1. TampaZeke says

    The longer one lives in the closet the more cramped and uncomfortable it becomes forcing the occupant to do increasingly more extreme things in order to add another padlock to the door. The other option is to act out in other extreme ways like Ted Haggard.

  2. rocci says

    Point of clarification–the robo calls were NOT recorded for Democrat Steve Beshear as the item states. They were recorded by Boone for the Republican Fletcher.

  3. Rob says

    This old celeb’s 15-minutes of fame are SOOOO far behind him it ain’t funny, young ‘uns. Don’t worry about who he WAS!

  4. justiceontherocks says

    FYI – his website makes no mention of FRC or other hate groups. He claims 5% of proceeds will go to “feed the hungry” organizations.

    Another instance of the Christian right lying to cover up the true agenda.

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    If Boone was truly interested in feeding the hungry, he would realize that meat consumption uses more of the Earth’s resources than non-meat consumption.

  6. Raphael says

    I am pretty sure Mercy Corps is secular, and not at all anti-gay.

    You should check up on them before tarring them with the same brush you’d use for Focus on Family.

  7. Craig says

    Oh my! And he’s using that outfit to promote it? What kind of ‘meat’ is he trying to sell? Seems a bit aged, if you ask me.

  8. BobN says

    No one has made more money off other people’s ideas than Pat Boone. Now he’s copying real artists as they branch into food marketing.

    Still, I expect the “All-American Meat” t-shirts will be all the rage.

  9. BobN says

    Interesting, I didn’t expect this. I always figured I’d open the paper some day and find a story about Pat Boone flogging someone else’s meat.

  10. Verdon Coleman says

    Oh, I know what kind of “meat” he is selling… trying to be a sexy leather daddy.

    And now I feel the need to expel my lunch.

  11. jamal49 says

    The picture is from the 1990’s when Mr. Boone did an album of covers of Heavy-Metal songs. It garnered Patsy some much-needed press. Patsy’s been real active behind the scenes for decades with his evangelical, extreme-right, activism and his anti-gay screeds.

    Rafi, FYI, Mercy Corps is an evangelical relief organization. It is not secular.

  12. ggreen says

    I am sure the Pats’ All American Meats will be just like Pat’s records all filler and little substance (and stolen from someone else).

  13. Andy says

    Mercy Corps is a GOOD organization. They cannot remotely be put in the same category as scams like Focus on the Family. They are one of the most reliable and responsible disaster relief organizations, and are particularly noted for their ability to function in desperate and dangerous areas, like Afghanistan. I am unaware of any particular religious affiliation they may have. They are not missionaries or evangelists, and are not involved in any kind of political activism masquerading as social do-gooders, like FRC or Focus on the Family. They’re also headquartered in Portland, Oregon and are widely regarded as local heroes. If you know anything about Portlanders, they tend not to be big fans of religious activists. Their new headquarters downtown got a LEED Platinum certification for environmental sustainability, for added lib credentials.

  14. wimsy says

    Another cantankerous old fart, like Anita Bryant and John McCain. Where the Hell is that Grim Reaper when you need him?

  15. mmike1969 says

    WOW 5 whole percent! You are generous…

    What a money grubbing scumbag. You do not impress me and your music is garbage. I thought you died a long time ago along with your music.

    Of course, you are a tea-bagger so of course you are ignorant about the world and you support bigots like FoF.