1. Name: says

    Now that we got that passed for illegals, maybe we can pass some legislation for lgbt citizens.

  2. RONTEX says

    This is GREAT, at least some progress and I agree, let’s get something done for LGBT citizens.

  3. InExile says

    Great! Pass legislation to help illegal immigrants meanwhile ignore AMERICAN CITIZENS forced to move to foreign countries just to stay together. Uniting American Families Act has more co-sponsors in both houses than the Dream Act. We have been writing letters, making calls, and doing ALL we can do for years and still we are ignored.

    -American living exiled for 5 years now.

  4. pete N sfo says

    hey gang, this isn’t a ‘who’s the bigger victim’ contest… put your snarkiness aside for a moment.

    This helps children, now mostly young adults, that arrived in USA by their parents at a very young age… the number of people that will qualify is small & most will end up in the service in Afghan or Iraq.

    The world doesn’t stop spinning while we work for full equality & you disparage the rest of us with your myopic positions.

  5. InExile says

    Easy for you to say, spend 5 years rotting in a foreign country, then talk. LGBT American citizens should come first instead of never.

  6. LincolnLounger says

    What a joke. Citizenship for two years in college — never mind you don’t have to show progress or graduate or obtain a reasonable GPA. Citizenship for military service — never mind no one will do that when the “college” requirements are so lax. Citizenship for high school grads — never mind you can get a joke of a GED online in ten minutes.

    This bill is a disgrace and will die the death it deserves in the Senate. Get OUT, Nancy Pelosi!!

  7. says

    agreed Pete in soho

    this is not about awarding “illegal” activity

    This is about children who had no choice in where they were taken, growing up in america for at least 5 years prior to enactment of DREAM act and MUST either atend university for 2 years and pass and or join the US millitary for 2 years and no criminal activity registered within those 2 years

    – will increase state and gov revenue by being able to tax productive memebers of the US

    – will supply more memebers to the US millitary

    – will save billions on wasteful spending trying to prosecute people who when children had no say in where they were raised


    besides, “illegal” imigration ROFLMAO

    humanity is a moving/ imigrating species since back when our ancestors first walked upright. You can’t stop it. You can only manage it

    national borders are imaginary lines anyway

  8. Armando says

    i am gay and illegal so the DREAM Act would help me so much and be a more part of this country than i already feel, there is a small percentage of us that want our voices heard

  9. RB says

    Our dream should NOT cost taxpayers $6.2 billion a year and potentially crowd out U.S. students in the classroom. Further, we should not be “owned” by China and we certainly are heading that way. Stop the spending and the dreaming until Americans are back to work! Solve the economy and stop wasting time on crap legislation like this!

  10. Shane says

    “provides a path of citizenship for children of immigrants”
    Two errors in this: 1.) there is already a path for citizenship in place and 2.) you left out the word ILLEGAL in front of “immigrants.”
    Why can’t Congress focus on Americans first? Like those of us who are still without equal rights and protections?
    Pelosi and her cronies will never learn.

  11. Brian says

    I’m glad this failed to pass in the Senate, effectively killing it for now. Generations of immigrants managed to come here legally. There’s no need to reward those who have not. Also, it’s sending the message that it is NOT ok to come here without waiting your turn and going through the legal process.

  12. says

    This bill is STUPID.

    It is UNFAIR and WRONG. There are many immigrants waiting in line (LEGALLY) to get their green cards, and NOW a few other immigrants get a FREE PASS and get to CUT TO THE FRONT OF THE LINE? WTF?

    Whatever happened to EQUAL TREATMENT?

    Yes we do need immigration reform (one that benefits our country economically) but this sets the wrong precedent to give SPECIAL TREATMENT to certain individuals.

    And yes it is rewarding them for being in this country ILLEGALLY, and nevermind the fact that countries like MEXICO do not offer illegal aliens access to THEIR education system.

    Oh and BTW, all of you libs are padding yourselves in the back for this disaster, thanks for overloading a very short remaining lame duck session of congress with this bill when other IMPORTANT bills like DADT REPEAL and TAX CUTS need to be addressed and passed.

    But of course we CAPITULATE as a CAPTIVE community and SLAVES of the DNC. We put NON-CITIZENS before REAL injustices done to GAY AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  13. says

    “I guess I don’t understand the charter of towelroad. Why is this kind of topic posted here?”

    Because Andy Towle is a liberal hack and a mouthpiece for the DNC.

    Liberalism is MORE IMPORTANT to him than to pass legislation that benefits GAY AMERICANS and it is true for other “gay news blogs” or sites (not just to pick on Andy), but you will see how other sites as well protect homophobic liberals, Muslims, and in this case homophobic illegal immigrants, most of whom have negative feelings about gay rights. Polls after polls done on Spanish (speaking only as my experience in the hispanic community) web sites, Univision, talk shows and magazines that cater to this illegal immigrant community were ALL against gay marriage with very LARGE majorities.

    But still our host, like other liberal shills, ARE VERY PERSISTENT to shove down our throats their phony-baloney ideology without knowing how HYPOCRITICAL they seem to appear.

  14. Chris says

    I just love it when gay people can’t see past their own pain. We scream about empathy and human rights, then I see comments like some of the above and realize that some of us are only interested in number one. *sigh* Honestly, I expect more from us, though I probably shouldn’t.

  15. says

    “I just love it when gay people can’t see past their own pain.”

    Lets see where have I heard this before? Oh yeah… ANTI-GAY sites!

    Again thanks for proving my point that LIBERALS DON’T CARE about gay people in the end. They only care about swindling and defrauding gays to advanced an agenda that has nothing to do with gay AMERICANS’ rights.

  16. InExile says

    @fenroc you are an idiot! All they have to do is marry an American, something gays and lesbians cannot do to get a visa or green card. Why should American gays and lesbians in bi-national relationships not be given equal rights to hetrosexuals?

  17. ratbastard says

    What kind of BS is this? America = the world’s biggest chumps!

    Imagine if I as an American went to ANY [for example] Latin American country, snuck in illegally, lived illegally, attempted to work illegally [hard to do actually in L.A. because they actually enforce their border and immigration laws] have a native born child as an illegal parent and demand the child be granted full citizenship rights, hold mass protests and demand my ‘rights’ to citizenship, social welfare programs, etc.,….the Latin Americans would LAUGH in my face, then beat the shit out of me and rob me for everything I had.

  18. says

    I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it’s not like most children have a choice of entering a country illegally, but is the traditional method to citizenship really that hard to follow?

  19. shannon says

    GREAT!!…More uneducated…..criminal….welfare stealing…..raping ILLEGALS in our country!!! Just what we need! Look at CA…AZ….TX….etc…they will RUIN this country!!! Try to sneak into MEXICO and see what THEY do to YOU!!!

  20. ratbastard says


    I don’t claim all illegal aliens are evil, violent thieving people. Most literally just want a better life and much of the abuse of social services is the result of homegrown American poverty pimps. If you’re desperate, poor, uneducated, in a foreign land and culture, and are told yeah, yeah! Apply for this, apply for that…no problem! I’ll [we’ll] help you get the money, subsidies, free healthcare, food stamps, WIC, childcare, etc.,, etc., Human nature…you’re gonna go along with it.

    Aside from that, there is a legitimate deadly problem with violent, corrupting ethnic gangs, to the point some major American cities are controlled at the street level by them…and to the point they’ve now spread all over the country, not just border areas, even into small towns and rural areas. And they hide in plain view among real immigrants, etc., Our prisons are all very disproportionately filled and filling up with these VIOLENT hoods and thugs. ANYBODY who claims this is a [racist?] fantasy is liar or a tool, maybe both.