1. Tim says

    I enjoyed this when I read the NY Times online this morning, but was disappointed to see the description of them as “two men.” It’s obvious they’re a couple, so the Times shouldn’t be afraid to call them that. This story sends a great message to the Grinches who love taking away rights for gay couples.

  2. Sal says

    Scam. Following all this press coverage those who mailed the letters would have come forward to explain why they did so. No one has come forward. Why? The happy couple pooled a couple of hundred dollars on postage to mail these letters to themselves. Nice try.

  3. Taylor says


    Talk is cheap sweetie…let’s see some proof of your accusations.

    Where exactly were the people who took some of the letter to buy gifts, sending their gifts to? To the two guys??? I can’t imagine they really wanted Dora the Explorer shirts in size T3.

    You’re hypothesis is half-baked.

  4. Danny says

    There’s a reason why God made people like Sal: to awaken us to where our darkness will take us if we choose. We all have the option to live in Sal’s world–or in Jim and Dylan’s

    You decide.

  5. Paul Bunion says

    Lovely story – moving, touching, spirited – they seem like a pair of real peaches. I’m confused, however, as to why the NYT didn’t take one more step and contact the family of one of the kids who mailed the letter to simply ask ‘ where did your child get the address ? ‘ Not in a ‘bah-humbug’ way, but in a ‘we’re a document of record and actual journalists’ kind of way.

  6. skeptic says

    I’m not believing this so fast. A couple of things jump out: (1) Jim runs an internet marketing company and he creates viral videos for a living (2) All the people who passed out letters to were co-worers at his marketing agency (3) Did you notice that many of the envelopes looked extremely similar — size of envelope, handwriting, etc (4) Kids write letters to Santa all the time but it doesn’t mean some good Samaritan has to answer them. These kids still have parents who will buy them gifts. Nobody said he needed to run out and buy all this stuff for all the kids. (5) How could someone who runs an internet marketing company not be able to trace where his address was being given out? Why didn’t they contact just one person who sent a letter to determine where they were getting the address? — So on case studies on his website, will he now highlight this video and show how he made this story “go viral”?

  7. hephaestion says

    A beautiful story. And I know there are thousands of beautiful deeds done by gay men every day. I wish we heard our own good stories more often. My own Christmas tradition is to find several homeless people on the streets each Christmas morning and give them as much money as I can afford to give that year, in an envelope with a Christmas card & a chocolate bar. The looks on their faces is the greatest gift I get each year. I am sure there are many gay men doing all kinds of good deeds every day. Sal, you are hanging out with the wrong people.

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