1. Paul R says

    I don’t agree with the “every new friend, every new co-worker” part. People are incredibly gossipy and nosy, and straight people seem to automatically home in on someone over 30 not wearing a wedding ring.

  2. Gene Knapp says

    It’s so true. Coming out is not a “one moment” event. It’s a lifelong process. One friend, a woman who worked as an adviser to President Clinton, told me, “You never stop coming out.” She was right but it’s well worth it… more than I could have imagined.

  3. The Ghost of Harry Hay says

    Sam Adams is a liar and a coward and your typical “how much for my ass” politician. His response to the Prop 8 protests is so typical of the role gay Democrats play in our movement: instead of demanding an end to injustice and siding with minorites, he sided with the cops and told people to go home.


    Why are we so needy for attention and validation that we rush to support someone who was forced out of the closet? Folks, its 2010. If you’re a politician in the closet, you DON’T deserve our support. I’d rather support a straight politician with excellent politics who’s not willing to compromise on anyone’s rights than a politician who screws teenagers and hides it and then tells me I have to wait for my rights.

    And if Sam Adams is a turd, you don’t even want to know about Barney Frank, Goldman Sachs’ personal whore in Congress. A man with the ear of Goldman Sachs and the voice of Elmer Fudd.

  4. KevInPDX says

    Sam’s a politician. Plain and simple. He’s a bit different as mayor than he was as a councilman but is all about Sam as per usual. That being said he’s not that bad all things considered and has had a sharp learning curve since getting the big seat. Hence siding w/PDX cops (they can be scary)(happy to shoot ya dead)(often) since he is the police commissioner. He took that away from one of the councilman for good reason. He wants to control the message and try to have a positive light shown on PDX. He will totally rehab. his image and run for congress or Governor in the near future too. Probably do us a good job too.

  5. Bud says

    Praising Sam Adams is like trying to polish a turd. He can do it in Portland where the twenty somethings will fall to their knees and lick his butt but not the rest of the state. God help us if he tries to run for governor. The Repubs will wipe the floor with him. He’s just gawd awful.