James Franco Developing Sal Mineo Biopic


James Franco has optioned a new biography on 50's screen idol Sal Mineo as a potential writing and directing vehicle, according to the Hollywood Reporter:

"Franco optioned the property himself for his Rabbit Bandini shingle as a potential writing-and-directing vehicle. He currently does not plan to star but that could change. Sal Mineo: A Biography, by artist and photographer Michael Gregg Michaud, was published in November by Random House. It details Mineo’s rise to fame in such films as Rebel and 1960’s Exodus, his conflicted sexuality and friendships with Dean and Natalie Wood, as well as his 1976 death in West Hollywood after being stabbed by a pizza deliverman."

Franco says he doesn't plan to star in the film, but who would be better?

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  1. CD in DC says

    i don’t know who brought us James Franco and i know it’s past Thanksgiving but i’m thankful for him every day, not enough he’s a great actor but he plays his sexuality for all it’s worth and that’s a lot so thanks JF, you do Sal Mineo to death.

  2. Rob West says

    While we are on the subject of Sal Mineo, why can’t someone find a print of “Who Killed Teddy Bear” and release it on DVD?

  3. yeahisaidit says

    I just saw Sal in the “Gene Krupa Story” about the popular drummer, and I thought I was way past being one to swooon, but damn Sal gets me every time! *SIGH* Just DREAMY! Yeah I said it…I can simply look at Sal for hours, PLUS, he could act his hot lil’ ass off…so underrated…

  4. Thomasina says

    Twenty years ago, I would have said Ralph Macchio or Max Cassella could be choices, but they are both now quite a bit older than Mineo was when he died (at just 37). If Franco doesn’t want to do it, maybe Adrian Grenier would work?

  5. Jim says

    Love them both, so this is exciting. Franco is endlessly curious and creative.

    But a pizza deliveryman? I always heard that Sal was murdered while having sex in a West Hollywood garage.

  6. says

    didn’t he also play James Dean about 10 years ago. If Sal Mineo and Dean had a relationship then thinking of Franco playing the role would make me think of the video he did for the NYTimes where he seduces himself in a mirror.

    Not so say that it wouldn’t be awesome, or that I wouldn’t like to be that mirror :)

  7. jaragon says

    Franco would be perfect for James Dean and get Darren Chris for Mineo now that I would pay to see- anyone interested in Sal should read Boze Hadleigh’s excellent “Conversations with my Elders”

  8. Sabrina says

    Who would play Mineo better? Start and end with Rami Malek. Franco is much too tall and buff.

  9. Brad David says

    To Sabrina, have you ever SEEN a body shot of Sal? He was far hunkier than James, which is really saying something.