1. BradB says

    Whatever. The same bigoted senators that voted against it before are still there. In the next congress it will have a snowball’s chance in hell of passing. I don’t know what gives it any better chance of passing now that it’s not attached to very necessary appropriations legislation. Obama delayed DADT repeal. He insisted on hateful surveys being done and then delaying the results being released. Then he does almost nothing to get it repealed. It could have been over with an unconstitutional ruling and his Dept. of Justice appealed that decision resurrecting it. This is Obama’s shameful legacy of failure in the civil rights issue of our time.

  2. says

    Once again, SLDN shamelessly chooses to give the one person with the most power to influence passage a pass: the President.

    “Led by Joe Solmonese of Human Right Campaign and Aubrey Sarvis of the Servicemen’s [sic] Legal Defense Network, gay leaders have been tripping over themselves to protect President Obama from blame for not making the promised progress on gay equality. Solmonese and Sarvis are the faces of the most expensive failed gay campaign in history. … for this failed strategy, they should be judged harshly.

    …In early 2009 [actually November 2008-mlb], Sarvis sent a strong message to his Democratic friends that it wasn’t the right time for the Democratic Party to take up gay issues yet. He told the Washington Times that waiting until at least 2010 for some LGBT victories made sense. ‘Where does don’t ask, don’t tell fall in all this?’, Sarvis asked. ‘I would say it is not in the top five priorities of national issues’. His Board should have fired him on the spot. …We can do better and we should start by demanding Solmonese’s and Sarvis’ resignations.” – Richard Grenell. “The Huffington Post.”

  3. Daniel Burosh says

    BRADB is wrong. Ever since the beginning of this month when the DADT report was released (and even sometime before then), the ONLY chance for a DADT repeal has been as a standalone bill. Even if the Defense Authorization bill had been passed last week (complete with a DADT repeal), the Defense Authorization would still have to have been reconciled with the House version of that bill. (And yes, there ARE differences). Senator Carl Levin made the point last week that, over the past several years, a DA reconciliation has taken an average of 75 days to complete. So the DA bill would have died before end-of-year anyway, punting it to the new Congress in January for a complete rewrite, from scratch. So the events we watched last week were a complete circus. Only when Liebermann and Collins introduced the standalone version did DADT repeal have its fist chance this month. I don’t know why the DADT repeal supporters were pushing so hard last week for a bill that had zero chance of becomin law, other than that they were just completely clueless.

  4. John says

    Not just the queer nation needs a revolution… the entire nation needs a revolution. Think climate change, think jobs, think Wall St., think dependence on oil, think education, think wars we can’t win despite the largest defense budget imaginable… I can’t think of one thing that is significantly better, but I can think of plenty that are leading us to status as a second-class nation.

  5. JM says

    Thanks Obama;
    I knew it! Look back to what Obama said before the election. (Gitmo) springs quickly to mind.

    I’m no right-wing, but regardless of what happends, Obama does NOT deserve out vote.

    Remember what he had Alder do? The A.G. went to Federal Court to STOP DADT.

    It failed in the Defence Bill. How can anyone believe a HOT issue like DADT can be overturned?? Yet alone in a Nutty Congress?

    After the new Congress, I bet he will try to court the gay vote again. “This will end on my watch” HOW??? The Courts?

    I’ve never seen any bill that “might” get through Congress,the Senate & signed in less than a month.

    Yup, this baby will end…NOT by Obama, but through the courts, and if anyone thinks one Federal Judges can overturn this mess, you’re wrong. Like Prop 8, I fear this will “slowly” move to the Supreme Court.

    Thanks Obama !!

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