1. Alpha says

    I wish I could get excited about it, but I just don’t expect much from them on promises anymore.

  2. JimSur212 says

    The difference between a liberal and a cannibal is that a cannibal won’t eat his own. I am so sick and disgusted with the liberal purists who post on this site and who don’t understand one thing about the necessity of pragmatism in getting things done in Washington. Many of you people make me want to disagree with my own deeply held beliefs – you are so damn annoying. I don’t want to be thought of as being in the same camp with you.

    Obama has a liberal heart, but a pragmatic head, which is why he will get this done for us. Maybe then you will stop embarrassing the gay community and focus your hate on the real enemy – the Republicans.

  3. says

    BS jimsur

    obama has never claimed to be a liberal, cite one time that Obama said he was liberal and or progresive?

    We all knew he was a triangulating repub-lite conservedem, the shock is in realizing how great of a republican he is.

    pragmatism is negotiating from strength not capitualting on every demand the repubs wanted and then some (all repubs in shock they got an even better deal on estate tax than they expected) without even negotiating

    Obama might as well leave the dem party and declare himself a repub

    F Obama and i supported him since iowa and voluntered for him

    F Obama and any dem that sides with his selling out the middle class to the oligarchs

  4. says

    Fuzzy if you’re going to bring my name up all the time, and I can’t imagine why you feel the need to do this, please don’t misrepresent my position. Read my blog and get back to me. And I care what Keith Olbermann says about as much as I care what Cher says.

  5. mymy says

    I am starting to think that Obama might just be able to get more accomplished with the rethugs than with the do nothing dems.

  6. spiderseye says

    It’s odd how so many people have such great warm fuzzy feelings for Bill Clinton, when it was on his watch that we got DADT and DOMA. But the fact that Obama hasn’t repealed them both in just two years means we should lose complete faith in him. The reality is often contentious measures come down to the wire. He doesn’t waste time and energy until he needs to. Let John McCain make a fool of himself and then step in after everyone is tired of hearing the same old claptrap and get the job done. I may eat my words before the end of the year, but I once heard a great tidbit of advice from Zbigniew Brzezinski, that in diplomacy sometimes the best thing you can do is stall in order to evetually get what you want.

  7. says

    What a song and dance, what a rigmarole, what a lot of shit it takes for a gang of bigots to change a law that is unconstitutional.
    Let the Courts tell them how they screwed up.

  8. Tigerama says

    So people expressing their strong opinions and beliefs is “an embarassment” because they don’t fall lockstep with yours or the President’s? Anything but blind trust is “an embarassment”?

    That’s pretty much all I need to hear from this site – and I’ve been reading the like on too many gay sites over the last couple of years. Glad it works for you; it doesn’t for others. Enjoy your site.