would obviously have taken the House without Fitzgerald. You're entitled to your opinion, but I'm entitled to mine, and here it is at its cold core: you and your self-important clique are self-loathing fools stlll desperate for a pat on the head by the Old Guard status quo. One need look no farther than the demise of the gay-centric "Republican Unity Coalition" which had no less than President Ford, Sen. Alan Simpson, David Rockefeller, and Mary Cheney on its board to know that fantasizing that the current leadership of the GOP has any more potential for supporting a SINGLE gay rights bill than it was during the Bush fils years is political masturbation. I'm confidant you know gay RUC cofounder, and now no longer Republican Charles Francis, so I suggest you get a reality check from him along the lines of what he wrote in a 2009 Blade article: "The idea was that a mainstream gay/straight alliance within the Republican Party could help the party move forward into the 21st century. We were wrong."

    PS: You only have 9 shopping, er lobbying days left to fulfill your prediction to Karen in her interview with you last month that ENDA will be voted on by Christmas. "Log Cabin Republicans will work with the already established pro-equality Republicans to secure additional Republican votes and to whip their colleagues’ votes for 'yes' on ENDA." I see "pro-equality Republicans" is something of a would-be magical incantation for you. Psychiatrists have another term for it: "magical thinking."

    Addendum for readers: Mr. Cooper is very busy posing for statues for allegedly having "secured" the votes THIS WEEK for the repeal option bill of Reps. Ros-Lehtinen and Biggert. Having worked for Ros-Lehtinen years ago, he might have influenced her support of repeal...BUT that is NOTHING new. Both women have supported it for years, and Ros-Lehtinen has been an official cosponsor of repeal legislation since 2005. Cooper's years on the staff of the Bush Reich apparently have left him incapable of resisting rewriting facts.

    Posted by: | Dec 16, 2010 11:23:07 AM

  8. AS FOR THE LCR DADT LAWSUIT: while I give them credit for having filed, it is the JUDGE whom we owe the real appreciation. People act as if it was the FIRST lawsuit against the ban when it most certainly was not. Several have been filed going back 35 years...and some of THEM got rulings that the ban was unconstitutional, too, only to be reversed on appeal. Still, some managed to get specific gay service members ordered reinstated including Leonard Matlovich, Miriam-Ben Shalom, Keith Meinhold, Justin Elzie, et al.

    Posted by: | Dec 16, 2010 11:45:13 AM

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