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RNC Chair Michael Steele: If Prop 8 is Struck Down, the GOP Will Form 'Strong Front Line' to Stop Same-Sex Marriage


The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) posted a lengthy interview with Republican Party chair Michael Steele about his personal philosophies and the party's strategy for fighting same-sex marriage over the next two years.

Steele, who insists banning same-sex marriage around the country is not something that's "anti-gay", says the GOP will work hard at the state level to stop same-sex marriage initiatives [my transcript]:

"For us, going forward, we'll look to the leadership in Washington for any legislative or federal efforts to address the issue of marriage, between man and woman, traditional marriage. But also especially at the state level where I think the battle is really going to be fought over the next couple years, and we want to be in partnership through our state party organizations working with state legislative leadership to stand firmly and squarely behind the defense of marriage.

NOM's Frank Cannon asks Steel, "If the federal courts were to strike down the California law and discover a federal right to gay marriage, in essence, would you fully stand behind the Republican platform's call for federal marriage amendment?"

[my transcript]

Says Steele: "Oh, absolutely. Without hesitation or doubt. In fact we would partner with our leadership in the House and our governors and leadership in the state legislatures to create a very very strong front line if you will, on that issue. I can't again stress how important that is for how we will lead as a people, and how we will see ourselves as a nation. And again, that is not to the exclusion of anyone, it's not anti- anyone, or any group. It's just so fundamental and foundational, I think it needs to be protected."

Watch the full interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. "If it affects gays in a negative way, it's anti- gay. End of story."


    Most of YOU DO NOT want to get married.

    The majority of gays DO NOT want sexual exclusive monogamy. They want open relationships, multiple sex partners, bath-houses etc.

    Having a husband? Children?

    When hell freezes over. Gays have more important things to do like white parties, sex parties, clubs, and parades.

    Not marriage.

    Sadly I am for marriage, because I have accepted the benefits of a stable lifestyle. While most gay men have not.

    Posted by: pepa | Dec 31, 2010 5:10:34 PM

  2. @MARKDC: That's the exact expression those of us of a certain age in the Deep South would use to describe Mr. Steele. Glad you did it first. LOL

    However, I don't think the GOP expected him to be so uppity. I have a feeling Mr. Steele's days are numbered. Good riddance to this blabbering nincompoop.

    Posted by: Ninong | Dec 31, 2010 5:21:24 PM

  3. [Can we leave the racism out of the discussion please?]

    Steele's constant-foot-in-mouth syndrome will be perfect for the Dems if he's reelected.

    Also, The Daily Show can continue to use that puppet.

    Posted by: Joanie | Dec 31, 2010 5:53:58 PM

  4. They only have about 8 more years in which to do anything.

    Posted by: ophu | Dec 31, 2010 6:19:49 PM

  5. I can't wait for this! If it does get struck down and they do actively oppose it, the government will have little choise but to classify the RNC a treasonous organization for trying to subvert others' constitutional rights.

    Posted by: Garst | Jan 1, 2011 3:06:36 AM

  6. If either of them would like to hire me as an editor I could have shortened that interview to two minutes. Do they intentionally pause between each word? It was really hard to get through, it's not just ADD, it's that I'm not a redundant idiot. Also isn't NOM just totally completely anti-gay? so much so that both of them had to hide their akwardness when he said it. lol.

    Posted by: mike | Jan 4, 2011 4:24:17 AM

  7. NOM is so anti gay they want the rainbow back. And I have no idea what to do for them. If I had it tatooed on my body I could get it removed but I don't. I don't think I have rainbows anywhere in my house. Where would they put all this intellictual property?

    Posted by: mike | Jan 4, 2011 4:29:24 AM

  8. Trust me, we're going to see a few more Scott Browns in the next few years. It's not going to be easy to push this issue when the national numbers for LGBT issues keep growing in the plus column.
    Is ok??

    Posted by: | Jan 14, 2011 11:45:24 AM

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