1. Redebbm says

    I understand frustration of the Democrats, but this is why I won’t vote for a Republican. They keep citing procedural reasons for a nay vote, but we all know they are just pandering further and further right. It’s now up to Obama to get up and do something though i doubt he will….

  2. Walter H says

    57 for it, 40 opposed. Thing is, we should have MADE them filibuster it. Not just bring it up and hope for 60 votes. MAKE THE REPUBLICANS WORK FOR IT! MAKE them call us names. MAKE them undermine the military. MAKE them do every underhanded disgusting thing that they can. Let the American public SEE the Republican party for what they are! But no, Harry Reid wouldn’t make them do that. *sigh*

  3. Albert says

    Danny, how is this a fail for the Democrats? The vote needed GOP support, and it only got Collins. Like Harry Reid said, the GOP kept moving the goalposts on this thing. Very frustrating, but the fault lies with the GOP on this one!!

  4. George says

    What was Reid supposed to do? If he waits until a tax deal is finalized, there won’t be time to debate it and it will fail anyway. Blame the real enemies: Republicans, especially Murkowski, Brown, and Snowe, who claim to support repeal but obviously prefer to play politics.

  5. Redebbm says

    @walter H Unfortunately the rules of the Senate won’t allow for a traditional filibuster, it is messed up which is why those rules need to be reformed. Overall the Senate in a whole needs to be reformed. The house has passed everything from DADT repeal to Dream Act and various other bills but have been jammed up in the blockade that is the Senate.

  6. says

    The Republicans were just cloture-teasing all along; even Collins deserves contempt considering her demands kept our hope alive and yet she only voted yes AFTER it was clear the bill had failed.

    This strategy was a huge failure on the part of Obama’s, but that doesn’t lessen the absolutely abysmal, anti-gay aggression on the part of ALL the Republican senators—every single one.

  7. Parry says

    Totally pissed that the Senate did not tackle this issue LAST year.

    But today was not Harry Reid’s fault..the Republicans keep moving the goal posts to stall.

    I can’t believe we are even THINKING of compromising on tax cuts for the rich, seeing as how the Republicans have yet to compromise.


  8. BobN says

    who didn’t vote? WTF?

    There are 42 GOP senators. Add Manchin and you get 43. There were 40 nay votes, so the three abstainers are GOP.

    This takes the heat off Collins. I wonder who the next GOP appointed heat-taker will be.

  9. jw says

    it failed this time for the same reason it did the last time. harry reid would not open the bill up for amendments and the republicans then threw a hissy fit declaring that if they couldn’t debate and add amendments they would not vote to send the bill to the floor for debate. i say the votes for so called repeal of dadt are there but i don’t see it ever getting to the floor when the dems refuse to allow amendments to the bill.

  10. Darren says

    No.. The fault lies with BOTH parties here. The Dems had PLENTY of time to burn the midnight oil to work on their campaign promises before this lame duck session. All the talking heads tried to reassure us over and over that a strategy was in place.. yaddayaddayadda.. Well, yes some strategy.. wait until you BOMB in the elections and THEN bring it all up so the newly repowered GOP can hold all your legislation hostage so nothing can be accomplished…

    Great strategy.

    This should have been done EARLIER, QUICKER, and no more WHINING about time constraints of how long it takes things to get done. If you can’t do the job you are elected to do, then don’t run for bloody office.

    To borrow from one of the greatest comic book movies ever…

    “This town needs an enema”

  11. Ken says

    Here’s why this is mostly the fault of the Democrats: This issue should have come up for a vote a year and a half ago when the Democrats and the President still had some political capital to push it through. They wasted two years ignoring the promises they made to the people who elected them in 2008, that’s why I’m more angry at the Democrats.

  12. justiceontherocks says

    Today was entirely Harry Reid’s fault. The bigots told him all along what they wanted in return to vote for cloture. he didn’t produce it, and he didn’t wait until he could strike a bargain. That’s entirely on him.

    We’ll deal with this being a low priority for the fierce advocate at some future time.

  13. Rowan says

    George has your enemies. AND the log cabins,I’ve been saying this for a while but you were all duped by their court case when their CEO was in the army! Of course he would fight is but new he would NEVER win.

    God are lefties that stupid??

  14. Jack M says

    Are we surprised? If Congress cannot vote for measures that help straight people (and all people) in regards to the economy and other domestic issues, why would they be able to pass measures dealing with human rights? They are nothing but overpaid, squabbling children, all of them, and we need at least two new parties to replace the Republican and Democratic parties, whose time has come and gone.

  15. Rob says

    I suppose our only hope now for a near future turnaround of this disgusting law is via the federal courts — as is happening thanks to federal judges in several district courts. If this indeed happens, then the folks over in The Pentagon can thank the politicians for creating their implementation nightmare. And, to echo previous comments, yes, it’s damn embarassing to know the US once again is falling behind other countries in this military matter of allowing openly-serving gays and lesbians. It’s bad enough our education system can’t keep up with students even in Shanghai, China, as well as other countries so now we have to add this to the mix. If we don’t get some progressive federal leadership — and soon — we’re going to become a third world nation without a pot to piss in (much less the “borrowed money” to go purchase one)!

  16. Steve says

    Congress failed. The DoJ should now rescind their appeal of the court decision labeling DADT unconstitutional. It would then be unenforceable. Checks and balances people, it’s the Judiciary’s JOB to overturn unconstitutional laws passed boy congress.

  17. InExile says

    What a failure our politicians are when it comes to the rights of lgbt’s. Our ONLY way forward is lawsuits, lots and lots of lawsuits, forget our politicians.

  18. Bick says

    The only reason why the Republicans voted against the bill was because they didn’t want a *democratic* president to have a victory. Thank you, John McShame.

  19. DAVID says

    I just figured out Obama’s hoax. He recently promised repeal of DADT “on his watch.” Well, what he didn’t say was that “his watch” presumed a 2nd term AND a flip back to a Dem controlled senate. Right. We all fell for it. Clinton 2012!

  20. Brian in Texas says

    And what is joe manchin’s excuse? None of his conservative democratic constituents will remember or care about this vote next time he’s up for re-election.

    With a republican controlled house next year I don’t see how this provision gets added into the new defense bill. The dems need to stonewall and vote NO on any defense bill that comes up for a vote. President Obama should also veto anything without DADT repeal as well. Both the military and the commander and chief want DADT repealed so what excuse will the republicans have then?

    It’s time for the President to issue an executive order at this point even if only symbolic until repeal can be achieved.

  21. Flexo says

    The HRC is probably the most ineffectual organization in history except in the field of scouring and guilting the gay community into contributing and getting nothing in return. Oh wait… they do throw some great parties so there is that.

  22. BobN says

    All of you people blaming Harry Reid for this will get a refresher of the civics lesson you have forgotten about how the Congress is supposed to work. You will get that lesson from the future GOP majority leader in the Senate, come 2012, when he will explain to you that it is the prerogative of the MAJORITY leader to shape legislation and that the mere opinions of the minority mean diddly squat. Of course, by then, the GOP will somehow be able to force the Dems to act like every other congressional minority ever has except the GOP minority in the 111th Congress. You see, they’re special, so they get to break the system.

  23. BobN says

    If you assume the alleged partisanship of the HRC is true, they just delivered 57 votes.

    The LCR delivered 1. (And even that one was cast only after Collins learned the vote would fail — she was probably tired of being the whipping girl on behalf of the GOP leadership.)

  24. says

    “Throughout the first 15 minutes of the vote, Collins repeatedly broke into huddles with Lieberman and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.), reading through legislative language on the floor, at times rolling it up into a ball and angrily waving her arms about how the process was handled. Collins voted with Democrats to proceed on the bill, but only after it became clear her vote would not effect the outcome. Collins, Reid and Lieberman had negotiated for more than week on an agreement that would allow Republicans to introduce up to 10 amendments to the bill, with Democrats adding up to five.Collins agreed to the amendment count Wednesday, but held firm to a request for at least four days of debate on the bill and amendments.” – WAPO.

    “Four days”???? In “Lame Duck Time,” that’s like four weeks. The clock doesn’t stop each time she rolls out another demand to be Senate Prom Queen. It keeps ticking away, winding down to January 4th, the absolute last day any vote on any outstanding bill can be taken.

    And in that time, DEFAUTH must not only pass once in the Senate, but TWICE—the second, albeit mostly pro forma, would be AFTER it goes into “joint conference committee” to be “reconciled” with the House version. That process takes days of its own, and, itself, requires a vote of both houses’ conferees before it can be “reported out” and voted on their floors that second time. The conference process gives McShame ANOTHER opportunity to try to run out the clock with stalling.

    So, NO, do NOT build any statues to this self-important banshee putting Party above the principle of equality for gay service members she’s claimed for years to want no matter how much Servicemember United’s Log Cabin Repugs bleat the GOP party line. And despite her claiming to support a standalone bill.

  25. Polyboy says

    Lying Republicans saying they’d vote for it and reneging. Seriouly, the Democrats need their own Fox News. Not MSNBC, it’s too independent, they need something they own outright to counter the Republican propoganda machine.

  26. DinoShark says

    Gotta love Mark Kirk, our shiny new senator here in Illinois, veteran, “independent moderate” CLOSET CASE voting Nay. Countdown until we can throw him out, I guess 2016 isn’t that far away…

  27. Fenrox says

    I don’t see nearly enough anti-Obama rhetoric here. After all, it was he who purposefully, and with great intent and malice engineered this whole thing, just because he hates gay people. Right? I mean, that’s what you all have been whining about for so long!

    Oh well, DADT should be a thing of the past, but it was instead used as a platform to purposefully, and with great intent and malice, enrage the left and gay people, to make them push against Obama.

    Maybe we could all take this energy and outrage and try to get Marriage Equality? You know about that right? I know that enlisting in the Army is priority #1 for every gay person, always, but some of us see the whole “marriage” thing as A VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE.

  28. jh says

    Why do some of you keep beating up on the Log Cabin Republicans? They’ve gotten us farther than the Dems. Why not try to make it a little less obvious you’ll vote Dem no matter what? How about make a party work for your vote?

  29. says

    How have we even benefited from voting in the Democrats ?? We were in the White House, and held the majority in both the house and the senate … and The republicans STILL run the show ?? The Democrats are too weak to be in any power.. There is no fight in them what so ever ……

  30. Connor says

    So sick of misguided naive people who blame Obama and dems or Hrc when the only real gay haters and votes against gays always comes from the republican trailer trash side. Period end of discussion. When such a huge percentage of gays and their families give their vote to the gop we deserve what we get.

  31. Andrea says

    CHICAGO PROTEST! We are trying to get the word about this to as many Chicagoans as possible before noon. Please retweet the following, or go to the Facebook event and invite anyone you know who’s in Chicago?

    CHICAGO, protest #DADTFAIL, Friday, 12:15-12:30, Fed Plaza outside NAY vote Kirk’s new office. Please RT!

    Thanks so much for all you do!!!

  32. jh says

    Way to go Connor. We know from polls that not all Repubs are “homophobic garbage”. But if that’s your typical language, you’ve likely alienated on-the-fence Repubs and hurt the rest of us. This is why the LCR are accomplishing so much more in the area of gay rights than predictable party-players like you.

    As long as your mind is closed, so will be the minds of the people you nastily ridicule.

  33. terry says

    Repubs don’t like gays, accept it. Even if they got everything they wanted they would reject DADT because repeal could be seen as a victory for Obama and that can not be allowed. Obama is spineless. With two years and a majority congress he pissed it all away and was played. Issues don’t matter, defeating Obama in 2012 is the only concern for Republicans and to do that you keep your little christian bigots happy and make Obama look like a schmuck.

  34. jh says

    Terry, you say yourself that Repubs see that the repeal of DADT could be seen as a victory for Obama – I agree. This does not mean Repubs “don’t like gays”.

    You’re not recognizing the tide is turning. The Repubs may very well in the end be the ones from whom we gain equal rights. It seems so difficult to believe now, but the Dems know they’ve got us even when they never give us anything!! The last thing Dems want is for us to be completely empowered, because then we won’t “need” them anymore.

    I don’t have enough fingers to count the number of Repubs I know who want DADT & DOMA gone. Yes, they are younger. Don’t give them a reason to write us off like you’ve written them off.

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