Social Network’s Armie Hammer to Play Gay Opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in J. Edgar Hoover Biopic


The Social Network's Armie Hammer has been cast as Clyde Tolson, J. Edgar Hoover's alleged secret lover, in the new Leonardo Dicaprio biopic directed by Clint Eastwood, Alex Billington at First Showing reports:

"As a recap, J. Edgar is Eastwood's Hoover biopic taking a deeper look at the man who founded the FBI in 1935 and is responsible for putting together an elite organization tasked with investigating and preventing the most dangerous, heinous and notorious crimes. Hoover was suspected to be gay, even though he always denied it, which is why the role of his protégé and suspected lover, that of Clyde Tolson who Hammer will play, is such a juicy one. I'm glad Hammer has landed a role like this – he deserves it. I've had the honor of meeting him, and he's not only extremely courteous and kind in real life, but he's also incredibly smart and a huge talent to watch out for in the future. I hope he starts landing more big roles like this over the next year."

Dustin Lance Black is writing the script.


  1. says

    [So it’s hissyfit-worthy in Black’s estimation that HRC is co-opting Harvey Milk’s legacy, but it’s fine for Black to write a screenplay for a film that will humanize—I assume—the second most self-loathing homo in history, J. Edgar Hoover? Okay…]

    On a totally separate note: I’m looking forward to the movie and am an Armie man, too.

  2. yeahisaidit says

    I was so naive about certain things until I read up on the life J. Edgar…I thought concensus building and gaining power was all about appealing to people’s better nature, like ideals, being nice, etc. SCREECH….and halt! Nothing against those things I just mentioned, but Hoover showed me the unfortunate reality that, in so many cases, the keys to concensus, gaining and maintaining power and serving under six presidents,being as powerful or moreso than they were, was: HAVE ALL THE DIRT ON EVERYONE….this man had a HUGE file on simply everyone and anyone in Washington and would crush and destroy any person who opposed, crossed him, or threatened to expose the skeletons in his CLOSET. People to this day still wonder about his supposed involement in J.F.K., Bobby K., and M.L.K.’s assassinations. As the head of the F.B.I. he wielded his power like a blunt club and was not afraid to use it to draw blood! IMO, he was one of the most insidiously powerful men in U.S. history, the template, the archetype, of the EVIL QUEEN, that ever lived. By the same token, others consider him brillant and fasinating, and after all these years I now fall somewhere in the middle. It’s an amazingly juicy, but murky story that could be a great film based on the material. Especially if the true depth and breath of the tale is brought to light. If anything, it wised me up and I began to understand, in politics for example, why nice guys might wind up finishing last, and for some why it’s all about winning no matter the cost.

  3. Dave from Chicago says

    @DJ – I don’t think I’d refer to Armand Hammer (Armie’s great-grandfather) as a “philanthropist”. Based on his Wikipedia article, I’d think it would be more accurate to say “tycoon and Soviet sympathizer”.

  4. GregV says

    Wow, the technology has really improved since Peter Brady met his double on the Brady Bunch.
    Until I looked it up just now, I wondered whether Armie Hammer’s twin would have any part in the new movie. I had no idea the Social Network’s Winklevoss twins were just camera tricks.

  5. Joe says

    Like most young hollywood actors know now, Armie Hammer understands that way to get a large devoted fanbase and to start growing your popularity isn’t through teen girls or women, but getting the gays.

    Once you get us, the women and all the other fanbases will natrually follow.

  6. says

    One of the reasons anti military ban pioneer Leonard Matlovich chose to be buried in Congressional Cemetery rather than Arlington is because both Hoover and Tolson are buried there, albeit yards apart in the same row. Tolson’s grave is only four away from Leonard’s who enjoyed the idea of having the last laugh on both men who, whatever their own orientation, helped terrorize gays during their careers, particularly during the McCarthy period. I imagine the shock of still living FBI dinosaurs on their way to pay homage to J’Edgar and Clyde having to pass the famous stone below that reads, “A Gay Vietnam Veteran” and “When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one.”

  7. Hysterical Record says

    In real life Hoover was nothing to look at and neither was Tolson, but in this movie Dicaprio and Hammer’s looks may be the only reason to go. Or just rent it and turn off the sound….

    Will they exchange smoldering looks? Will they touch fleetingly and nod towards the bedroom? Will there be shirtless scenes? These are the important questions.

    How can you have dialog about the love that dare not speak its name?

    Will they fantasize about doing it? Will the director imagine that for us or do we have to do that for ourselves?

    How do you make this story interesting? It may be one of Leo’s duds.

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