Boise State Football Player Charged in Widening Male Rape Case

Some disturbing news out of Boise State University.

Reuters reports: Clarke

Three college football players and two others are facing a raft of sexual crime, battery and false imprisonment charges stemming from incidents at a high school in Blackfoot, Idaho, last year, according to court documents.

Police say the five athletes forcibly penetrated fellow members of the high school basketball team and battered and restrained the victims in a locker room and on a school bus during a three-month period that began last December.

Charged are Anthony Clarke (pictured), now a freshman wide receiver at Boise State University, Nathan Walker, a tight end for the Idaho State University Bengals, Logan Chidester, a freshman on the football team at Carroll College in Montana and Tyson Katseanes of Blackfoot, all 19. A fifth, unnamed defendant has been charged as a juvenile in the case.

Since the charges have been filed, more victims have come forward:

Blackfoot Police Captain Kurt Asmus said on Thursday that law enforcement officials had contacted additional victims since charges were filed earlier this month based on allegations made by four people.

"It has mushroomed from there," Asmus said. "Now that everything is out, more victims are coming forward because they realize they are not alone and they don't need to be afraid or embarrassed."

He said authorities are tracking leads in other states and that additional charges were likely.


  1. Gabe R L says

    Not to mention all those ridiculous rape fantasies and sadomasochism lust that so many gay men have

  2. jack says

    hey Gabe, homosexuals are not the only people with such fantasies. Nor are they the only ones having anal sex, or a host of multiple partners or an open relationship, or everything else the stereotype perpetuates

  3. Danny says

    @Gabe: What’s to stupid about fantasies of “jock sex”?

    I’ve seen your postings before and they make me think you’ve got some unresolved issues around being gay yourself.

  4. says

    A fine upstanding example of good xian Idahoan athletes! Watch for Liberty University to be recruiting these boys (after they are all booted from their current schools and teams).

    Oh, and AFTER they spend a few years being forcibly penetrated themselves in jail/prison.

  5. seven says

    @Josh: what is so funny about rape? Go promote your intensely boring shity blog someplace else. Ashole.

  6. CoMo'mo says

    Yup, jock privileges. I remember a couple years ago where a wrestler(i think) was bounced from the college team for having consensual sex in some gay porn. Somebody will find a loophole for these.
    Guys like this probably insist that their girlfriends give head but wouldn;’t dream of returning the favor.

  7. terry says

    Boise State has nothing to do with this story. The events took place before this stuent got there and the college did release this player once charges came to light I believe. If a coach goes into the locker room during showers he runs a real risk of being labeled gay which results in job loss. Jock coaches don’t want to know what their star players are doing. Straight boys rape other boys and straight boys are raped. Left unpunished they will go on to date rape in college. It’s always a crime whoever is involved.

  8. anon says

    These are going to be hard cases to prove. What happened on the school bus?? Jocks have no problem getting all the sex they want, so this would have to be guys with a sadistic streak who’ve watched too much Internet rape porn. Expect their social media, phones and computers to be scanned for evidence.

  9. Nanny McBone says

    Awaiting the usual gutter based “woof” comment from the pond scum here on Towle in 4, 3, 2,…

  10. Hue-Man says

    Echoes of the Graham James sexual assault cases in junior hockey, although as coach he exerted even more power over his victims. Whoever reported these alleged rapists to the authorities is a hero, much like Sheldon Kennedy who risked his personal hockey career to report his abuse. The other victims need to step forward for their own well-being; Theo Fleury is a good example of the substance abuse and violence that can result if the assaults are not dealt with.

  11. Andalusian Dog says

    If there is anything good that has come of this, it’s that these rapist closet-case assholes got caught relatively early in life, before they could subject any more victims to their projected self-loathing. Including any possible wives or children they would have had. I hope they are locked up forever.

    And @ Gabre R L: You should try to take that big hard mental leap and distinguish between sex play between two consenting adults in a safe situation, and what occurred in Idaho. For some people, S+M (and, for that matter, jock fantasies) is/are a way to deal with broader issues related to how we see ourselves as gay men and how we are treated in the world and society. For others, it’s just plain ol’ fun. But whatever one’s reasons for enjoying those things, they are sexual options that cause no harm to anyone. Any snarky comment says more about your discomfort with adult sexuality than about anyone who is engaging with — and maybe even (gasp) having fun with — their own.

  12. Paul R says

    @Como’mo: those wrestlers (there were two) weren’t even engaged in consensual sex, they were solo scenes obviously geared to a male audience.

  13. brandon h says

    This is the exact plot of 90 percent of gay porn, only minus the whole consent and acting parts.

    It baffles my mind how you can systematically rape your team mates and still consider yourself straight.

    And how could the administration not know abou this? Do they ever look in the locker room?

  14. sugarrhill says

    Rape isn’t about sexuality. Rape is about power. How does no one understand that on this site? Just because someone can easily access sex doesn’t make them any less likely to rape someone else. It’s not about sex. It’s about power, specifically power over the person being raped. Some of the guys involved in these horrible acts could very well be closet cases, but they also could be perfectly straight. Humiliation does play a role in rape, but again it is all about power.

  15. ratbastard says

    The concept some people have that hazing isn’t a criminal assault has always confused me. If you’re ‘hazing’ someone who hasn’t consented, it’s criminal assault [at the very least]. HOWEVER, these punks are being charged with multiple crimes including holding someone against their will, itself a very serious charge. Hazing of course is also illegal in most states and most institutions ban it. But prosecutors shouldn’t let coaches and school officials off the hook that easy also. A big-ass civil suit is in order.

  16. Shane says

    This wasn’t sex – the victims were held down and penetrated with a “foreign object.” So everyone fantasizing about jock-on-jock sex is WAY off-base here. If you’d like being held down and a stick rammed up your ass while being beaten then this is right up your alley – otherwise it’s a simple case of really brutal violence.

  17. Drew says

    If I was (1) in high school, (2) straight and (3) raped with a foreign object by jocks, you can bet they would be in the hospital within one week’s time. Somehow, by any means. I’m shocked the victims didn’t snap after something like this.

  18. Esurb says

    Yep, Kevin: I remember “The Boys of Boise” case in the 50s in which businessmen sustained a kind of moveable brothel of high-school boys. This case,however,sounds a lot like extreme bullying and almost identical to a situation in a ritzy school in Indianapolis just months ago.

  19. Dave says

    Thank you sugarrhill… You’re just about the only person here that seems to have a clue today. It is as though this site has gone stupid. There is nothing sexual or sexy about rape. If you find yourself off in fantasy land dreaming of rape, get help from a professional.

  20. peter says

    Como’mo, the two wrestlers who were bounced from the nebraska cornhuskers team did not have gay sex. all they did was rub a couple out for the ‘fratmen’ site for a couple of grand. just wanted to clarify that as i think they are straight.

    as a gay athlete and former wide receiver who spent high school in the closet forming hopeless crushes on teammates, trying not to look in the locker room, going through the charade of dating women, i have to admit having sex in the locker room or on the back of a bus after a game sounds like my wildest dream come true. but for me it wouldn’t have been rape. odds are that the victims of this were probably straight, and are probably heavily traumatized.

    i’m a strong guy and can take care of myself. i’ve never had a guy force himself on me. all i can say is that it must be horrible even if you are gay.

  21. GregV says

    “This is the exact plot of 90 percent of gay porn, only minus the whole consent and acting parts.”

    You must have been watching a very narrow niche genre of porn have gotten that idea.

    “It baffles my mind how you can systematically rape your team mates and still consider yourself straight.”

    Rape is a crime of violence, not sexual attraction. A rapist can never be presumed to be “attracted to” or “in love with” his victims. Sexual orientation is about which sex a person is naturally drawn to sexually and romantically.

    “And how could the administration not know abou this? Do they ever look in the locker room?”

    In high school? Teachers and administrators can be so easily convicted by the media over any type of allegation, no matter how baseless, that they almost always use separate toilet and changing facilities for adults only and often avoid even talking one-on-one with students in the clasroom. They have to consider how to protect themselves before they check up on any kind of problems they believe are going on in bathrooms/changerooms. (They may, for example, yell into the room from outside of it sounds like there is a commotion.
    Ironically, it actually maintains a more (not less) risky situation for students, since teachers and administrators are always screened and vetted and pass training, while obviously students are not.