1. Mike C. says

    The great irony may be that DADT repeal is passed as a stand alone bill, when for the whole year people thought the only way it could get passed is if it was tucked into the Defense Authorization Bill.

  2. BobN says

    One after another, GOP representatives from the liberal states are yielding their time to their brother bigots from the “heart”land. Too timid to speak their own minds — and alienate their constituents — these cowards are letting others do the dirty work.

  3. Tom says

    We clearly see were the parties stand. We must be prepared to work our asses off in the 2012 elections. We need to reach out to all our families and friends to make certain they clearly understand how important the election is to us. Votes Votes Votes Votes !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. steve says

    We need to publish the names of all who voted against this so we do not let them forget!

    Republican politicians are so HOMOPHOBIC and get away with it becuase the general public doesn’t pay attention. We need to grassroots remind the public at every turn who these anti-equality folks are!

  5. BobN says

    “Who are the 15 GOPs and the bigoted Dems?”

    Looks like the website of the Clerk of the House is being swamped with people trying to find that out.

    Can’t get to the site.

  6. Chris says

    Republican supporters:
    Judy Biggert – Illinois 13
    Mary Bono Mack – California 45
    John B. T. Campbell III – California 48
    Joseph Cao – Louisiana 2
    Michael Castle – Delaware
    Charlie Dent – Pennsylvania 15
    Lincoln Diaz-Balart – Florida 21
    Charles Djou – Hawaii 1
    David Dreier – California 26
    Vern Ehlers – Michigan 3
    Jeff Flake – Arizona 6
    Ron Paul – Texas 14
    Todd Russell Platts – Pennsylvania 19
    Dave Reichert – Washington 8
    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – Florida 18

  7. says

    You Marxists don’t care about gay people nor about gay people in an institution like the Military. Most of you Marxist liberals (and you know who you are) HATE the military, hate White Males (who are the MAJORITY in combat units in the Marine Corps), hate, hate, hate.

    And the ONLY and by all means the only DAMN REASON why you Marxists even care about DADT and the military in this case is to GET BACK and ATTACK your political enemies:

    “Wow. Only 3 GOP votes.

    What a proud moment for Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud members from coast to coast.”

    Why attack other gays? Because they are not culture killing, economy killing, leftist Marxist like you?

    This is not about gay soldiers to the eyes of a Leftist, this is about DEFEATING the Log Cabin, and THAT’S IT.

    Meanwhile, regular fair minded gays (the MAJORITY of us), who hail this vote don’t care WHO does it, as long as they do it. Many of them (who are NOT Marxist or Leftist) are actually considering joining the Military, unlike the MAJORITY of you lefties.

  8. JM says

    Again, this is politics as usual. 250 in support vs 175 against. Does anyone believe this will sail through the senate? I don’t think so. Assuming it fails again, it’s going to be a LONG TIME before this works through the courts.
    To Mr. Obama, regardless of the rights hate for you, you’re silence has forever turned me away.I’ll never give $$ or support to a republican, and regardless of anything you do, you will never have my vote.
    To the ones that want to say “It wasn’t Obama’s fault”, ask yourselfs “what has he done for our community”?
    My answer; he had his top cop, Eric Holder, Attorney General, file a stay on DADT.
    But just wait, Obama will come knocking on the gay community’s door in 2011-12.

  9. Craig says

    Interesting list of Dems who voted “no” – they are Southerners – 13 to 2 (including Missouri and West Virginia as southern states). And by a count of 6 to 9, they are NOT re-elected to the next Congress. So, the list of “no” Democratic votes should be down to about 6 on these types of issues for the future.

  10. says

    “147-14 (so far).
    Yeah, the GOP would get a lot done for the lgbt community over the next two years.”

    Again, why the POLOTICS?

    This party versus that party… this and that…

    You libs could give a damn about gay people.

    It’s already been TWO YEARS with a socialist/Marxist democratic congress and White House. So let me be clear: DON’T ASK DON’T TELL IS STILL LAW, DEFENSE OF MARRIAGE ACT IS STILL LAW, BI-NATIONAL COUPLES HAVE NO IMMIGRATION RIGHTS, and oh yeah, whatever happened to that ENDA thing? I thought Daffy Duck Mr. Gay Cheap-o-don’t-want-to-spend-a-dollar-on-a-ferry-ride- Aunt Barney had his paws all over that one…

    If its fair to blame one party it is fair to blame the other one WHO IS CURRENTLY IN POWER.

    Did you get that you libs?

  11. EddieGin says

    The Pink Mafia ellen Degenerate types are taking America apart one brick at a time. By December of 2012 we just might be done. Burn their flag at every-chance. Burn their Flag at every-chance.

  12. says

    RE: EddieGin
    I’m dumbfounded how people can arrive at the conclusions they do. How do we legally prohibit these people from voting? Surely, there’s a doctor somewhere that see they are a danger to themselves and others …

  13. sysm29 says

    The 15 Republicans that voted yes are familiar names: Republicans Ron Paul, Jeff Flake, a maverick Republican from Arizona, John Campbell (from Laguna Beach). Mary Bono Mack is from Palm Springs.

    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is a rare Republican ally, she’s from Key West.

    Todd Platts from central Pennsylvania and Charlie Dent from the Lehigh Valley have good GLBT voting records.

    Vernon Ehlers is from Michigan (Grand Rapids I believe).

    David Dreier from California has been rumored to be gay himself for years.

  14. says

    “oh, and pepa? you’re an ignoramus, douchebaggy cuntard who needs to go somewhere else to spew her hate.”

    And which oven would you like me to jump into My Fuhrer?

    Stupid liberal fascists. And they claim the moral “tolerant” high ground.


  15. Garyghost says

    As a Pinko Socialist liberal, i say RIGHT ON!!! Glad to see America actually living up to its promise of equal treatment for all…something the useless teabaggers and RepubliKKKans rarely do.

  16. says

    “As a Pinko Socialist liberal, i say RIGHT ON!!! Glad to see America actually living up to its promise of equal treatment for all…something the useless teabaggers and RepubliKKKans rarely do.”

    And you certainly sound like a Pinko Socialist liberal. Don’t worry we believe you. The droneness is apparent and clear. I mean you scum are just like locus, you spread everywhere like cancer, hence why our country is in the financial shape it is today.

  17. walter says

    why is obama only speaks only after the vote?
    he is either happy or sad on the results maybe if he was more forceful before the vote things would go better? didn;t they ask him to apply pressure and use the bully pulpit? fierce advocate liten to some of the congressmen and find out what a fierce advocate is. Adm Mullen has voiced stronger support than obama

  18. says

    ” and you clearly don’t understand what led up to the financial crisis in the first place.”

    Yes it was corporate communism, that Bush Jr started and that Obama is now continuing.

    But I am perplexed as to way you Marxists hated Bush. He gave you what you wanted. You Marxists wanted people to get mortgages that they couldn’t afford and the greedy parasites on Walls Street and the Fed took advantage of that.

    That should sum it up. I’m not going to write paragraphs upon paragraphs like some liberal wanna-be professors do on here on a constant basis. But the truth is you don’t care about the truth, you just want to attack those who actually pay taxes and invest and produce in this country.

  19. says

    “He’s a tea bagger from Arizona.”

    Boy you libs, I mean Marxists, are VERY intelligent. My jaw dropped to the floor with amazement to your intellect. LOL.

    Please! *motioning hand in a masturbatory manner*

    Teabagger this, teabagger that! Is that all you stupid hacks can dribble out of your god forsaken mouths? Is that it? Too predictable. Too stupid. But what can I expect from degenerate cockroaches and mental patients like you? Is that the best you can pull from your Karl Marx handbook? LOL.

    “They are hardcore insane.”

    The Constitution is insane? Natural rights is insane? Freedom is insane? Small government is insane?

    What is insane is that gays pay you Marxists to get things done and all you do is fart against the wind, and check each other’s cock sizes, while gay soldiers are left in the dust.

    God bless Dan Choi and our soldiers.

    To hell with you limp-wristed, selfish, puny, promiscuous, diseases infested, ideologues.

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