Calvin Klein Tells Mark Wahlberg He’s Trying to Stay Out of Trouble



Gatecrasher reports on the Cinema Society party for Mark Wahlberg's The Fighter on Friday night in New York, and a chance encounter between Wahlberg and his former boss:

Our other favorite red-carpet moment came when Wahlberg ran into fashion designer Calvin Klein, who helped make the former Marky Mark an international star in the early 1990s by casting the then-rapper in his underwear ads.

The all grown-up Wahlberg greeted Klein with a smile, saying: "Hey, buddy, you staying out of trouble?"

The svelte, 67-year-old fashion designer, who attended with model Nick Gruber — to whom he's been linked in the media — and another Bieberesque male, smiled at Wahlberg and replied: "Trying!"


  1. Tony says

    Can someone who has seen this movie tell us if this post would have been better if the photo had been more “full-length” instead of just above the waist for the weigh-in?

    Or, was the weigh-in sanitized for rating purposes?

  2. ratbastard says

    Wahlberg grew up a bonafide hood rat and thug. I grew up with aholes like him, some were friends. He makes me cringe. If any of you guys met him back in the day in the street, he and his little crew would have beat the snot out of you. I suppose he’s ‘grown up’ or evolved. Yeah, whatever.

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