1. wonderboi says

    While I think this is great….I’m not buying it. I think this is a ploy by the democrats to scare the other side into action on other issues. Basically a you screw us on this and we’ll bring up THE issue you really don’t want to deal with instead. So the gays fet to be pawns again.

  2. Rob says

    @Justiceontherocks: thanks for the info. I’ve got my fingers crossed this comes up for a vote this evening and passes with a simple majority even though homophobe Tucker Carlson apparently stated on Faux News that getting rid of DADT is a non-issue and a waste of time. Pronouncements by Carlson and the rest of his homophobic rightwing bunch are truly THE waste of time.

  3. walter says

    beside himself what else did tucker carlson serve? what makes him an expert? and can’t something be put in john mccain metamucil to keep out the senate a few days? st least 6 senate repuks believe in repeal but don’t have the balls to buck the party line. can we plastic surgeons to give them a set if only just for the vote

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