1. David says

    I am so sick of hearing the phrase “The American People” used as if I were somehow not a part of that group. I AM an American; I pay American taxes, I vote on American ballots, I own a valid American driver’s license. I have an American Social Security number.

    “The American People” are not a homogeneous entity. It is a hopelessly broad and general term that describes nothing beyond indicating that the members of said group all have U.S. citizenship.

    We seriously need to start rudely interrupting these uneducated, stubbornly ignorant individuals every time they start a sentence with “The American People want…”

    We are the American People and we certainly don’t want what they’re saying we want.

  2. anon says

    SPLC in effect controls the purse strings of a lot of corporations, foundations and govt. agencies when it comes time to making grants, so this designation goes right to the heart of a lot of the fundraising that these groups do.

  3. says

    we can’t forget that these groups are the same ones exporting their hate to countries in Africa, with great success. If they had their way we would all be headed for the gallows. I’d love to see Tony Perkins in the Hague being brought up on charges of crimes against humanity.

  4. TANK says

    Good, “faux tank” hasn’t failboated this one up for me. Given that brian fischer makes a living off of extreme antigay bigotry, one would assume that he’s not clinically insane. However, his rants and screeds are becoming increasingly deranged and incoherent, appealing to an ever narrowing subculture of christian degenerates…what I suspect is that his audience has pretty much remained the same, but wouldn’t be interested in finding out if it has decreased as his loony tune message has been getting greater coverage in the gay blogosphere. Emphasis on wouldn’t. Has he turned off some bigots?

  5. Will says

    How can you misrepresent someone when you’re quoting them verbatim, Bryan asks. Like this:

    “We oughtta take our lead from the gay porn actors.” – Bryan Fischer

  6. BobN says

    We hear what we want to hear. Fischer’s supporters hear him winning this exchange, I assure you.

    No one should go up against these guys unless they are deeply prepared and very, very experienced in “debate” (this isn’t real debate, of course). Pakman did a good job, but not enough to shake the opposition.

    On the other hand, the fight is over the middle and things like this bring the middle to our side. So thanks, David Pakman!

  7. dancobbb says

    David Pakman is seriously out-debated by this Fischer guy. Fischer is simply a small-minded bigot who cannot possibly understand the realities of other peoples’ lives. The only thing that motivates him is his need to bully and demean. To lift himself up in his concrete world of black and white by denigrating others. His incredibly facile generalizations and aspersions are mind-bogglingly erroneous. Why didn’t Dave just ask him:
    “Mr. Fischer, there are gay people in the world, and always have been and alwyas will be, why do you have a problem with humanity as it has been and will always be?”

  8. dancobbb says

    Mr. Fischer, I am sorry to witness your disquietude about the existance of homosexuals. Homosexuals have always been, are now, and will always be a part of humanity. Always. For eternity. And, there will always be those people, like you, who are ill-at-ease existing in humanity as it is –a humanity that has always counted homosexuals as members.

  9. sarah says

    You know, as great as David handled this guy, I’m amazed how few people bring this fact into the argument:


    If you start tacking on vast differences between gay men and women, all of the conservative arguments break down entirely, because they can’t be applied across the entire spectrum of ‘homosexuality’.

  10. gomez says

    sarah – it astounds me how people don’t address the fact that the anti-gay mov’t is overwhelmingy an anti-gay male one

    lesbians are invisible. as if women aren’t important. it’s really bizarre

  11. rafi says

    “If you start tacking on vast differences between gay men and women, all of the conservative arguments break down entirely, because they can’t be applied across the entire spectrum of ‘homosexuality’.”

    NO ONE IN THE MEDIA EVER PUSHES THIS BACK as an argument, and it drives me crazy. It’s such an easy, obvious response that destroys their argument.

  12. GregV says

    David Pakman acted as a true investigative journalis here, which is something we too rarely see in a media that seems to want to just provide a sounding board for outrageous comments without fact-checking.
    It’s easy to find the Spitzer video on Youtube in which he states that anti-gay orgs are misrepresenting his research, and that he actually found that any change is “probably very rare.”
    But Spitzer’s study was very sloppy in the first place. He assembled his test subjects from the “star students” sent to him by the anti-gay orgs themselves, and set a laughably low bar for what he allowed to be counted as any degree of “heterosexual functioning.” (i.e. a simple statement over the telephone from his test subjects, who were not only members of anti-gay religious orgs but also hand-picked by the anti-gay organizations themselves).

    Although Pakman didn’t mention it, the Vancouver study that this wing-nut referenced in the interview is yet another that has published a written statment saying that their study is being twisted by these anti-gay groups as if it proved something that it did not.
    That study was done in the early 1990’s at the height of the AIDS epidemic That study was pretty sloppily-done too and hardly worth quoting.
    But basically, it was just saying that only IF (yes IF in the future, meaning the late 1990’s) AIDS were to spread at specifically high numbers (numbers which did not come to pass) and IF HIV patients continued to die within months of diagnosis with no effective treatment options and IF we were to assume that gay people are a particular percentage of the population (the fundies always cite the study’s “worst case scenario” with presumed tiny numbers of gays existing and AIDS numbers that hypothetically would have exploded as exponentially after 2000 as it had in the first few years of its discovery)… THEN gay men may lose on average X number of years of life in the future (i.e. the late 1990’s and the year 2000, etc.)
    The authors of the study later put out a press release stating that none of their hypothetical scenarios ever came to pass and that thankfully, the hypothetical numbers they projected only as future possibilities were moot.

  13. Tom in long beach says

    Bryan Fisher is a liar. There are many gay couples that are at least as monogamous as the average strait couple.
    This is the real reason that those groups hate marriage equality. It is a lot easier to hate us when they imagine us picking up a different trick every night vs. us having lives almost as boring as theirs. Hundreds of partners ? who has the energy? It is like inferring that all strait people act the same way some college kids do during spring break. (for their whole lives) Give me a break.

  14. Jes says

    Really Bryan, us “homos” are not monogamous? That’s pretty hilarious, considering I’ve been in a monogamous, homosexual relationship for 4 years now with one woman. If we could get married we would. So don’t sit and spout that ridiculous misinformation without having talked to every gay man and lesbian in this country.

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