1. db says

    Wow. Your ads have recently become about a billion times more annoying.

    Vulgar, flashy pop-ups in bright primary colors that you have to click to close. Gross! Find a better way to raise money.

  2. alguien says

    i’ve been a fan of patti smith’s since her first album “horses” was released back in (i think) 1976. “horses” was such a pivotal work and was highly influential to a 16 year old in southern california. she’s been through many, many triumphs and hard times in her life and it’s so satisfying to finally see her getting the recognition she truly deserves.

    thank you patti.

  3. Shelly says

    When I was twelve I saw the Horses cover and just the first sight I ever had of a woman in a tie made me feel suddenly “not alone,” and I decided then and there that was the look for me! So I told my mother all the other girls were wearing boys suits, and she was so thrilled I was finally showing an interest in clothes and “fitting in” that we rushed right out to Sears Roebucks and bought me one! I strutted into school the next day feeling so damn cool. Unfortunately the other kids (who were already antagonistic to me) didn’t at all see it that way and I got the crap beaten out of me! Haha! So that was the end of the suit, but I still love Patti ever since for being a brilliant, articulate, powerful female role model for me. I am so thrilled for her!

  4. rayrayj says

    I’ve thought of Patti Smith as brilliant and as a creative genius for years. Now, after seeing this interview where she seems to be so human and so sweet, my respect for her is greatly increased.

  5. Jack says

    I arrived in NYC several months before Horses was released saw her many times at Weisers bookstore where I worked and caught her last Rock & Rimbaud show….I was transformed and never looked back. A year later I jumped at the chance to sit for Robert in San Francisco and impressed all of my NYC friends when my portrait was in his first show at The Kitchen…Like she mentions of being at Joplins feet; I didn’t realize how momentous they were at the time…

  6. charles maguro says

    I still love Patti — back in 1976 she was the only girl I ever wanted to ravage, or maybe the only girl I ever wanted to be.

    Horses changed my life in a thousand good ways.

  7. Dwight says

    I saw Patti in 1976, in a concert when she did the entire Horses and Radio Ethiopia albums.. I was standing at the front of the stage, part of the “2 very electric people” she spoke of later in an interview article. We bounced on her foot, from across the security rope.. and handed her a leather Sufi bracelet, a heart with crescent moon and star and wings that wrap around the wrist. Patti Smith is my favorite musician/poet/visionary.. still. I love her.

  8. Bad Humor Boy says

    OMG! Patti Smith’s “Horses” – “Can’t you show me nothing but surrender?” was a bolt out of a foggy blue. It crystallized something strong not suggested by those words. I love this beautiful woman!

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