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Watch: Senator Levin Warns That Ticking Clock Presents 'Possibly Insurmountable Challenge' for 'DADT' Repeal

Senator Carl Levin spoke on the Senate floor this morning and warned of the ticking clock, saying that the only way this Defense bill and DADT repeal will happen is if the vote happens now.

LevinSaid Levin: "Even if we get 60 votes today to invoke cloture on the motion to proceed to this bill and even if we’re able to consider amendments and pass this bill in a few days, it will be a possibly insurmountable challenge to work out all of the differences with the House. Over the last 10 years, madam President, it has taken an average of 75 days to conference the defense authorization bill with the House, after we passed it. If we don’t proceed with this bill, this week, then involving cloture sometime next week, even if we could do it would be a symbolic victory and I don’t believe there would be enough time to hammer out a final bill before the end of the session."

Levin also talks of making DADT repeal 'real', "assuming we keep it in the bill."


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  1. How come this issue of conferencing taking forever hasn't been brought up before? Is the fact that it's being brought up good bc it means Collins has been satisfied or bad bc it means they know it will fail and can strip it out better after?

    Posted by: Matthew Rettenmund | Dec 9, 2010 11:05:12 AM

  2. The real problem is that President Obama let this be put up with the bogus DoD study and this got us where we are. The blame lies 100% at the president's feet. We shouldn't be surprised.

    Posted by: Tim W | Dec 9, 2010 11:22:00 AM

  3. Anderson Cooper says it DOESN'T Take so long:

    Senators Defy American People / Have Priorities Exactly Backwards!

    “Make the Rich Richer instead of Making America Secure”?

    Dear Senator ____________,

    I am increasingly concerned that Senators are not paying attention to that which is truly the Will of the American People.

    All polls show that Americans do not want Tax Cuts for Millionaires, and a majority of Americans do want DADT Repeal, and yet the Senate seems intent upon Defying Americans, going their own way on these issues, and in reverse order of priority.

    Millionaire handouts are LAST on the priority list of any American, yet Senators deem this as #1 on their list of priorities. They are dead wrong, this is not fiscally responsible, and those voting in this manner, or holding out and letting the clock run out on DADT Repeal, will be voted out of office in the next election, I regretfully assure you.

    Can highly elected Senators not do more than one thing at a time?! The Senate has had just as much “time” as has the House, which has Already Passed DADT Repeal.

    Please consider your votes carefully. We will not forget!


    Email your Senators Daily until Repeal passes:

    Call the Senate and Congress: (202)224-3121
    *The Operator will direct you if you do not know your representative

    Email The Whitehouse

    Posted by: customartist | Dec 9, 2010 11:22:08 AM

  4. "...How come this issue of conferencing taking forever hasn't been brought up before?..."

    Matthew, i thought the same exact thing

    WTF?! if true why didn't anyone say such in the senate like 75 days ago

    Posted by: | Dec 9, 2010 11:28:36 AM

  5. Will America continue to suck more than it does? Stay tuned at 11! Later we ask gay soldiers, couples, and children what's it like to be trapped in an abusive relationship.

    Posted by: X | Dec 9, 2010 11:45:30 AM

  6. Did anyone see this coming when they called for the study not to be delivered until December?!

    Posted by: Mary | Dec 9, 2010 1:01:20 PM

  7. The Democrats now own DADT. They created it 17 years ago in the Democrat Congress and with the signature of Democrat Clinton, and now they continue to act only in ways that retain it. But--they can eliminate it, if they really want to. Do they?

    DADT would have died in the courts, if not for the deliberate actions taken by Democrat Obama's DOJ to single-handedly keep it alive, and if not for the Democrat Senate's actions to ensure it never comes up for repeal.

    Call your senators and tell them we want an up-or-down vote on DADT before they slink off for vacation!

    Posted by: the greasybear | Dec 9, 2010 3:16:24 PM

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