News: Bea Arthur, Florida, Chris Hemsworth, Mice, Miley Cyrus

Road Counter-demonstration planned against WBC picket of Elizabeth Edward funeral.

RoadMichael Portantino, former publisher of SD Gay and Lesbian Times, takes his own life.

Arthur RoadBea Arthur was a truck-driving Marine.

RoadKeith Richards murdered an orchid.

RoadMixner on yesterday's DADT fail: "Why don't we add it as an amendment to the President's compromise keeping the Bush Tax Cuts and let us filibuster until it is added and passed! Let the Republicans explain to the CEO's why their hatred of the LGBT community is holding up their tax breaks. Let's give them hell. Let's fight back and not roll over one more time and take another blow to our dignity and honor."

RoadGlenn Beck: White people are pretty much toast.

RoadGiant prehistoric stork may have devoured Hobbit-like humans.

RoadEquality Florida report sees shift in favor of equality: “A great deal of work remains, but Floridians can be proud of the progress in our state over the past decade,” said Nadine Smith, executive director for Equality Florida. “This report demonstrates that while political winds may shift during an election cycle, the long-term trend in Florida is strongly in favor of fairness and equality for everyone, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

RoadThe first movie poster of Chris Hemsworth in Thor.

Camilla RoadPrince Charles and Camilla's car attacked by student protesters: "Camilla was prodded in the ribs with a stick through the open window of their Rolls-Royce as she and Charles were driven to the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium. One of the vintage car's windows was left open by mistake before the vehicle was surrounded by a snarling mob of rioting students and activists."

RoadIt's Showtime: Karl Lagerfeld's muse Baptiste Giabiconi releases a music video.

RoadLOGO gives the green light: "In addition to 'Be Good Johnny Weir,' the network has greenlit 'Pretty Hurts,' from Go Go Luckey Productions, a comedic reality series that follows the staff and clients of a high-end Beverly Hills medical office that specializes in 'liquid face lifts.' The other series is 'Setup Squad,' a workplace docu-soap from Leftfield Pictures ('Pawn Stars') focused on a Manhattan-based matchmaking service that pairs up professional "wing people" with those that are unlucky in love."

RoadJ Lo's album cover: do you 'love'?

Birth RoadMoment of birth captured for first time on MRI.

RoadHannah Montana enjoys a bong hit. The remix.

RoadU.S. poised to indict Julian Assange on spying charges? "Though he appears to have committed no crime in the States, the administration is under enormous pressure to find some way of punishing the Australian for unleashing a stream of diplomatic embarrassments on to the internet."

RoadScientists engineer mouse from two fathers: "This was done by engineering females with eggs containing only chromosomes from a father. Mating added genes from a second father."

RoadSpecial Counsel for Focus on the Family James Bopp Jr. files suit in Iowa to halt nomination process for Supreme Court judges: "Rob Hogg, a Democrat from Cedar Rapids who is a lawyer and vice chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee decried Republican judicial activism. 'This lawsuit clearly is part of a right wing ideological campaign through an out-of-state lawyer to screw up our courts,' Hogg told the Des Moines Register."


  1. sandman says

    Okay, she understandably tried to hide her military service, but did we really need to know the gory details? She was a great actress and humanitarian who continues to do much good even after death.

  2. Vince in WeHo says

    Wow, I already knew that Bea Arthur was a bad-ass, but this is amazing.

    BTW, the comments following the smokinggun post absolutely floor me. How their minds work that anyone would twist this against her is just beyond me.

  3. ratbastard says

    She ‘understandably’ tried to hide her military career? WTF? Would you or she have preferred the Nazis and Imperial Japan to have won that war? Who do you think beat them into submission?

    Camilla: ‘Shoo! Shoo I say! Filthy commoners! Away with you! Charles, do something!’

    Security guard: ‘I say my good man, if you don’t stop attacking their royal highnesses I shall be forced to release the safety catch on my gun. Right, there’s a good chap.

  4. So Left I'm Right says

    On Mixner: agreed…if they’re going to give away the entire tax cut in some fiasco of a “compromise”, the entire remainder of the Dem majority’s lame duck agenda should be attached right to it. DADT, Dream Act, etc., as the price for their precious millionaire tax cut. I won’t hold my breath for this outcome, however, since Democrats are such tragic wimps.

    On Beck: Dude, white people LIKE YOU are toast. Bigots who base their lives on a sick and twisted, hate-based perversion of Christianity are toast, and we shall be celebrating your dwindling numbers. Those of us white people who don’t operate out of a fear of “other” people, understand diversity is strength, and might even speak another language or two…well, we will be doing just fine in the future, thank you very much. You just keep on whining about your perceived oppression…I will be laughing at you, or rather, Jon Stewart’s dead-on impression of you.

  5. ratbastard says


    …I wish people like you would have equal venom for non-white racists, haters, and bigots.

    …I wish people like you would acknowledge it’s possible for a white person to be victimized by bigotry, hate and racism because they’re white. In fact, it’s common.

    …I wish people like you would also acknowledge ‘white’ is not synonymous with privilege, power, wealth.

    …I wish people like you would acknowledge that, in fact, socio-economics plays a far greater role in our society than race, ethnicity, creed, gender, or even sexual orientation.

    But of course, it’s a lot easier to blame everything on non-far left whites. Especially sense a good chunk of the white far left come from socio-economically privileged backgrounds. That’s the left’s achilles heal, they’ve demonized ALL non-ass kissing, non far left whites, especially white males, as evil. If you’re a white guy, as long as you are meek, keep your head down, allow yourself to be lectured about how bad you are, accept the hard party line unquestioningly, you can hang around and be semi-accepted.

  6. LiamB says

    Since he was responding to a statement by a bigoted white guy, who consistently plays upon the irrational fears of others, why exactly would he be addressing those of other races who are just like him? Seriously, get a grip.

  7. ratbastard says

    @ LIAMB:

    …The first sentence of my offending previous post says it all:

    ‘I wish people like you would have EQUAL venom for non-white racists, haters, and bigots.’

    …I’m tired of the usual suspects on here who use gay rights and the so-called gay agenda as a trojan horse to push far left, racist, bigoted, anti-white, anti-male PC shit. And my point was leftist [especially] love to point out every real or perceived white hate and racism, but rarely give equal time and condemnation to non-white hate,racism and bigotry.

  8. tunameltd says

    I found this clip of Miss Arthur’s final interview with Bea discussing her career and life in her own words. I think it’s for a show called, “Lunching with a Legend.”

    I’d hate for a full interview with Bea or the other legendary ladies in the clip to go unseen. I’d like to see if she final discusses her service in her final interview.


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