1. Ricco says

    When would be a good time to implement honesty and integrity, and all the other values we purport to have as a free nation?

    We have a lot of fricking pu**ies in leadership positions in our military.

    Whatever lying politicians have to say, the truth is the military is not a democracy, and when DADT is repealed the soldiers will fall in line, just as they did when blacks were given full rights.

    Soldiers are trained to do what they are told. It is BS to pretend that gays serving openly will resocialize their thinking over night.

  2. FizziekruntNT says

    I suppose, in legislative tradition, a long line of ass-kissing is necessary before any progress can be made.

  3. walter says

    now what objection will the piece of shit from arizona come up with. who will he want to pole next? the graves in Arlington. mcbigot give up
    you have lost everything including your dignity. now like an old soldier fade away.

  4. BartB says

    Stepping back from all of this, I gotta ask, how chickenshit do these people think American soldiers are? They act like they are introducing a lethal virus into the ranks. I just feel like rich, old white guys are the most asinine people on the planet. It’s almost like watching someone who was doing a parody. Ewwww, how can we unleash the gaaaaaaayyyyyyy people on you? Are you scaaaaaaaared? Will they huuuuuurt you? It’s fucking nuts.

    Beyond the fact that there are already a huge number of gay folks in the military, many who are silently out already, this parade of ignorance and ridiculousness and EXPENSE (and they all want to cut the budge but they go through this gross stupidity?!?) When he first got elected, the President simply should have said he was no longer allowing enforcement of DADT while he was commander and chief. If anyone questioned it he should have said, I’m the boss, live with it. Nobody polled the soldiers when we invaded Iraq, the commander and chief at that time said, “We’re going on.” Dunderheaded as that was, that’s how it works.

    I’m embarrassed by these people that we elect to office. It’s like a never ending parade of out-of-touch, the stupid, the fearful, and the over-the-top religious co-mingling in one place. So little common sense, so much money and time being spent.

    I can only imagine what we look like to people around the world.

  5. Tank says

    The NYT article you post totally contradicts your assessment.

    Amos, the Commandant of the USMC, said he opposes repeal and presents a real risk.

    Gen Casey, Chief of Staff of the Army, said repeal poses “moderate risk” (not low risk) to combat effectiveness.

    Schwartz, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, said repeal poses a real risk and he could not agree with report that there was only a low risk to military effectiveness.

    So how can you claim they are comfortable with repeal? The only one who supports repeal is Mullen, who is not a service chief but rather the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

  6. wtf says

    Don’t y’all realize this is about MONEY. When they repeal this all of the married gay service people will be able to claim their dependents – like my fiance and I. We will get married. And they don’t want to pay those gay soldiers more like they do for the hets because it’s a direct contradiction to DOMA. So they’re gonna be in a real quandary here. DOMA is gonna have to be repealed immediately or we’re going to have the same situation with courts finding it unconstitutional to recognize a gay married soldier but not give him or her recognition as having a spouse and making the same amount of $ and having the same benefits as the married hets.

  7. TANK says

    But Obama is missing in action yet again. That DADT is repealed is more important to him than he realizes. He should be taking names and kicking the asses of these service chiefs who defy him publicly…they should feel some real heat for this. But he’s a one term president, apparently…a jimmy carter who doesn’t even tell the truth.