Towleroad Guide to the Tube: #792

SLOW TRAIN: High-speed camera slowed down becomes theatrical tableau.

GOBBLE GOBBLE: San Diego talk show host regrets doing the turkey call.

JOE 'YOU LIE' WILSON: Thanks caller for his homophobic remarks.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Coldplay's new holiday single.

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  1. Jim Green says

    Senator Wilson does not thank the homophobic caller. That caller comes at the very end of a series of people calling in, and after the last one finishes, Wilson thanks all the callers for their “calls” (plural, not singular). I don’t like Wilson; I think he’s an idiot. But it’s inaccurate to claim that he thanks the homophobic caller for his statement. You should remove the headline on this one.

  2. Vince in WeHo says

    Jim is correct. It’s important that during one’s outrage, they maintain there critical senses, especially with a big mouthpiece such as the towleroad website.

    That being said, that Wilson allows someone to say that all gays in America are dispensable (if I heard correctly) without even addressing it is reprehensible, regardless of time factors. And I certainly hope he doesn’t have any gay relatives, because I would be appalled if I was one of them.

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